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Chapter: 2C -

26:2C-1: Short title

26:2C-2: Definitions.

26:2C-3.1: Air pollution control commission abolished; transfer of functions, powers and duties

26:2C-3.2: Clean Air Council

26:2C-3.2a: Clean air council; membership by state commissioner of health

26:2C-3.3: Powers and duties of council

26:2C-8: Powers of department relative to air pollution.

26:2C-8.1: Codes, rules, regulations concerning motor vehicles

26:2C-8.2: Applicability of code, rule, regulation to classes of vehicles

26:2C-8.3: Standards and requirements for control of air contaminants; motor vehicles having air pollution control devices

26:2C-8.4: Standards and requirements for control of air contaminants, motor vehicles without air pollution control devices.

26:2C-8.5: Manner of formulation and promulgation of codes, rules and regulations

26:2C-8.10: Sale, use of reformulated gasoline; program expiration

26:2C-8.11: Air pollution control rules, regulations.

26:2C-8.14: Written report, list, inventory.

26:2C-8.15: Findings, declarations relative to California Low Emission Vehicle program.

26:2C-8.16: Definitions relative to low emission vehicles.

26:2C-8.17: Implementation of California Low Emission Vehicle program; substantive changes.

26:2C-8.17a: Extended warranty for partial zero emission vehicles.

26:2C-8.18: Zero emission vehicle credit bank.

26:2C-8.19: Low Emission Vehicle Review Commission.

26:2C-8.20: Recommendations of commission.

26:2C-8.21: Acceptance, rejection of commission's recommendation.

26:2C-8.22: Findings, declarations relative to MTBE.

26:2C-8.23: Definitions relative to MTBE.

26:2C-8.24: Prohibitions against sale in State of gasoline containing MTBE.

26:2C-8.25: Rules, regulations.

26:2C-8.26: Findings, declarations relative to regulation of fine particle emissions from diesel engines.

26:2C-8.27: Definitions relative to regulation of fine particle emissions from diesel engines.

26:2C-8.28: DEP rules, regulations.

26:2C-8.29: DEP to consult when developing rules, regulations concerning diesel commercial buses.

26:2C-8.30: Public outreach program to owners of affected vehicles, equipment.

26:2C-8.31: Closed crankcase technology for regulated school buses.

26:2C-8.32: Study to identify, quantify sources of fine particles in cabin of regulated school buses.

26:2C-8.33: Rules and regulations relative to idling school buses, consistency with "Air Pollution Control Act (1954)."

26:2C-8.34: Submissions to DEP by owner of regulated vehicle, equipment.

26:2C-8.35: Approval of fleet retrofit plans.

26:2C-8.36: Anniversary date of plans, submissions required from owner.

26:2C-8.37: Inapplicability relative to vehicles, equipment meeting federal standard.

26:2C-8.38: Voluntary repowering, replacing, or rebuilding of equipment.

26:2C-8.39: Record listing for each regulated vehicle, piece of equipment.

26:2C-8.40: Labeling of retrofit devices.

26:2C-8.41: Compliance forms for regulated equipment.

26:2C-8.42: Issuance of one-page compliance forms.

26:2C-8.43: Retaining form on vehicle, piece of equipment; record copies.

26:2C-8.44: MVC rules, regulations relative to one-time confirmation of compliance with plans.

26:2C-8.45: Alternative approach for reimbursement of cost for retrofit devices.

26:2C-8.46: Joint rules, regulations relative to training.

26:2C-8.47: Consultation when adopting rules, regulations.

26:2C-8.48: Coordination of programs by DEP with MVC and DLPS.

26:2C-8.49: Coordination of programs by DLPS with DEP and MVC.

26:2C-8.50: Percentage of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel required on-road.

26:2C-8.51: Inapplicability relative to farm vehicles, equipment.

26:2C-8.52: Violations, penalties.

26:2C-8.53: "Diesel Risk Mitigation Fund"; money credited, use.

26:2C-8.54: Allocation of moneys in fund, application for reimbursement.

26:2C-8.55: Rules, regulations relative to filing requirements for reimbursement.

26:2C-8.56: Denial of application for reimbursement.

26:2C-8.57: Prohibitions relative to certain retrofitting of diesel-powered vehicle.

26:2C-8.58: "Electric School Bus Program" implemented.

26:2C-9: Department's duties relative to air pollution control; fees

26:2C-9.1: Interference with performance of duties; entrance to premises

26:2C-9.2: Regulation of equipment, control apparatus

26:2C-9.3: Findings, declarations, determinations

26:2C-9.4: Construction, etc., of air pollution control equipment during pendency of permit application

26:2C-9.5: Emission fees.

26:2C-9.6: Dedication, appropriation of revenues

26:2C-9.7: Annual report on air quality

26:2C-9.8: Rules, regulations; fees.

26:2C-14: Order to cease

26:2C-14.1: Hearing on request; final order

26:2C-16: Evidence at hearing; transcript

26:2C-17: Hearings before department

26:2C-19: Actions to prohibit and prevent violations; civil administrative penalty; civil penalty; notice of release of air contaminants; penalties; alternativ

26:2C-19.1: Findings, declaration

26:2C-19.2: Entitlement to affirmative defense

26:2C-19.3: No entitlement to affirmative defense

26:2C-19.4: Construction of act

26:2C-19.5: Rules, regulations; unavailability of affirmative defense

26:2C-20: Review

26:2C-21: Existing remedies not impaired

26:2C-22: Relation of local ordinances or regulations to State law

26:2C-23: Functions of Department of Health not impaired

26:2C-24: Clean air scholarship intern program

26:2C-25: Graduate study program

26:2C-25.1: Small Business Compliance Advisory Panel

26:2C-25.2: Industry, environmental work groups

26:2C-26: Short title

26:2C-27: Legislative findings

26:2C-28: "Area" defined

26:2C-29: Air pollution emergency; determination

26:2C-30: Proclamation by Governor

26:2C-31: Gubernatorial order; duration

26:2C-32: Enforcement of orders

26:2C-33: Violation of order; penalty

26:2C-34: Liability for torts in enforcement of order

26:2C-35: Aggrieved persons; hearing; notice

26:2C-36: Stand-by orders

26:2C-37: Short title.

26:2C-38: Findings, declarations relative to greenhouse gas emissions.

26:2C-39: Definitions relative to greenhouse gas emissions.

26:2C-40: Limit on Statewide greenhouse gas emissions mandated for 2020, 2050.

26:2C-41: Rules, regulations for monitoring, reporting emissions.

26:2C-42: Evaluation of policies, measures for achievement of 2020 limit, 2050 limit; reports.

26:2C-43: Transmission of biennial report on greenhouse gas emission statistics; 2015 evaluation.

26:2C-44: Designation of independent research panel to review agency reports.

26:2C-45: Findings, declarations relative to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

26:2C-46: Definitions relative to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

26:2C-47: Actions of department relative to allowances; report to Governor, Legislature.

26:2C-48: Certified dispatch agreement facility eligible to purchase allowances, price.

26:2C-49: Certification that dispatch agreement facility qualifies for purchase of allowances.

26:2C-50: "Global Warming Solutions Fund."

26:2C-51: Coordination in administration of programs; use of moneys.

26:2C-52: Guidelines, priority ranking system for allocation of funds.

26:2C-53: Annual appropriation of moneys in fund.

26:2C-54: Interim decision as to comparability of national program; rules, regulations; final decision; disposition of allowances.

26:2C-55: Authority of commissioner, board president.

26:2C-56: Action plan for ratepayer relief, certain circumstances.

26:2C-57: Severability.

26:2C-58: State required to join United States Climate Alliance.

26:2C-59: 20-year time horizon for calculating global warming potential to measure global warming impact of greenhouse gases.

26:2C-60: Definitions relative to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

26:2C-61: Use of certain products prohibited.

26:2C-63: Requirements concerning refrigerants.

26:2C-64: Violations, enforcement and penalty.

26:2C-65: Reports.

26:2C-66: Construction of act.

26:2C-67: Severability.

26:2C-68: New Jersey Fuel Cell Task Force.