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Chapter: 2S -

26:2S-1: Short title

26:2S-2: Definitions relative to health care quality.

26:2S-3: Form to be filed by carrier; minimum information required

26:2S-4: Disclosure of terms and conditions in writing to subscriber.

26:2S-5: Additional disclosure requirements.

26:2S-5.1: Health insurance carriers to provide organ, tissue donation information to subscribers.

26:2S-6: Designation of licensed physician as medical director for managed care

26:2S-6.1: Managed care plan to pay full contractual rate to out-of-network provider, direct payments, certain circumstances.

26:2S-6.2: Waiver of health insurance copayments for certain active duty military and their families.

26:2S-7: Review of application for participation

26:2S-7.1: Universal application for credentialing physicians for a carrier's provider network.

26:2S-7.2: Acceptance of application by carriers

26:2S-7.3: Rules, regulations.

26:2S-8: Establishment of policy governing removal of health care providers

26:2S-9: Contract terms concerning appropriate medical care

26:2S-9.1: Managed care plan, continuing treatment of certain patients by physician no longer employed by plan; required.

26:2S-9.2: Written fee schedule information furnished to health care providers, proprietary information.

26:2S-9.3: Violations, penalty.

26:2S-10: Offer of point-of-service plan, terms

26:2S-10.1: Home treatment for bleeding episodes associated with hemophilia, required coverage.

26:2S-10.2: Clinical laboratory services at outpatient regional hemophilia care center, required coverage

26:2S-10.3: Regulations by department.

26:2S-10.4: Optometrist not required to participate in certain plans.

26:2S-10.5: Contract between carrier and vision care provider, fees permissible.

26:2S-10.6: Vision care provider, choice of sources, providers.

26:2S-10.7: Definitions relative to optometrists, vision care plans.

26:2S-10.8: Definitions relative to insurance coverage for mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

26:2S-10.9: Regulations for benefits carrier relative to prescription drug benefits.

26:2S-11: Independent Health Care Appeals Program.

26:2S-12: Contract to conduct appeal reviews; procedures.

26:2S-13: Immunity from civil liability for participants in Independent Health Care Appeals Program

26:2S-14: Report to Legislature, Governor

26:2S-14.1: General hospital to provide information concerning the Independent Health Care Appeals Program.

26:2S-14.2: Size, content, format of notice.

26:2S-14.3: Rules, regulations.

26:2S-15: Compliance with department reporting requirements

26:2S-15.1: Annual report to carrier by managed behavioral health care organization.

26:2S-16: Violations, penalties

26:2S-17: Recommendations for legislative action

26:2S-18: Enforcement; rules, regulations

26:2S-18.1: Publication of annual financial statements.

26:2S-19: Findings, declarations relative to Managed Health Care Consumer Assistance Program

26:2S-20: Definitions relative to Managed Health Care Consumer Assistance Program.

26:2S-21: Managed Health Care Consumer Assistance Program.

26:2S-22: Report to Governor, Legislature

26:2S-23: Immunity from liability

26:2S-24: Appropriations; fees, use

26:2S-25: Rules, regulations.

26:2S-26: Definitions relative to certain dental benefit plans.

26:2S-27: Covered services.

26:2S-28: Rules, regulations.

26:2S-29: Carrier offering a health benefits plan to provide coverage, payment.

26:2S-30: Definitions regarding dental plan application forms

26:2S-31: Adoption of dental plan application forms

26:2S-32: Acceptance of universal dentist application

26:2S-33: Adoption of regulations

26:2S-37: Insurance plans to cover prescription refills during state of emergency.

26:2S-40: Carrier to ensure provision of comprehensive behavioral health crisis intervention services coverage.

26:2S-36: Provision of emergency, urgent services.

26:2S-35: Imposition of limits prohibited.

26:2S-39: Health benefit plans, coverage for abortion, certain religious employers exempt.

26:2S-34: Preexisting condition provision prohibited in health benefits plan.

26:2S-38: Prescription drug benefit carrier contracts, opioid antidote coverage.