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Chapter: 12 -

26:12-1: Short title

26:12-2: Purpose

26:12-3: Definitions

26:12-4: Provision of safe and healthful conditions, facilities and equipment to campers

26:12-5: Safety standards; development; rules and regulations

26:12-6: Certificate of approval; issuance; fee

26:12-7: Duration of certificate; provisional certificate

26:12-8: Safety standards; enforcement; hearings; investigations

26:12-9: Powers of commissioner; annual report on accidents by camps and by commissioner

26:12-10: Revocation of certificate of approval; violations; penalty; collection by summary proceeding

26:12-11: Violations; injunction

26:12-12: Exemptions from safety standards

26:12-14: Annual report by commissioner; information form other departments or agencies

26:12-15: Inapplicability of act to curriculum, program or ministry of youth camp

26:12-16: Inapplicability of act to persons who object to medical examination, immunization or treatment on religious grounds

26:12-17: Short title.

26:12-18: Findings, declarations relative to emergency epinephrine administration at youth camps.

26:12-19: Definitions relative to emergency epinephrine administration at youth camps.

26:12-20: Development of policy.

26:12-21: Immunity from liability, disciplinary action.

26:12-22: Construction of act.