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Chapter: 2K -

26:2K-7: Definitions

26:2K-8: Mobile intensive care paramedic; certification from commissioner; written standards; examination; register of applicants

26:2K-9: Revocation of certificate

26:2K-10: Performance of advanced life support services; supervision from physician

26:2K-11: Performance of advanced life support procedure; immediate danger of patient

26:2K-11.1: Volunteer paramedic unit members responding to emergency, jointly, separately.

26:2K-12: Mobile intensive care units

26:2K-12.1: Hospitals in certain municipalities, requirements for provision of emergency medical services.

26:2K-12.2: Conditions for licensure for emergency medical services provider.

26:2K-13: Provision of life support services; advertisement or dissemination of information prohibited; impersonation of paramedic prohibited

26:2K-14: Liability for civil damages

26:2K-15: Violations; penalties

26:2K-16: Advisory council

26:2K-17: Rules and regulations

26:2K-18: Duties of mobile intensive care paramedic; interpretation of act

26:2K-19: Emergency service training program; construction of act

26:2K-20: Duties of health care professionals; construction of act

26:2K-21: Definitions

26:2K-22: Pilot program

26:2K-23: 3-year limit

26:2K-24: Conditions for performance of services

26:2K-25: Certification

26:2K-26: Revocation

26:2K-27: Authorization

26:2K-28: Advertising restrictions

26:2K-29: Immunity

26:2K-30: Penalty

26:2K-31: Rules, regulations

26:2K-32: Functions limited

26:2K-33: Training program unaffected

26:2K-34: Performance of duties by professionals

26:2K-35: Definitions.

26:2K-36: Emergency Medical Service Helicopter Response Program

26:2K-36.1: New Jersey Emergency Medical Service Helicopter Response Program Fund established

26:2K-37: Transportation service

26:2K-38: Civil immunity

26:2K-39: Definitions

26:2K-40: Certification as EMT-D, First Responder-D

26:2K-41: Revocation of certification

26:2K-42: False advertising; impersonation of EMT-D, First Responder-D

26:2K-43: Immunity relative to cardiac defibrillation

26:2K-44: Penalty for violation

26:2K-45: Performance of functions necessary for orderly transfer

26:2K-46: Not interference with emergency service training program

26:2K-47: Performance of duties by other health care professional

26:2K-47.1: Definitions relative to administration of epinephrine.

26:2K-47.2: Administration, maintenance, disposal of auto-injector device; certification; training; fee.

26:2K-47.3: Purchasing, storing, transporting devices

26:2K-47.4: Revocation of certification

26:2K-47.5: Authorization for advertising, disseminating information

26:2K-47.6: Immunity from civil liability

26:2K-47.7: Violations, penalties

26:2K-47.8: Construction of act

26:2K-47.9: Rules, regulations.

26:2K-48: Findings, declarations

26:2K-49: Definitions

26:2K-50: Emergency Medical Services for Children program

26:2K-51: Purposes of the program

26:2K-52: Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory Council

26:2K-53: Rules, regulations

26:2K-54: Short title

26:2K-55: Definitions

26:2K-56: "Emergency Medical Technician Training Fund" established

26:2K-57: Reimbursement of certified agency, organization, entity

26:2K-58: Certified persons not charged a fee

26:2K-59: Establishment of State advisory council for basic and intermediate life support services training

26:2K-60: Requests for assistance of first aid, ambulance, rescue squad

26:2K-61: Agreements for mutual first aid, ambulance, rescue squad assistance

26:2K-62: Suspension of agreement

26:2K-63: Certification as EMT valid for five years.

26:2K-64: Rules, regulations.

26:2K-65: Written standards for certification as EMT-Basic.

26:2K-66: Definitions relative to emergency medical services.

26:2K-67: Report by provider to department.

26:2K-68: System to allow for electronic reporting of information; rules, regulations.

26:2K-69: New Jersey Emergency Medical Services Task Force.

26:2K-70: Maintenance of trauma patient transfer criteria, agreements by general acute care hospital.

26:2K-71: Definitions relative to mobile intensive care paramedics.

26:2K-72: Short title.

26:2K-73: Findings, declarations.

26:2K-74: 9-1-1 first responder dispatchers; designation.