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Chapter: 13 -

26:13-1: Short title.

26:13-2: Definitions relative to emergency health powers.

26:13-3: Declaration of public health emergency.

26:13-4: Investigation of incident, imminent threat; reporting requirements.

26:13-5: Duties of commissioner relative to public health emergency.

26:13-6: Emergency Health Care Provider Registry.

26:13-7: Actions during state of public health emergency, coordination.

26:13-8: Powers of commissioner relative to facilities, property; hearing.

26:13-9: Powers of commissioner relative to health care, other facilities, property, roads, public areas.

26:13-10: Powers of commissioner relative to safe disposal of infectious waste.

26:13-11: Powers of commissioner relative to medications, medical supplies; rationing.

26:13-12: Measures to prevent transmission, exposure.

26:13-13: Orders to submit specimen for diagnostic purposes.

26:13-14: Powers of commissioner during public health emergency.

26:13-15: Isolation, quarantine procedures.

26:13-16: Reinstatement of employment after isolation, quarantine.

26:13-17: Access to medical information.

26:13-17.1: Information disseminated during times of public health emergencies.

26:13-18: Emergency powers regarding health care personnel.

26:13-19: Definitions relative to, and immunity from liability.

26:13-20: Protective action relative to radiological emergency, conditions.

26:13-21: LINCS agencies to serve as planning, coordinating agency for local government entity.

26:13-22: Definitions relative to biological agents, Biological Agent Registry.

26:13-23: New Jersey Vaccine Education and Prioritization Plan.

26:13-24: State Public Health Emergency Claim Reimbursement Board.

26:13-25: Claims for reimbursement.

26:13-26: Material not considered public, government record.

26:13-27: Power of enforcement.

26:13-28: Laws, regulations not preempted by act.

26:13-29: Additional powers of State Medical Examiner.

26:13-30: Construction of act relative to Highway Traffic Safety Act.

26:13-31: Guidelines for health care, social services resources offered at emergency warming centers during a Code Blue alert.

26:13-32: Expiration of certain executive orders.

26:13-33: Civil, criminal liability; expiration.

26:13-34: Expiration of orders, directives, waivers issued due to public health emergency.

26:13-35: Certain powers undiminished, impaired by termination of public health emergency.

26:13-36: Authority relative to termination of public health emergency.