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Chapter: 1A -

26:1A-1: Definitions

26:1A-2: State Department of Health established

26:1A-2.1: Redesignation as Department of Health, Commissioner of Health.

26:1A-3: State Commissioner of Health; Deputy Commissioner for Public Health Services

26:1A-4: Public Health Council.

26:1A-5: Divisions; directors

26:1A-6: Meetings of Public Health Council

26:1A-7: State Sanitary Code

26:1A-8: Regulations to state date; copies; certified copies of Sanitary Code; evidence

26:1A-9: Force and effect of Code; enforcement; local regulations

26:1A-9.1: Exemption for pupils from mandatory immunization; interference with religious rights; suspension

26:1A-10: Violation of State Sanitary Code, penalty

26:1A-11: Additional powers of Public Health Council

26:1A-12: Local by-laws or ordinances to be filed with commissioner; modification or annulment

26:1A-13: Prescribing organization; personnel, duties regarding; Civil Service

26:1A-14: Abolishment of offices or positions

26:1A-15: Additional powers of commissioner

26:1A-15.1: Advisory board on health information electronic data interchange technology, Statewide electronic health record policy.

26:1A-15.2: Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

26:1A-16: Access to premises for examination

26:1A-17: Inspection, right of

26:1A-18: General supervision over sanitation and hygiene matters

26:1A-19: Sanitary inspections

26:1A-20: Local health officials, duties of

26:1A-21: Annual conference of local health officials

26:1A-22: Delegates to annual conference; expenses

26:1A-23: Failure of local boards to enforce laws or regulations; order of commissioner

26:1A-24: Contract of commissioner where local board fails to perform

26:1A-25: Recovery by State of moneys expended where local board fails to perform

26:1A-26: Nuisances; notice to local board

26:1A-27: Action to enjoin nuisance

26:1A-28: Nuisances originating outside territorial jurisdiction

26:1A-30: Abatement of nuisance; costs

26:1A-31: Costs against commissioner

26:1A-32: Approval of Department of Health; examination of plan or proposed undertaking

26:1A-33: Analyses and examinations of materials

26:1A-34: Gifts or bequests, acceptance of

26:1A-35: Services of local or Federal officials, acceptance of

26:1A-36: Federal grants

26:1A-36.1: Short title

26:1A-36.2: Findings, declarations

26:1A-36.3: Special fund established

26:1A-36.3a: WIC supplemental food program administrators, duties

26:1A-36.3b: Temporary authorization of vendor.

26:1A-36.3c: Rules, regulations.

26:1A-36.3d: Farmers market vendor to participate in WIC.

26:1A-36.3e: Rules, regulations.

26:1A-36.4: Allocation procedure

26:1A-36.5: Regulations

26:1A-36.6: Findings, declarations

26:1A-36.7: Early intervention services established.

26:1A-36.7a: Activities of Early Intervention Program relative to autism spectrum disorders.

26:1A-36.8: Rules, regulations

26:1A-36.9: Findings, declarations, "off-label" drugs

26:1A-36.10: Rules, regulations.

26:1A-36.11: Short title

26:1A-36.12: Findings, declarations

26:1A-36.15: Information relative to insurance coverage for newborn children.

26:1A-36.16: Rules, regulations.

26:1A-36.13: Health Wellness Promotion Advisory Board

26:1A-36.14: Regulations

26:1A-37: Policies, formulation of; additional powers and duties of department

26:1A-37.1: Charges for reports of statistical data

26:1A-37.2: Information and data confidential; disclosure; exceptions

26:1A-37.3: Liability for furnishing information or data

26:1A-37.4: Unlawful disclosure; violation

26:1A-37.5: Definitions relative to New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

26:1A-37.6: New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

26:1A-37.7: Council, members, terms, compensation, administration.

26:1A-37.8: Powers, duties of council

26:1A-37.9: Acceptance of grants, gifts

26:1A-37.10: Annual report to Governor, Legislature

26:1A-38: Qualifications for licensing of health officers, registered environmental health specialists.

26:1A-39: Examinations for applicants for licensure.

26:1A-40: Examinations; subjects

26:1A-41: Issuance of licenses for health officer, registered environmental health specialist.

26:1A-42: Issuance of initial license.

26:1A-42.1: Preparation, adoption of fee schedule.

26:1A-43: Suspension, revocation of license.

26:1A-45: Hearing before whom; rules

26:1A-46: Administering oaths; examining witnesses; perjury

26:1A-47: Subpoenas

26:1A-48: Failure to obey subpoena; penalty

26:1A-49: Action for penalty under section 26:1A-48

26:1A-50: Establishment of districts; district State health officers; civil service; duties

26:1A-51: Perth Amboy Port health offices abolished

26:1A-52: Transfer of powers, duties, records and property

26:1A-53: Expiration of terms of existing State Board of Health members

26:1A-54: Expiration of term of State Director of Health

26:1A-55: Transfer of powers and duties of State Board of Health and Director of Health to State Department of Health

26:1A-56: Existing State Sanitary Code regulations to continue until superseded

26:1A-57: Appropriations transferred

26:1A-58: Employees transferred

26:1A-59: Rights under Civil Service and pension or retirement laws preserved

26:1A-60: Quarters for department

26:1A-61: State Department of Health, references as meaning; powers of Commissioner of Health

26:1A-62: State Commissioner of Health, references as meaning

26:1A-63: Pending proceedings

26:1A-64: Repeal

26:1A-65: Liberal construction

26:1A-66: Construction in regard to specific matters; no denial of certain rights

26:1A-67: Powers and duties vested in State Department of Labor or State Commissioner of Labor not affected

26:1A-68: Effective date

26:1A-69: Bureau of Examination and Licensing established

26:1A-70: State Board of Barber Examiners, department of beauty culture and board of beauty culture control transferred

26:1A-71: Powers of boards and agencies within Bureau of Examination and Licensing

26:1A-72: Boards transferred to continue as provided by existing law

26:1A-73: Removal of members of boards; vacancies

26:1A-74: Personnel; appointment, employment or removal; compensation; inspectors; enforcement agents

26:1A-75: Additional powers and duties of State Commissioner of Health

26:1A-76: Transfer of personnel to Bureau of Examination and Licensing; inspectors and enforcement agents

26:1A-77: Transfer of funds and investments

26:1A-78: Fees, fines, penalties and other moneys; disposition

26:1A-79: Budget request for appropriations

26:1A-80: Surplus; disposition

26:1A-81: Limitations on appropriations

26:1A-82: Transfer of employees of Crippled Children's Commission

26:1A-83: Crippled Children's Commission appropriations transferred

26:1A-84: Barber and beauty culture appropriations transferred

26:1A-85: Civil Service, pension and retirement rights not affected

26:1A-86: Orders, rules and regulations not affected

26:1A-87: Pending actions or proceedings

26:1A-88: Professional or occupational licenses not affected

26:1A-89: Repeal

26:1A-90: Short title

26:1A-91: Effective date

26:1A-92: Prevention of Chronic Illness Act

26:1A-93: Declaration of public policy

26:1A-94: Division of Chronic Illness Control established in Department of Health

26:1A-95: Supervision; director

26:1A-96: Duties of division

26:1A-97: State Department of Health; duties

26:1A-102: Health funds expenditure

26:1A-103: Annual report by State Department of Health; recommendations

26:1A-104: Department of Education to assist in disseminating information

26:1A-105: Federal moneys

26:1A-106: Department of Institutions and Agencies as agency for rendering welfare assistance

26:1A-107: Division of Aging Services.

26:1A-108: New Jersey State Commission on Aging created

26:1A-109: Members, terms, vacancies, meetings, bylaws

26:1A-110: Compensation of members; expenses

26:1A-111: Director; compensation; term

26:1A-112: Appointment of staff, compensation.

26:1A-113: Powers and duties of division

26:1A-113.1: Powers and duties of commission.

26:1A-114: Staff of division; qualifications; advisory services; professionally trained personnel

26:1A-115: Salaries and expenses of division; appropriations

26:1A-115.1: Agreements with federal government; reimbursement.

26:1A-121: Appointments and preliminary action prior to operative date of act

26:1A-122: Effective date; operative date

26:1A-123: Findings, declarations relative to women's health.

26:1A-124: Office of Women's Health.

26:1A-125: Appointment of director.

26:1A-126: Duties of office

26:1A-127: Women's Health Advisory Commission.

26:1A-128: Duties of commission.

26:1A-129: Annual report to Legislature, Governor.

26:1A-130: Assistance, services available to the office.

26:1A-131: Rules, regulations.

26:1A-132: Short title.

26:1A-133: Findings, declarations relative to health information technology.

26:1A-134: Definitions relative to health information technology.

26:1A-135: Statewide health care information infrastructure.

26:1A-136: New Jersey Health Information Technology Commission.

26:1A-137: Membership of commission; terms; authority.

26:1A-138: Certification of amount allocable to expenses of the commission.