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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 38 - Attendance at school free of charge.

18a:38-1: Attendance at school free of charge.

18a:38-1.1: Certain students permitted to remain enrolled in current school district.

18a:38-1.2: Rules.

18a:38-1.3: Verification of eligibility for enrollment in district.

18a:38-2: Free attendance at school by nonresidents placed in district under court order

18a:38-3: Admission for nonresident of school district; parent on active duty

18a:38-3.1: Children of certain military members permitted to remain in prior school district.

18a:38-3.2: School district registration, member of United States armed forces, National Guard, reserves.

18a:38-4: Free attendance to persons over age

18a:38-4.1: Issuance of notice relative to obligation to enroll resident students.

18a:38-5: Admission of pupils under age

18a:38-5.1: No child to be excluded from school because of race, etc.

18a:38-6: Time of admission of pupils; first school year

18a:38-7: Pupils receiving free education subject to provisions of chapter

18a:38-7.7: Finding, declaration

18a:38-7.8: Designated district

18a:38-7.8a: Enrollment schedule, exceptions.

18a:38-7.9: Apportionment of State aid, taxes.

18a:38-7.10: Findings, declarations

18a:38-7.11: Definition

18a:38-7.12: Multi-district federal enclave

18a:38-7.13: Designation of district for pupils residing in multi-district federal enclave.

18a:38-7.14: Boundaries, eligibility unaltered

18a:38-8: Duty to receive pupils from other districts

18a:38-8.1: Representation of board of education of sending district; matters covered

18a:38-8.2: Representation from sending school district to board of receiving district

18a:38-8.3: Nonapplicability of act

18a:38-8.4: Board of Education representation of sixth class county school district; certain.

18a:38-9: Attendance in adjoining district because of remoteness from school

18a:38-10: Attendance outside of state

18a:38-11: Designation of high school of another district for attendance by pupils

18a:38-12: Allocation and apportionment of pupils among two or more high schools

18a:38-13: Change in designation, allocation

18a:38-13.1: 5-year minimum

18a:38-14: Appeal from determination of commissioner

18a:38-15: Attendance at special high school courses of study in another district

18a:38-16: Attendance at evening high school in another district

18a:38-17: Attendance outside district for instruction beyond twelfth grade

18a:38-18: High school education in another district; tuition

18a:38-19: Tuition of pupils attending schools in another district.

18a:38-20: Additional school facilities; agreement as to tuition

18a:38-21: Termination of agreement concerning tuition as to pupils

18a:38-21.1: Termination of sending-receiving relationship.

18a:38-22: Hearing on application for termination of agreement

18a:38-23: Pupils not excluded for nonpayment of tuition; withdrawal of pupils

18a:38-24: Attendance of pupils at demonstration schools

18a:38-25: Attendance required of children between six and 16; exceptions

18a:38-25.1: "Chronically absent" students, corrective action plan.

18a:38-25.2: Annual review.

18a:38-26: Days when attendance required; exceptions

18a:38-27: Truancy and juvenile delinquency defined

18a:38-28: Truants; return to parents or school

18a:38-29: Warning and arrest of vagrants or habitual truants

18a:38-30: Assistance of sheriffs, police officers, etc.

18a:38-31: Failure to comply with provisions of article; fine

18a:38-32: District and county vocational school attendance officers

18a:38-33: Tenure of attendance officers in city districts

18a:38-34: Attendance officers in counties other than counties of first class; duties; terms; salaries

18a:38-35: Salaries and expenses of county attendance officers

18a:38-36: Employment certificates to part-time pupils; revocation