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Chapter: 2 - Department may establish

26:2-56: Department may establish

26:2-57: Amount of fund; application for and payment

26:2-58: Monthly statement to comptroller; reimbursement of fund

26:2-59: Comptroller to decide questions

26:2-60: Authority of Department to accept federal grants; payment of compensation to administrative officers from federal grants

26:2-61: Application for allotments; use of funds received

26:2-62: "Public place" defined

26:2-63: Toilets and washrooms to be kept clean

26:2-64: Toilets; keeping flies away, protection of waters of state; sewage plants excepted

26:2-65: Water for drinking or other uses to meet standards fixed

26:2-66: Food to be protected from flies, dust and dirt

26:2-67: Common towels and drinking utensils

26:2-68: Cleansing of utensils, receptacles, counters, etc.

26:2-69: Garbage

26:2-70: Dishwater, drainage and waste liquids; disposition of

26:2-71: Vermin

26:2-72: Authority of local boards of health not affected

26:2-73: Violations; penalty

26:2-74: Disposition of penalties recovered

26:2-75: Jurisdiction; process

26:2-77: Commitment on failure to pay judgment and costs

26:2-81: Marihuana weed, determination of existence of

26:2-82: Destruction of marihuana weed by prosecutor of pleas after determination of existence by Department

26:2-82.1: Wild, cultivated or hidden growth of stramonium; certification; destruction

26:2-83: Authority to operate hospitals; acquisition of use of property, buildings, etc.

26:2-86: Destruction or removal of certain domestic pigeons

26:2-87: Establishment of program

26:2-88: Renal disease advisory committee; members; terms; meetings; compensation

26:2-89: Powers and duties of committee

26:2-90: Hemophilia defined

26:2-91: Establishment; purpose

26:2-92: Powers and duties of department

26:2-93: Short title

26:2-94: Public policy

26:2-95: Program of care and treatment; establishment

26:2-96: Definitions

26:2-97: Terminal illness advisory committee; members; term of office; meetings; compensation

26:2-98: Powers and duties of department

26:2-99: Right to refuse medical examination, diagnosis or treatment on religious grounds

26:2-100: Severability

26:2-103.1: Findings, declarations relative to universal newborn hearing screening.

26:2-103.2: Definitions relative to universal newborn hearing screening.

26:2-103.3: Screening for hearing loss in all newborn children.

26:2-103.4: Hospital, birthing center to provide for newborn screening for hearing loss.

26:2-103.5: Physician, midwife to advise parent of availability of newborn hearing screening.

26:2-103.6: Central registry of newborns at risk of hearing loss.

26:2-103.7: Screening, monitoring covered service.

26:2-103.8: Hearing Evaluation Council.

26:2-103.9: Rules, regulations.

26:2-104: Legislative findings and declaration

26:2-105: Establishment, maintenance of State cancer registry.

26:2-106: Reports; rules, regulations; enforcement.

26:2-107: Confidentiality of reports.

26:2-108: Immunity from liability for individuals, organizations providing information.

26:2-109: Inapplicability of act to compel individual to submit to medical or health department examination or supervision

26:2-110: Policy declaration

26:2-110a: Newborn Screening Advisory Review Committee.

26:2-111: Testing of infants for biochemical disorders

26:2-111.1: Option of additional screening for disorders in infant required; cost.

26:2-111.2: HIV testing required for certain newborns.

26:2-111.3: Findings, declarations relative to newborn screening for congenital heart defects.

26:2-111.4: Birthing facilities required to perform pulse oximetry screening; rules, regulations.

26:2-111.5: Testing of newborns for certain lysomal storage disorders required.

26:2-111.6: Testing of infants for adrenoleukodystrophy.

26:2-111.7: "Let Them Be Little Act," screening of newborns for MPSI and MPSII provided.

26:2-111.8: Screening of newborn infants for spinal muscular atrophy.

26:2-111.9: All infants tested, congenital cytomegalovirus; opting out of testing.

26:2-111.10: Public awareness campaign established.

26:2-112: Agreements with federal government and public health agencies of other states

26:2-113: Legislative findings and declarations

26:2-114: Definitions

26:2-115: Duties of commissioner; programs of education; secondary screening programs

26:2-116: Registry

26:2-117: Annual report

26:2-119: Legislative findings

26:2-120: Definitions

26:2-121: Poison control and drug information program; establishment; hours of service

26:2-122: Services performed

26:2-123: Personnel utilization

26:2-124: Findings, declarations

26:2-125: Definitions

26:2-126: Expansion of hypertension control program

26:2-127: Components of community program

26:2-128: Authority of commissioner

26:2-129: Regulations

26:2-130: Findings, declarations

26:2-131: Definitions

26:2-132: Lead poisoning control program

26:2-134: Comprehensive plan

26:2-135: Annual report

26:2-136: Loans to local boards

26:2-137: Regulations

26:2-137.1: Specifications for lead screening of children, immunizations

26:2-137.2: Findings, declarations relative to lead exposure of children

26:2-137.3: Definitions relative to lead exposure

26:2-137.4: Lead screening performed; requirements

26:2-137.5: Blood samples; collection, testing

26:2-137.6: Central data base maintained; confidentiality

26:2-137.7: Rules, regulations

26:2-138: Findings, declarations

26:2-139: Definitions

26:2-140: Program continued

26:2-141: Duties, powers

26:2-142: Rules, regulations

26:2-142.1: Diabetes action plan, report to Governor, Legislature.

26:2-143: Blood specimen from all pregnant women

26:2-144: Determination of Rh blood type

26:2-145: Notification of Rh negative results

26:2-146: Exception

26:2-147: Objection to test

26:2-148: Findings, declarations

26:2-149: Definitions relative to catastrophic illness in children.

26:2-150: Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund

26:2-151: Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund Commission.

26:2-152: Suspension; oaths; vacancies

26:2-153: Officers; quorum

26:2-154: Powers; duties.

26:2-154.1: Settlement of claims; disposition of recovered moneys

26:2-155: Eligibility.

26:2-156: Financial assistance.

26:2-157: Annual surcharge per employee under unemployment compensation fund for relief fund.

26:2-158: Rules, regulations

26:2-159: Annual reports.

26:2-160: Findings, declarations relative to minority and multicultural health

26:2-161: New Jersey Office on Minority and Multicultural Health.

26:2-162: Duties of the office.

26:2-162.1: Study of effects of racial and ethnic disparities on the sexual and reproductive health of African-American women.

26:2-162.2: Regulations.

26:2-163: Powers of the office.

26:2-164: New Jersey Office on Minority and Multicultural Health Advisory Commission.

26:2-165: Duties of advisory commission

26:2-166: Annual report

26:2-167: Assistance of public agencies

26:2-167.1: "Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative."

26:2-167.2: Duties of office.

26:2-167.3: Rules, regulations.

26:2-168: Breast cancer informational booklets provided by Department of Health

26:2-169: Criteria for compulsive gambling programs; grants.

26:2-170: Findings, declarations relative to out-of-wedlock adolescent births.

26:2-171: Advisory Council on Adolescent Pregnancy.

26:2-172: Advisory council duties.

26:2-173: Assistance, services available.

26:2-174: Report to Governor, Legislature.

26:2-175: Findings, declarations relative to postpartum depression

26:2-176: Development of policies, procedures for care.

26:2-177: Public awareness campaign.

26:2-178: Rules, regulations.

26:2-178.1: Perinatal mood and anxiety disorder screening, related services, access.

26:2-179: Consumer's mercury alert notice, posting, distribution.

26:2-180: Findings, declarations relative to post-polio sequelae.

26:2-181: Public awareness campaign relative to post-polio sequelae.

26:2-182: "Task Force on Cancer Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment in New Jersey."

26:2-183: Duties of task force.

26:2-184: Task force established by E.O.114 continued as this task force.

26:2-184.1: Findings, declarations relative to an ovarian cancer public awareness campaign.

26:2-184.2: Establishment of public awareness campaign.

26:2-184.3: Information included in mammography report.

26:2-184.4: Purpose of information required.

26:2-184.5: Rules, regulations.

26:2-185: Findings, declarations relative to reporting autism spectrum disorder diagnoses.

26:2-186: Reporting diagnosis to Department of Health.

26:2-186.1: Reporting adult diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

26:2-187: Maintenance of up-to-date registry.

26:2-188: Use of reports; immunity for professionals.

26:2-189: Findings, declarations relative to autism, intellectual developmental disabilities awareness for first responders.

26:2-190: Development of training curriculum; rules, regulations.

26:2-191: Annual physical examination of child, questions relative to cardiac health required.

26:2-192: Completion, retention of Student-Athlete Cardiac Screening professional development module.

26:2-193: Rules, regulations.

26:2-194: Information available relative to Down syndrome.

26:2-195: Provision of information upon positive test result for Down syndrome.

26:2-196: Availability of information relative to crib safety.

26:2-197: Rules, regulations.

26:2-198: "Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program Initiative."

26:2-199: "My Life, My Plan" program.