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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 27A -

19:27a-1: Short title

19:27a-2: Power to recall elected officials

19:27a-3: Definitions

19:27a-4: Recall; vote required, service of term, statements, procedures

19:27a-5: Recall petition; signatures required

19:27a-6: Notice of intention; filing

19:27a-7: Review of notice of intention; approval; publication; answer

19:27a-8: Format of recall petition; requirements

19:27a-9: Circulator of recall petition

19:27a-10: Filing of petition by recall committee; time

19:27a-11: Review of petition by recall election official

19:27a-12: Contesting decisions of recall officials

19:27a-13: Issuance of certificate as to sufficiency of petition; scheduling of recall election; notice.

19:27a-14: Recall election, conduct

19:27a-15: Ballot used at recall election; filling of vacancy

19:27a-16: Results of recall election

19:27a-17: Recall committee, recall defense committee; regulation of contributions; reports

19:27a-18: Statutes inoperative