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Chapter: 2G -

26:2G-1: Short title; purpose

26:2G-2: Division of narcotic and drug abuse control; establishment; division defined

26:2G-3: Certain functions, powers and duties of commissioners of institutions and agencies, community affairs and health transferred to director

26:2G-4: Director of narcotic and drug abuse control; appointment

26:2G-5: Additional powers of director

26:2G-6: Organization of division; rules and regulations

26:2G-7: Federal grants

26:2G-8: Appropriations

26:2G-9: Transfer of certain employees to division of narcotic and drug abuse control

26:2G-10: Civil service, pension and retirement protected

26:2G-11: Transfer of certain files, books, papers, records and equipment to division of narcotic and drug abuse control

26:2G-12: Orders, rules and regulations heretofore made not affected by this act

26:2G-13: Actions or proceedings not affected by this act

26:2G-14: Applications or requests; filing

26:2G-15: Repeal of inconsistent acts

26:2G-16: Partial invalidity

26:2G-21: Narcotic and drug abuse treatment centers; public policy

26:2G-22: Definitions

26:2G-23: Certificate of approval; application

26:2G-24: Investigation of applicant; issuance of certificate; transfer or assignment; display

26:2G-25: Rules, regulations and standards of treatment; classification of centers

26:2G-25.1: Database relative to availability of beds in residential substance use disorders treatment facilities.

26:2G-25.2: Submission of information for publication on database.

26:2G-26: Inspection

26:2G-27: Denial, revocation or suspension of certificate of approval; notice; hearing; order; appeal

26:2G-28: Unauthorized operation of treatment center; penalty; action to recover penalty

26:2G-29: Unauthorized operation of treatment center; injunction

26:2G-30: Date of compliance for treatment center in operation at time of promulgation of rules and regulations

26:2G-31: Public policy

26:2G-32: Definitions

26:2G-33: Establishment; administration; outreach offices

26:2G-34: Program of medical and community services

26:2G-35: Employees, advisers and consultants; appointment

26:2G-36: Rules and regulations; state and other clinics

26:2G-37: Acceptance of gifts, grants, etc.

26:2G-38: Annual preparation of Substance Use Treatment Provider Performance Report.