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Chapter: 2H - Declaration of public policy

26:2H-1: Declaration of public policy

26:2H-2: Definitions.

26:2H-4: Health Care Administration Board; membership; appointment; terms; vacancies; meetings; compensation

26:2H-5: Commissioner's powers.

26:2H-5a: Coordination of hospital inspections

26:2H-5b: Routine monitoring of pain as fifth vital sign required.

26:2H-5c: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-5d: Provision of information by home health agency to patient.

26:2H-5d1: Home health agency to comply with standards for treatment of hemophilia.

26:2H-5e: Adoption of policies for notifying family members of patient deaths by health care facilities.

26:2H-5f: Findings, declarations relative to staffing in certain health care facilities.

26:2H-5g: Compilation, posting of certain staffing information by health care facilities.

26:2H-5h: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-5i: New Jersey Report Card of Hospital Maternity Care.

26:2H-5j: Information included on report card.

26:2H-5k: Revision, addition of complications.

26:2H-5l: Contract for provision of home health care.

26:2H-5m: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-5n: Hospital to provide medical, billing records; fees.

26:2H-5o: Definitions relative to palliative, hospice care.

26:2H-5p: "Palliative Care and Hospice Care Consumer and Professional Information and Education Program."

26:2H-5q: Provision of information to certain patients, residents and family members.

26:2H-5r: Palliative Care and Hospice Care Advisory Council.

26:2H-5s: Provision of palliative care services for patients treated in the emergency department.

26:2H-5.1: Collection of information on costs and revenues; report to legislature

26:2H-5.1a: Regulations prescribed by commissioner relative to appointment of monitor.

26:2H-5.1b: Conditions for licensure of general hospital.

26:2H-5.1c: Ambulatory care facility to use common billing form.

26:2H-5.1d: Identification numbers of physicians publicly available.

26:2H-5.1e: Quarterly report from ambulatory care facility; required information.

26:2H-5.1f: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-5.1g: Regulations.

26:2H-5.7: State Health Planning Board established.

26:2H-5.8: Review of application for certificate of need.

26:2H-5.10: Findings, declarations relative to use of needles, sharp devices in health care facilities.

26:2H-5.11: Definitions relative to use of needles, sharp devices in health care facilities.

26:2H-5.12: Integrated safety features required on needles, etc.; dentists, exempt, certain circumstances.

26:2H-5.13: Responsibilities of health care facility.

26:2H-5.14: Review of health care facilities reports, recommendations.

26:2H-5.15: Annual report to Legislature.

26:2H-5.16: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-5.17: Short title.

26:2H-5.18: Findings, declarations relative to prevention of violence against health care workers.

26:2H-5.19: Definitions relative to prevention of violence against health care workers.

26:2H-5.20: Establishment of violence prevention program in covered health care facility.

26:2H-5.21: Retaliatory action prohibited.

26:2H-5.22: Violations, penalties.

26:2H-5.23: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-5.24: Findings, declarations relative to designated caregivers.

26:2H-5.25: Definitions relative to designated caregivers.

26:2H-5.26: Designation of caregiver.

26:2H-5.27: Notification to designated caregiver of discharge, transfer.

26:2H-5.28: Hospital to consult with designated caregiver.

26:2H-5.29: Construction of act relative to advanced care directive.

26:2H-5.30: Construction of act relative to private right of action against hospital.

26:2H-5.31: Discharge, transfer of patient unaffected.

26:2H-5.32: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-5.33: Definitions relative to actions by health care facilities.

26:2H-5.34: Notation in medical record of increased risk of symptoms caused by a dementia related disorder; definitions.

26:2H-5.35: Determination by general acute care hospital if patient is homeless or a military veteran.

26:2H-5.36: Evidence-based cultural competency training program for general acute care hospital staff, direct contact with patients.

26:2H-6.1: Findings, declarations relative to certificate of need.

26:2H-7: Certificate of need required for construction, expansion of health care facility.

26:2H-7a: Exemptions from certificate of need requirement.

26:2H-7c: Exemptions from certificate of need requirement.

26:2H-7d: Certain health care equipment exempt.

26:2H-7.1: Exemption; land acquired prior to effective date of act

26:2H-7.2: Exemption from certificate of need

26:2H-7.3: Nursing homes exempt from certificate of need requirement.

26:2H-7.4: Findings, declarations

26:2H-7.5: Definitions regarding subacute care units

26:2H-7.6: Requirements for subacute care unit.

26:2H-7.7: Patient diagnostic categories; inpatient rehabilitation criteria; admission to subacute care, requirements

26:2H-7.8: Licensure requirements; quarterly reports

26:2H-7.10: Short title.

26:2H-7.11: Additional requirements for nonprofit hospitals relative to acquisitions; exemptions; procedures.

26:2H-7.12: Exemption.

26:2H-7.13: Applicability of act.

26:2H-7.14: Construction of act.

26:2H-7.15: Definitions relative to assisted living.

26:2H-7.16: Evaluation of applicant prior to approval of certificate of need.

26:2H-7.17: Issuance of assisted living administrator certification; criminal history record check.

26:2H-7.18: Information provided for criminal history record background check; procedure.

26:2H-7.19: Applicant to assume cost of criminal history record background check.

26:2H-7.20: Fine for false sworn statement.

26:2H-7.21: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-7.22: Definitions relative to hospital licensure to perform certain cardiac procedures.

26:2H-7.23: Application, issuance of license as cardiac surgery center.

26:2H-7.24: Information furnished to patient by hospital.

26:2H-7.25: Application prior to transferring ownership of a nursing home.

26:2H-7.26: Requirements of transfer of ownership application.

26:2H-7.27: Notice to departments prior to selling, transferring ownership.

26:2H-8: Requirements for certificate of need

26:2H-9: Issuance of certificate of need.

26:2H-10: Application for certificate of need; fee.

26:2H-11.1: Requirements for applicants for certificate of need, initial licensure for certain facilities.

26:2H-12: Operation requirements for health care service, facility; application for license; fee.

26:2H-12a: Requirements for licensure of mental health programs

26:2H-12b: Religious accommodation regarding admission procedures at licensed health care facilities.

26:2H-12.1: Health care facility to provide privileges for podiatrists, psychologists

26:2H-12.2: Repealed by L.2005,c.83,s.20, amended by L.2005,c.259,s.34 to change "podiatry" to "podiatric medicine."

26:2H-12.2a: Maintenance of records of complaints, disciplinary actions.

26:2H-12.2b: Notification relative to certain impairments of health care professionals; definitions.

26:2H-12.2c: Disclosure of information by health care entity.

26:2H-12.2d: Provision of information by health care professional, immunity from civil liability.

26:2H-12.3: Hospital respite care program

26:2H-12.4: Application procedure for hospital respite care program.

26:2H-12.5: Rules, regulations

26:2H-12.6: Care of newborn children

26:2H-12.6a: Preparation, distribution of resource guide providing information on child abuse, neglect.

26:2H-12.6b: Definitions relative to emergency contraception for sexual assault victims.

26:2H-12.6c: Provision of emergency care to sexual assault victim.

26:2H-12.6d: Policies, procedures concerning personnel training.

26:2H-12.6e: Written information relative to emergency contraception for sexual assault victims.

26:2H-12.6f: Responsibilities of commissioner concerning compliance.

26:2H-12.6g: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.6h: Pregnant woman permitted to be accompanied in hospital room during period of labor and delivery.

26:2H-12.7: Legislative findings and declarations

26:2H-12.8: Rights of persons admitted to a general hospital.

26:2H-12.8a: Identification of staff member to patient

26:2H-12.9: Summary of rights given to all patients, posted in general hospital rooms

26:2H-12.9a: Revision of written summary, notice

26:2H-12.9b: Short title

26:2H-12.9c: Discharge summary required for transfer of patients

26:2H-12.9d: Noncompliance, penalties

26:2H-12.10: Filing of complaint

26:2H-12.11: Rules, regulations

26:2H-12.12: Responsibility of health care facilities for filing claims.

26:2H-12.13: Posting of drinking water test reports by general hospitals.

26:2H-12.14: Posting of drinking water test reports by rehabilitation centers, extended care facilities, nursing homes.

26:2H-12.15: Regulations on use of unlicensed assistive personnel.

26:2H-12.16: Definitions relative to residential facilities for Medicaid recipients; 10 percent utilization requirement.

26:2H-12.17: Waiver of utilization requirement.

26:2H-12.18: Reserve requirement as fulfillment of utilization requirements.

26:2H-12.19: Construction of act.

26:2H-12.20: Applicability of act.

26:2H-12.21: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.22: Domestic partner permitted visitation in health care facility.

26:2H-12.23: Short title

26:2H-12.24: Findings, declarations relative to patient safety

26:2H-12.25: Definitions relative to patient safety; plans; reports; documentation, notification of adverse effects, etc.

26:2H-12.25a: Compilation of findings on patient safety; annual reports.

26:2H-12.25b: Certain data included in New Jersey Hospital Performance Report; rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.25c: General hospital prohibited from seeking payment for certain conditions; notification to patients.

26:2H-12.26: Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, defibrillator, trained personnel; required.

26:2H-12.27: Findings, declarations relative to designation of stroke centers.

26:2H-12.28: Designation of hospitals as stroke centers.

26:2H-12.28a: Stroke Care Advisory Panel.

26:2H-12.29: Minimum criteria for primary stroke centers.

26:2H-12.30: Minimum criteria for comprehensive stroke centers.

26:2H-12.31: Awarding of matching grants to designated stroke centers.

26:2H-12.32: Report to Governor, Legislature.

26:2H-12.33: Availability of certain information on departmental website.

26:2H-12.34: Training required for service as trustee of general hospital, conditions.

26:2H-12.35: Findings, declarations relative to prevention of health care facility-acquired infections.

26:2H-12.36: Hospitals required to implement an infection program, reporting of cases of MRSA.

26:2H-12.37: Violations, penalties.

26:2H-12.38: Report to the Governor, Legislature.

26:2H-12.39: Short title.

26:2H-12.40: Findings, declarations relative to reporting of infection rates by hospitals.

26:2H-12.41: Quarterly reports by general hospital to Department of Health.

26:2H-12.42: Prompt advice to hospital from commissioner to improve performance.

26:2H-12.43: Information available to public on Internet website.

26:2H-12.44: Expansion of reporting requirements.

26:2H-12.45: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.46: Hospital to inform pregnant patients of option to donate umbilical cord blood, placental tissue.

26:2H-12.47: Information provided to patients.

26:2H-12.48: Provision of copy of brochure to pregnant patients.

26:2H-12.49: Construction of act.

26:2H-12.50: General hospital to conduct public meetings.

26:2H-12.51: Notice of meeting on department's website.

26:2H-12.52: Limitation on charges for certain uninsured patients.

26:2H-12.53: Sliding scale for certain hospital charges.

26:2H-12.54: Findings, declarations relative to pressure ulcers in nursing home residents.

26:2H-12.55: Replacement of mattresses with pressure redistribution mattresses.

26:2H-12.56: Definitions relative to certain health care facilities.

26:2H-12.57: Written informational sheet for assisted living facilities.

26:2H-12.58: Distribution of informational sheets.

26:2H-12.59: Online brochure relative to bone marrow donation.

26:2H-12.60: Submission of bill to Medicare beneficiary by health care facility; reporting of nonpayment.

26:2H-12.61: Discharge of patients from certain residences; provision for care in alternate facility.

26:2H-12.62: Definitions relative to qualifications for employment as surgical technologist.

26:2H-12.63: Requirements for practicing surgical technology.

26:2H-12.64: Requirements for employment.

26:2H-12.65: Continuing education requirement.

26:2H-12.66: Verification of eligibility to practice.

26:2H-12.67: Person permitted to act within scope of practice of license.

26:2H-12.68: Definitions relative to disposal of prescription medications by health care facilities.

26:2H-12.69: Health care facilities prohibited from discharging prescription medication into public wastewater collection or septic system; exceptions.

26:2H-12.70: Department to ensure compliance.

26:2H-12.71: Violations, penalties.

26:2H-12.72: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.73: Protocols established by general hospitals relative to SCTUs.

26:2H-12.74: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.75: Findings, declarations relative to pediatric respite care facilities.

26:2H-12.76: "Pediatric respite care facility" defined.

26:2H-12.77: Application for licensure.

26:2H-12.78: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.79: Definitions relative to certain health care facilities required to be equipped with generators.

26:2H-12.80: Hospital and physician incentive plan.

26:2H-12.81: Applicability of plan.

26:2H-12.82: Institutional and specialty specific goals.

26:2H-12.83: Review of plans, authority of department.

26:2H-12.84: Shared clinical space for primary health care and behavioral health care services.

26:2H-12.85: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.86: Facility offering behavioral health care services, policy for use of medical cannabis by qualifying patient.

26:2H-12.87: Definitions, requirements for certain long-term care facilities relative to outbreak response plans.

26:2H-12.87a: Statewide nursing home infection control, prevention infrastructure assessment.

26:2H-12.88: Hospital emergency department to inquire about pregnancy history of certain patients.

26:2H-12.89: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.90: Long-Term Care Emergency Operations Center (LTCEOC)

26:2H-12.91: Regional medical coordination center model for disaster response.

26:2H-12.92: Duties of long-term care facility during infectious disease outbreak.

26:2H-12.93: Available, appropriate sources of federal funding.

26:2H-12.94: Report to National Healthcare Safety Network database.

26:2H-12.95: Electronic health record system.

26:2H-12.96: Employment of certain homemaker-home health aides.

26:2H-12.97: Definitions relative to the prevention of social isolation in certain facilities.

26:2H-12.98: Social isolation prevention policies required.

26:2H-12.99: Inspections; violations, penalties.

26:2H-12.100: Stockpiling of personal protective equipment in long-term care facilities, hospitals.

26:2H-12.101: Definitions concerning resident rights in long-term care facilities.

26:2H-12.102: Prohibited actions by staff.

26:2H-12.103: Information included in resident records.

26:2H-12.104: Confidentiality of certain resident information.

26:2H-12.105: Violations, civil penalties, administrative action.

26:2H-12.106: Training for administrators, staff.

26:2H-12.107: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-12.108: Hospital, birthing center to provide bias training.

26:2H-12.109: Licensed general acute care hospital addressing homelessness, housing insecurity.

26:2H-13: Violations; penalties; notice; hearing

26:2H-13.1: Revocation

26:2H-14: Unlicensed health care facility; rules; violations; penalties.

26:2H-14.1: Definitions

26:2H-14.2: Nursing homes and residential health care facilities; heat emergency action plan; approval; annual review; notice of heat emergency

26:2H-14.3: Rules, regulations for adequate ventilation; air conditioning required within two years; exceptions

26:2H-14.4: Air conditioning required in nursing homes, residential health care facilities

26:2H-14.4a: Grant of waiver due to unusual events beyond control of facility.

26:2H-14.5: Requirements for handling of security deposits paid to residential health care facility

26:2H-14.6: Commingling of security deposits, conditions

26:2H-14.7: Violations; cause of action

26:2H-14.8: Short title.

26:2H-14.9: Findings, declarations relative to health care worker, patient safety.

26:2H-14.10: Definitions relative to health care worker, patient safety.

26:2H-14.11: Establishment of safe patient handling program; requirements.

26:2H-14.12: Safe patient handling committee.

26:2H-14.13: Certain retaliatory actions against health care worker prohibited.

26:2H-14.14: Violations, penalties.

26:2H-14.15: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-15: Representation as health care facility by unlicensed facility; inspection; penalties; cease and desist order.

26:2H-16: Health Care Facilities Improvement Fund

26:2H-17: Review by court

26:2H-18: License, authorization required for receipt of reimbursement, grant-in-aid.

26:2H-18a: Designation of specialty acute care children's hospital for northern New Jersey

26:2H-18c: Designation of specialty acute care children's hospital for southern New Jersey.

26:2H-18d: Designation of specialty acute care children's hospital for central New Jersey.

26:2H-18e: Designation of specialty acute care children's hospital for Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren counties.

26:2H-18f: Designation of specialty acute care children's hospital for Morris and Union counties.

26:2H-18g: Designation of acute care children's hospitals for Monmouth and Ocean counties.

26:2H-18h: Specialized care facilities for Huntington's Disease; rules, regulations.

26:2H-18.2: Annual fees

26:2H-18.24: Findings, declarations

26:2H-18.25: Definitions

26:2H-18.26: Approval of hospital's rates by commission authorized

26:2H-18.27: "New Jersey Health Care Trust Fund" established

26:2H-18.28: Determination of uniform Statewide uncompensated care add-on

26:2H-18.29: Approval of hospital's reasonable uncompensated care costs

26:2H-18.30: Remission of mandatory assessment to fund by hospital

26:2H-18.31: Reimbursement to hospital of uncompensated care cost

26:2H-18.32: Designation of hospitals where county welfare agency employee will be stationed to determine Medicaid eligibility

26:2H-18.33: Collection procedure followed by hospital after discharge of patient

26:2H-18.34: Annual audit of hospital's uncompensated care

26:2H-18.35: Reporting by hospitals of patient accounts referred to collection agency

26:2H-18.36: Submission of information about income of persons whose income tax refund, homestead rebate was applied to patient account

26:2H-18.37: Quality control reviews of audits of hospital uncompensated care

26:2H-18.38: Adjustment of hospital's rate schedule to reflect services provided to certain emergency room patients

26:2H-18.39: Employers not providing health insurance required to provide employer assistance

26:2H-18.40: Monies remaining in "Uncompensated Care Reduction - Pilot Program" account to subsidize pilot program for small business employees

26:2H-18.41: Hospital shall not advertise availability of uncompensated care

26:2H-18.42: Hospital not claiming deduction for bad debt eligible for reimbursement for charity care

26:2H-18.43: Compensation provided for cost of advanced life support services

26:2H-18.44: Determination of eligibility for uncompensated care not applicable to patient found indigent

26:2H-18.45: Pilot program to create partnership between urban hospitals and community health centers

26:2H-18.46: Report on status of fund

26:2H-18.47: "Health Care Cost Reduction Fund" established

26:2H-18.48: Transfer of employees, appropriations etc. to the "New Jersey Health Care Trust Fund"

26:2H-18.50: Short title

26:2H-18.51: Findings, declarations

26:2H-18.52: Definitions relative to provision of health care services to low income persons.

26:2H-18.53: Revenue cap

26:2H-18.54a: New Jersey Essential Health Services Commission abolished

26:2H-18.55: Duties of commissioner

26:2H-18.55a: Compilation of information relative to employed recipients of charity care.

26:2H-18.57: Assessment of per adjusted admission charge.

26:2H-18.58: Health Care Subsidy Fund.

26:2H-18.58a: Funding of community-based drug abuse treatment programs

26:2H-18.58b: Health Care Subsidy Fund payer of last resort; exemptions

26:2H-18.58c: Funding of Health Care Subsidy Fund.

26:2H-18.58d: Appropriations to Health Care Subsidy Fund.

26:2H-18.58e: Transfer of funds to Hospital Relief Fund.

26:2H-18.58f: Transfer of funds to Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services.

26:2H-18.58g: Disposition of revenue collected from cigarette tax.

26:2H-18.58h: Annual deposit into Health Care Subsidy Fund from revenue from sale of alcoholic beverages.

26:2H-18.58i: Deposits into Health Care Subsidy Fund from revenue collected from taxation of certain insurance policies.

26:2H-18.59: Allocation of funds.

26:2H-18.59a: Disproportionate share payments; formulation

26:2H-18.59b: Determination of charity care subsidy; formulation

26:2H-18.59c: Submission of financial and demographic data

26:2H-18.59d: Continuation of provided services

26:2H-18.59e: Determination of charity care subsidy.

26:2H-18.59f: Implementation of demonstration health care program for low income residents.

26:2H-18.59g: Establishment of technology infrastructure to support the provision of charity care.

26:2H-18.59h: Transferred employees guaranteed equivalent health insurance coverage.

26:2H-18.59i: Reimbursed documented charity care; charity care subsidy formula after July 1, 2004.

26:2H-18.59j: Charity claims by hospital, eligibility.

26:2H-18.60: Uniform charity care eligibility and reimbursement claim form

26:2H-18.60a: Short title.

26:2H-18.60b: Findings, declarations relative to oversight of the hospital charity care subsidy program.

26:2H-18.60c: Required procedures by hospitals for charity care.

26:2H-18.60d: Interagency agreement with Medicaid Inspector General.

26:2H-18.60e: Inter-agency agreement with State Treasurer.

26:2H-18.60f: Reporting system established.

26:2H-18.60g: Recovery for fraudulent claim.

26:2H-18.61: Distribution of monies for other uncompensated care

26:2H-18.62: Monies designated for Health Care Subsidy Fund; allocation of monies.

26:2H-18.63: Civil penalties for false statement, misrepresentation.

26:2H-18.64: Denial of admission on ability to pay; penalty

26:2H-18.65: Establishment of Health Access New Jersey program; regulations; administration

26:2H-18.66: Allocation to Health Access New Jersey subsidy account.

26:2H-18.68: Appropriation from "Uncompensated Care Reduction - Pilot Program" account

26:2H-18.69: Appropriation of remaining monies

26:2H-18.70: Short title

26:2H-18.71: Funding of health care treatment for lead poisoned children.

26:2H-18.72: Provision of renal dialysis treatment services, medication to uninsured low-income persons.

26:2H-18.73: Annual report to Legislature.

26:2H-18.74: Short title.

26:2H-18.75: Findings, declarations relative to health care facilities.

26:2H-18.76: Health Care Stabilization Fund.

26:2H-18.77: Awarding of grant to health care facility; factors considered.

26:2H-18.78: Conditions for receipt of grant; rules, regulations; annual report.

26:2H-18.79: Influenza vaccination in health care facilities.

26:2H-18.80: Report to Governor, Legislature.

26:2H-18.81: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-19: Transfer of certain powers, functions and duties of state board of control, commissioner and department of institutions and agencies and its hospital

26:2H-20: Transfer of certain employees of bureau of community institutions

26:2H-21: Transfer of certain functions of department of institutions and agencies and certain personnel of bureau of medical facilities construction and planni

26:2H-22: Abolition of hospital licensing board; transfer of powers, functions and duties to health care administration board

26:2H-23: Reference to state board of control, or department or commissioner of institutions and agencies deemed reference to department or commissioner of heal

26:2H-24: Partial invalidity

26:2H-25: Effect of act on rights under civil service, pension law or retirement system

26:2H-26: Short title

26:2H-27: Transfer of powers, functions and duties of state board of control of department of institutions and agencies pursuant to nursing home administrator's

26:2H-28: Transfer of nursing home administrator's licensing board to state department of health

26:2H-29: Nursing home or convalescent home defined

26:2H-30: Patient or resident; charges for drugs

26:2H-31: Violations; penalty; collection

26:2H-32: Definitions.

26:2H-33: Nursing homes, annual report; operating and financial interests

26:2H-34: Verification of report

26:2H-35: Violations; penalty; recovery

26:2H-35.1: Report of comparative evaluative profiles of nursing homes; compilation and periodical update; furnishing to public

26:2H-35.2: Existence of life threatening condition at nursing home; public notice

26:2H-36: Legislative findings

26:2H-37: Definitions

26:2H-38: Remedy of condition of home in substantial violation of standards of health, safety or resident care; action to appoint receiver; parties

26:2H-39: Complaint; contents

26:2H-40: Defenses

26:2H-41: Nursing home violations

26:2H-42: Receivership authorized

26:2H-42.1: Identification of nursing homes in financial distress, risk of bankruptcy.

26:2H-43: Order to remove or remedy conditions in lieu of judgment; bond; failure to comply; hearing; judgment

26:2H-44: Reports and accounts of receiver; filing; inspection; presentation or settlement of accounts

26:2H-45: Termination of receivership

26:2H-46: Receiver; compensation; bond

26:2H-46.1: Increase in penalties for deficiencies outlined in federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidance.

26:2H-46.2: Enforcement of department rules, requirements; request, consolidate data regarding nursing homes reported to other State, federal authorities.

26:2H-46.3: Review of reporting requirements; standardization, consolidation of reporting requirements.

26:2H-46.4: Regulations adopted; authorization.

26:2H-47: Skilled or intermediate care nursing facility; assistance to residents in application for financial assistance

26:2H-47.1: Notification of fund exhaustion

26:2H-48: Assessment of availability of financial assistance

26:2H-49: Assistance to residents to obtain medically necessary post-discharge care

26:2H-50: Duties of state department of health

26:2H-51: Inapplicability of act to facility operated by and for those who rely exclusively upon treatment by spiritual means

26:2H-52: Rules and regulations

26:2H-53: Short title

26:2H-54: Findings, declarations

26:2H-55: Definitions

26:2H-56: Advance directive for health care; execution

26:2H-57: Proxy, instruction directive; reaffirmed, modified, revoked.

26:2H-58: Designation of health care representative; limitations.

26:2H-59: Conditions under which advance directive becomes operative

26:2H-60: Determination of patient's capacity to make a health care decision

26:2H-61: Authority to make health care decisions

26:2H-62: Rights, responsibilities of health care professionals

26:2H-63: Decision making under an advance directive

26:2H-64: Effect of instruction directive

26:2H-65: Additional rights, responsibilities of health care institution

26:2H-66: Resolution of disagreements

26:2H-67: Circumstances under which life-sustaining treatment may be withheld or withdrawn

26:2H-68: Issuance of do not resuscitate order

26:2H-69: Consultation with institutional or regional reviewing body

26:2H-70: Existing law preserved; emergency care

26:2H-71: Rules, regulations

26:2H-73: Immunities

26:2H-74: Absence of advance directive, act not applicable

26:2H-75: Advance directive shall not affect insurance, benefits coverage

26:2H-76: Advance directive executed in other jurisdictions, validity

26:2H-77: Applicability of other law

26:2H-78: Violations, penalties

26:2H-79: Definitions relative to hospices

26:2H-80: Licensing of hospice care program

26:2H-81: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-81.1: Definitions relative to hospice care, disposal of unused prescription medications.

26:2H-81.2: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-83: Background checks for nurse aid, personal care assistant certification.

26:2H-84: Qualification, disqualification for certification; petition for hearing.

26:2H-85: Assumption of cost of background checks.

26:2H-86: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-87: False statement; fine.

26:2H-87.1: Certification application requirements of a nurse aide from another state or United States territory

26:2H-87.2: Rules, regulations

26:2H-87.3: Definitions; conditions for licensure.

26:2H-88: Definitions relative to PACE programs.

26:2H-89: PACE, pre-PACE program operation.

26:2H-90: Cash reserves, demonstration.

26:2H-91: Enrollment, disenrollment terms.

26:2H-91.1: Participation eligibility for PACE program.

26:2H-91.2: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-92: Short title.

26:2H-93: Findings, declarations relative to nursing home quality of care.

26:2H-94: Definitions relative to nursing home quality of care.

26:2H-95: "Nursing Home Quality of Care Improvement Fund."

26:2H-96: Payment of annual assessment by nursing homes.

26:2H-97: Dedicated purposes for monies collected from assessment.

26:2H-98: Duties of commissioner.

26:2H-99: Noncompliance with mechanism for distribution of moneys.

26:2H-100: Payment of assessment not passed through as cost, charge to payers.

26:2H-101: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-102: Short title.

26:2H-103: Findings, declarations relative to advance directives for mental health care.

26:2H-104: Definitions relative to advance directives for mental health care.

26:2H-105: Execution, reaffirmation, modification, revocation, suspension of advance directive for

26:2H-106: Validity of advance directive for mental health care, reaffirmation, modification, revocation.

26:2H-107: Execution of proxy directive.

26:2H-108: Operative date of advance directive for mental health care.

26:2H-109: Determination of patient's decision-making capacity.

26:2H-110: Authority of mental health care representative.

26:2H-111: Additional responsibilities of responsible mental health care professional.

26:2H-112: Discussion of patient's mental health condition.

26:2H-113: Instruction directive legally operative, conditions.

26:2H-114: Additional rights, responsibilities of psychiatric facility.

26:2H-115: Procedures, practices for resolving disagreements.

26:2H-116: Construction of act; severability.

26:2H-117: Rules, regulations relative to psychiatric facilities operated by the Department of Health.

26:2H-118: Joint evaluation, report to Governor, Legislature.

26:2H-119: Immunity from criminal, civil liability.

26:2H-120: Construction of act with advance directive for health care.

26:2H-121: Absence of directive, no presumption created.

26:2H-122: Existing rights, obligations unaffected under health insurance programs.

26:2H-123: Validity of directive executed out-of-State.

26:2H-124: Priority of provisions of act.

26:2H-125: Intentional disregard for act, professional misconduct; fines; fourth degree crime for certain acts relative to advance directives.

26:2H-126: Notification to residents of closing, relocation of nursing home, assisted living facility; exceptions.

26:2H-127: Assisted living facility, refund of deposit, certain circumstances.

26:2H-128: Rights of residents of assisted living facilities, comprehensive personal care homes.

26:2H-129: Short title.

26:2H-130: Findings, declarations relative to physician orders for life-sustaining treatment (POLST) forms.

26:2H-131: Definitions relative to POLST form.

26:2H-132: Encouragement of public awareness, understanding of POLST form.

26:2H-132.1: End-of-life care public awareness campaign.

26:2H-132.2: Requirements for certain facilities concerning end-of-life care.

26:2H-133: Designation of Patient safety organization; responsibilities.

26:2H-134: Treatment of patient in accordance with POLST form.

26:2H-135: Modification, supersedure of POLST form.

26:2H-136: Procedure in event of disagreement.

26:2H-137: Construction of act.

26:2H-138: Immunity from liability.

26:2H-139: Intentional failure to act, penalties, degree of crime.

26:2H-140: Ensurance of compliance.

26:2H-141: Short title.

26:2H-142: Findings, declarations relative to children's sudden cardiac events.

26:2H-143: Definitions relative to children's sudden cardiac events.

26:2H-144: Report to commissioner.

26:2H-145: Children's Sudden Cardiac Events Registry.

26:2H-146: Children's Sudden Cardiac Events Review Book.

26:2H-147: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-148: Definitions relative to dementia care homes.

26:2H-149: DOH responsible for licensure, inspections, standards relative to dementia homes.

26:2H-150: Dementia care home.

26:2H-151: Licensure required for dementia care home; violations, civil penalty.

26:2H-152: Standards for dementia care homes.

26:2H-153: Waiver of certain requirements for certain facilities.

26:2H-154: Rights of dementia care home residents.

26:2H-155: Provision of health care services.

26:2H-156: Violations, penalties.

26:2H-157: Rules, regulations.

26:2H-158: Findings, declarations relative to a newborn home nurse visitation program.

26:2H-159: Statewide voluntary universal newborn home nurse visitation program.

26:2H-160: Resource guide.

26:2H-161: Collection, analysis of data.

26:2H-162: Rules, regulations.