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Chapter: 2B - Commission on Alcoholism and Promotion of Temperance abolished

26:2B-6: Commission on Alcoholism and Promotion of Temperance abolished

26:2B-7: Public policy

26:2B-8: Definitions

26:2B-9: Division of alcoholism; establishment; director; assistant; officers and employees

26:2B-9.1: Transfer of bureau of alcohol countermeasures in division of motor vehicles in department of law and public safety to division of alcoholism

26:2B-9.2: "Alcohol Treatment Programs Fund."

26:2B-9.3: Regulations.

26:2B-11: Comprehensive state plan for treatment

26:2B-12: Program for treatment; facilities; services; annual list; publication

26:2B-13: Powers of department

26:2B-14: Facilities; license; rules and regulations; filing information; refusal to grant, suspension, revocation, limitation or restriction; hearing; grounds;

26:2B-15: Intoxicated persons or alcoholics; admission for treatment by facilities; duration; notice to family

26:2B-16: Person intoxicated in public place; assistance to facility; determination of intoxication

26:2B-17: Violators of municipal ordinance or disorderly persons not arrested for misdemeanor; taking to facility; determination of alcoholism; commitment; requ

26:2B-18: Person under treatment at facility; subjection to supervisory powers of administrator

26:2B-19: Rights of juveniles

26:2B-20: Records; confidentiality; rights of patients

26:2B-21: Rights of person who received treatment at facility or alcoholic

26:2B-22: Service forces to assist police

26:2B-23: Program of education; services of division

26:2B-24: Tests for alcohol in drivers and pedestrians in traffic accidents; determination of alcoholism as factor; tabulation and publication of results; revie

26:2B-25: Review of laws and regulations on manufacture, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages; report

26:2B-26: Laws, ordinances or regulations of local government on public intoxication or inconsistent with act; prohibition; exemptions

26:2B-27: Department of health as single agency responsible for treatment; compliance with comprehensive state plan of public treatment and rehabilitation progr

26:2B-28: Transfer of property, moneys, obligations, and officers and employees under prior law to division; retention of supervisory powers by department

26:2B-29: Repeal and prohibition of ordinance, resolution or other legislation on offense of public intoxication

26:2B-30: Severability

26:2B-31: Short title

26:2B-32: Fund established

26:2B-33: Plan for community services

26:2B-34: Allotment formula.

26:2B-35: Distribution of enforcement moneys

26:2B-36: Findings, declarations relative to alcoholism, drug abuse among the deaf, hard of hearing, disabled

26:2B-37: "Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Disabled" established.

26:2B-38: Program contents

26:2B-39: Rules, regulations

26:2B-40: Licensing for certain residential drug treatment programs; rules, regulations.