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Chapter: 2I - Declaration of serious public emergency relative to health care facilities

26:2I-1: Declaration of serious public emergency relative to health care facilities

26:2I-2: Short title

26:2I-3: Terms defined.

26:2I-4: "New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority."

26:2I-5: Powers of authority.

26:2I-5.1: Authority financing not required.

26:2I-5.2: HCFFA, EDA powers relative to for profit projects.

26:2I-5.3: Prevailing wage rate for workers employed on projects with New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority involvement.

26:2I-5.4: Exercise of rights, powers or duties.

26:2I-5.5: Prevailing wage rules, regulations, adoption by New Jersey Health Care Financing Authority.

26:2I-5.6: Inapplicability of C.26:2I-5.3 through C.26:2I-5.5.

26:2I-7: Issuance of bonds authorized; maturity; terms.

26:2I-7.1: Payments, contracts to implement payment, for hospital asset transformation program

26:2I-8: Bonds secured by trust agreement

26:2I-9: Bonds not liability of state or political subdivision

26:2I-10: Additional powers of authority.

26:2I-11: Moneys of authority; trust funds

26:2I-12: Bondholders; enforcement of rights

26:2I-13: Refunding bonds; additional purposes

26:2I-14: Bonds as legal investments

26:2I-15: Act complete authority for issuance of bonds

26:2I-16: Exemptions from taxes; bonds; property

26:2I-17: State will not limit, alter, restrict rights of authority.

26:2I-18: Annual report and audit

26:2I-19: Contracts; conflict of interest

26:2I-20: Comptroller of Treasury; powers of examination

26:2I-21: Department may visit, examine, inspect authority, require reports.

26:2I-22: Services of State departments or agencies

26:2I-23: Power of State departments, agencies.

26:2I-24: Additional powers, duties relative to institutions, facilities.

26:2I-25: Powers relative to revenue producing facilities.

26:2I-27: Powers exercised by resolution of governing body, trustees.

26:2I-28: Additional powers of authority relative to health care organizations.

26:2I-29: Additional powers of authority in respect to loans.

26:2I-30: Power of health care organization to mortgage, pledge property, income

26:2I-31: Deposit of moneys received from health care organizations.

26:2I-32: Responsibility of authority relative to projects.

26:2I-33: Pledges of health care organizations.

26:2I-34: Participation in or acquisition of existing projects.

26:2I-35: Construction of act

26:2I-36: No liability or pledge of credit of State

26:2I-37: Powers supplemental and not derogatory

26:2I-38: Inapplicability of inconsistent laws.

26:2I-39: Severability