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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 44A -

19:44a-1: Short title

19:44a-2: Declaration of policy

19:44a-2.1: Findings, declarations relative to individuals considering candidacy for public office.

19:44a-3: Definitions.

19:44a-3.1: Determination as to coordinated communication expenditure; criteria.

19:44a-4: Application of act

19:44a-5: Election law enforcement commission; creation; members; appointment; qualifications; term of office; compensation; allocation to department of law and

19:44a-6: Appointment of officers, other employees; duties of ELEC.

19:44a-6a: Enforcement action, statute of limitations.

19:44a-6.1: ELEC, authority to issue certain advisory opinions.

19:44a-6.2: Election Law Enforcement Commission, technical updates, database usability.

19:44a-7: Spending limits.

19:44a-7.1: Adjustment of limits.

19:44a-7.2: Adjustment of amounts for offices other than Governor, Lieutenant Governor.

19:44a-7.3: Report recommending adjustments in limits on amount of contributions for office other than Governor, Lieutenant Governor.

19:44a-8: Contributions, expenditures, reports, requirements.

19:44a-8.1: Submission of statement of registration by committees

19:44a-9: Candidate, joint candidates committees; reports; requirements.

19:44a-10: Treasurers, depositories; requirements.

19:44a-10.1: Establishment of legislative leadership committee

19:44a-10.2: Segregated depository account, eligible expenses, non-political purposes, certain, permitted; maximum contribution; reporting.

19:44a-11: Procedures for contributions, expenditures; requirements.

19:44a-11.2: Permitted use of contributions.

19:44a-11.3: Contributions to candidates, limitations.

19:44a-11.3a: Limitations on receipt of contributions, certain, between county committees; violations, penalties.

19:44a-11.3b: Candidacy declaration, receiving maximum contribution permitted.

19:44a-11.4: Contributions to political party leadership committees; limitations.

19:44a-11.5: Contributions to political and continuing political committees; limitations.

19:44a-11.6: Loans for contributions; limitations

19:44a-11.7: Certain payments, check required

19:44a-11.8: Additional reporting requirements on currency contributions.

19:44a-11.9: Political contributions by public agencies prohibited; definition.

19:44a-12: Records of contributions

19:44a-16: Candidates' reports of contributions and expenditures.

19:44a-18: Post-election contributions, expenditures, testimonial affairs or public solicitations; reports

19:44a-18.1: Inaugural fund-raising event limits.

19:44a-19: Public solicitations.

19:44a-19.1: Candidates for elective public office, solicitations on government property; prohibited, certain circumstances.

19:44a-19.2: Definitions relative to professional fund raisers for political contributions; registration requirements.

19:44a-20: Prohibited contributions, expenditures

19:44a-20.1: Corporation, labor organization contributions through employees, prohibited; penalties; fourth degree crime.

19:44a-20.3: Contributors to State committee of presiding officer's political party; eligibility for contracts in Legislative branch.

19:44a-20.4: Contributors to county committee of political party of elective officers; eligibility for

19:44a-20.5: Contributors to municipal committee of political party of elective officers; eligibility for municipal contracts.

19:44a-20.6: Certain contributions deemed as contributions by business entity.

19:44a-20.7: Definitions relative to certain campaign contributions.

19:44a-20.8: Business entity to provide written certification, ELEC reports.

19:44a-20.9: Repayment of contribution.

19:44a-20.10: Violations by business entities, penalties.

19:44a-20.10a: Failure to disclose, contribution, fines.

19:44a-20.11: Penalty for acceptance of unlawful contribution.

19:44a-20.12: Construction of act relative to public exigency.

19:44a-20.12a: Public contracts, awarding, limiting, contributions, expire; compliance.

19:44a-20.13: Findings, declarations relative to certain campaign contributions by business entities.

19:44a-20.14: Contributors, certain, ineligibility to enter into agreement with the State or its authorities.

19:44a-20.15: Certain contributions prohibited by certain contractors of the State or its authorities.

19:44a-20.16: "Contribution" defined.

19:44a-20.17: "Business entity" defined.

19:44a-20.18: Report of contributions by business entities as part of State procurement process.

19:44a-20.19: Written certification by business entities relative to contributions.

19:44a-20.20: Request for reimbursement of contribution.

19:44a-20.21: Breach of terms of government contract concerning contributions.

19:44a-20.22: Exception for public exigency.

19:44a-20.23: Applicability of act to State agencies and authorities.

19:44a-20.24: Contract, bid applications and specs to describe requirements of act.

19:44a-20.25: Inapplicability of act under federal law or eminent domain.

19:44a-20.26: Submission of list of political contributions by contractor to State, local agencies; definitions.

19:44a-20.27: Annual disclosure statement by business entities of contributions filed with ELEC; definitions; enforcement.

19:44a-21: Criminal penalties; forfeiture of office

19:44a-22: Violations; civil penalties; forfeiture.

19:44a-22.1: Summary action by candidate, injunctive relief

19:44a-22.2: Findings, declarations relative to campaign advertisements

19:44a-22.3: Identification of source of financing of communications; requirements; enforcement.

19:44a-23: Construction of act

19:44a-24: Supersedure of inconsistent acts

19:44a-25: Severability

19:44a-26: Repeals

19:44a-27: Public policy.

19:44a-27.1: Ineligibility of certain candidates for public financing.

19:44a-27.2: Rules, regulations concerning disclosures and organization

19:44a-28: Application of act.

19:44a-29: Contribution limits, gubernatorial elections.

19:44a-29.1: Limits on contributions, expenditures.

19:44a-30: Appropriations for fund for election campaign expenses.

19:44a-32: Primary and general election bank accounts of candidates; deposits; expenditures; nonliability of banks.

19:44a-33: Public funding.

19:44a-33.1: Substituted candidates for nomination for Governor, eligibility as qualified candidate

19:44a-34: Separate bank accounts for other funds; disposition of contributions of political committees

19:44a-35: Expenditures from fund for election campaign expenses; rules and regulations; purposes; return of unexpended funds

19:44a-36: Funds considered "spend in aid of the candidacy of any candidate or candidates."

19:44a-37: Statements from gubernatorial candidates; printing and mailing with sample ballot

19:44a-38: Rules and regulations

19:44a-40: Violations; misdemeanor; forfeiture of office

19:44a-41: Violations; fines; hearings; assessment of penalty

19:44a-42: Liberal construction of act

19:44a-43: Severability

19:44a-44: Borrowing by candidates.

19:44a-45: Interactive debates.

19:44a-46: Number of debates; timing, sponsorship.

19:44a-47: Repayment by debate non-participant.