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Chapter: 2D -

26:2D-1: Short title

26:2D-2: Definitions

26:2D-3: Commission on Radiation Protection

26:2D-4: Commissioners' terms

26:2D-5: Compensation of commissioners

26:2D-6: Organization, officers

26:2D-7: Promulgation of codes, rules or regulations

26:2D-8: Review of policies and program of department of health

26:2D-9: Duties of department

26:2D-9.1: Agreements with federal government; assumption of regulatory authority by state

26:2D-9.2: Agreements with federal government or other states or agencies; performance of functions on co-operative basis

26:2D-10: Prevention of exposure to unnecessary radiation

26:2D-11.1: Embargo of articles with radiation hazards; tagging; prohibition of use, sale or disposal, or impoundment; disposal or return; conditions

26:2D-11.2: Embargo; hearing; stay; conditions

26:2D-12: Emergency orders; hearing

26:2D-13: Actions to prevent violations; injunctions; penalties

26:2D-14: Service of notice

26:2D-15: Existing remedies not impaired

26:2D-16: Review

26:2D-17: Approval of local regulations

26:2D-18: Radioactive materials; transportation or storage or detention pending transit; certificate of handling

26:2D-19: Submission of information and issuance of certificate

26:2D-20: Discharge or threat of discharge of radioactivity; prevention or abatement; recovery of costs

26:2D-21: Rules and regulations

26:2D-22: Violations; penalties; crime of fourth degree; enforcement

26:2D-23: Obstruction, hindrance, delay or interference of personnel of department in performance of duties

26:2D-23.1: Radioactive materials prohibited from transportation or storage in transit

26:2D-23.2: Designation or definition of additional categories or subcategories

26:2D-23.3: Certificates of handling

26:2D-23.4: Violations; penalties

26:2D-24: Legislative findings and declarations

26:2D-25: Short title

26:2D-26: Definitions.

26:2D-27: X-ray technologist licenses.

26:2D-27.1: Additional license required to operate hybrid fusion imaging technology; terms defined.

26:2D-27.2: Rules, regulations.

26:2D-28: Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners.

26:2D-29: Qualifications

26:2D-30: Training programs

26:2D-31: License examination; in lieu certificate, registration or license

26:2D-32: Issuance of licenses

26:2D-33: Licenses; renewal; duration; fee; radiologic technologist; renewal within 5 years; existing certificates; CXT certification; limited certificate

26:2D-34: Suspension, revocation, censure or other discipline

26:2D-35: Employment of unlicensed radiologic technologist

26:2D-36: Violations; sanctions

26:2D-37: Short title

26:2D-38: Legislative findings and determinations

26:2D-39: Definitions

26:2D-40: State radiation emergency response plan; preparation and adoption; revision and update

26:2D-41: Municipality with nuclear facilities or designation as affected municipality; local radiation emergency response plan

26:2D-42: County emergency response plans

26:2D-43: Powers and duties of department

26:2D-44: Powers and duties of division

26:2D-45: Duties of department of health

26:2D-46: Duties of department of transportation

26:2D-47: Duties of department of energy

26:2D-48: Assessment against operator of nuclear electric generating facility; levy and payment.

26:2D-48.1: Additional assessment for provision of supplemental security.

26:2D-48.2: Operator not liable for assessment under certain circumstances.

26:2D-49: Objections; hearing

26:2D-50: Determination by state treasurer; amended, invalid or valid statement

26:2D-51: Prohibition of action to restrain or delay payment; refund after payment

26:2D-52: Failure to pay or file objections

26:2D-53: Rules and regulations

26:2D-54: Inspection of buildings and places

26:2D-55: Continuance and expiration of existing state radiation emergency plan

26:2D-56: Severability

26:2D-57: Violations; penalty; injunction

26:2D-58: Advice of Governor's advisory council for emergency services

26:2D-59: Radon gas, progeny study

26:2D-60: Voluntary registry

26:2D-61: Monitoring

26:2D-62: Public information and education program

26:2D-70: Radon tester certification

26:2D-71: Radon mitigator certification

26:2D-72: Mandatory programs

26:2D-73: Confidentiality

26:2D-74: Disclosure to Department of Environmental Protection

26:2D-75: Fee schedule

26:2D-76: Rules, regulations

26:2D-77: 3rd degree crimes

26:2D-78: Not public records

26:2D-79: Specialized scientific personnel

26:2D-80: New-house testing

26:2D-81: Findings, declarations

26:2D-82: "Tanning facility" defined

26:2D-82.1: Restrictions on use of tanning facilities by minors.

26:2D-83: Minimum safety standards for tanning facilities established.

26:2D-84: Compliance with safety standards; certification, periodic inspections

26:2D-85: "Non-Ionizing Radiation Fund."

26:2D-86: Tanning facility; annual registration, fee.

26:2D-87: Violations, penalties.

26:2D-88: Rules, regulations.

26:2D-89: Report to Governor, Legislature.