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Chapter: 3 - Establishment of local board

26:3-1: Establishment of local board

26:3-2: Rules and regulations

26:3-3: Composition of local board.

26:3-4: Qualification of members in cities of first class

26:3-5: Appointment of members

26:3-6: Term of members

26:3-7: Vacancy on board

26:3-8: Compensation of board members in cities of first class

26:3-8.1: Secretary to board in certain cities

26:3-9: Composition of local board in townships of 20,000 or less.

26:3-10: Composition of local board in townships of more than 20,000.

26:3-11: Territorial jurisdiction of local board

26:3-12: Meetings of board

26:3-13: Compensation of board members

26:3-14: Vacancy in office of physician member

26:3-15: Vacancy in office of assessor member

26:3-16: Vacancy in township of over 20,000

26:3-18.1: "Public health laboratory technician" defined

26:3-19: Employees of local board

26:3-19.1: Civil service status of employees of local board of health.

26:3-19.2: Incumbent plumbing inspectors; placing in classified service without examination

26:3-20: License necessary for appointment.

26:3-20.1: Violations by local board in appointments; injunction

26:3-21: Licensee eligible for appointment.

26:3-22: Joint health officer, registered environmental health specialists.

26:3-23: Registered environmental health specialist for township.

26:3-24: Registered environmental health specialist in municipality of over 2,000.

26:3-25.1: Receipt of maximum salary.

26:3-26: Removal of licensed health officers; necessity of public hearing

26:3-27: Removal of health officer.

26:3-29: Representative at health officers' association

26:3-30: Representative at health convention

26:3-31: Public health regulations.

26:3-31.1: Plumbing, ventilation and drainage of buildings and connection with sewers, cesspools, etc.; ordinances regulating

26:3-31.2: Publication of rules and regulations not required; filing printed copies

26:3-31.3: Proof of ordinance

26:3-31.4: Short title

26:3-31.5: Local health officer to act as agent of landlord in engaging fuel oil dealer; conditions

26:3-31.6: Billing to landlord or municipality for delivery of fuel oil and refiring of burner

26:3-31.7: Liability of landlord or agent due to negligence; penalty enforcement

26:3-31.8: Penalty enforcement proceeding; reimbursements; injunction; collection of reimbursements

26:3-31.9: Immunity of municipality or its employees in enforcing act; exception

26:3-31.10: Application of law

26:3-32: Granting of licenses and permits in cities over 80,000

26:3-33: Sanitation, plumbing, ventilation and drainage of buildings

26:3-34: Delegation of powers to members or officers of board

26:3-35: Annual report to director

26:3-36: Fee for preparing report

26:3-37: Appropriation for dispensaries

26:3-38: Establishment and control; annual expenses

26:3-39: Annual reports

26:3-40: Visiting nurses; appointment; salaries

26:3-41: Estimate of township appropriation necessary for health purposes; appropriation

26:3-42: Payment of township health bills

26:3-43: Estimate of appropriation by municipality necessary for health purposes; appropriation

26:3-44: Additional appropriations in case of epidemics; borrowing money

26:3-45: Power to define nuisance

26:3-46: Abatement of nuisances

26:3-47: Abatement without ordinance

26:3-48: Nuisance on public property; notice

26:3-49: Nuisance on private property; notice

26:3-50: Failure to comply with notice; abatement

26:3-51: Restraining proceedings of board

26:3-52: Suits against board for damages

26:3-53: Notice to remove, abate nuisance.

26:3-54: Expenses of abatement; recovery

26:3-55: Payment of expenses by local authorities

26:3-56: Action for injunctive relief

26:3-57: Injunctive relief; costs

26:3-58: Liability of local board for costs

26:3-59: Search warrants

26:3-60: Cause for issuance of warrant

26:3-61: Abatement under warrant

26:3-62: Return of warrant

26:3-63: Officers required to assist in execution of warrant

26:3-64: Ordinance- and rule-making power

26:3-65: Form of enactment of ordinances

26:3-66: Procedure in enactment of health ordinance code

26:3-67: Publication of summary of health ordinance, code, title

26:3-68: Amendment or repeal of ordinance

26:3-69: Date of effectiveness of ordinance

26:3-69.1: Definitions

26:3-69.2: Adopting certain codes and related documents by reference

26:3-69.3: Publication of adopted code or related documents unnecessary

26:3-69.4: Copies of adopted code and related ordinances to remain on file

26:3-69.5: Copy of adopted code and related documents construed as part of ordinance

26:3-69.6: Short title

26:3-70: Local board may prescribe penalty

26:3-70.1: Minimum penalty

26:3-71: Penalty need not be specific amount

26:3-72: Jurisdiction of proceedings to recover penalties; process

26:3-75: Certified copy of health ordinance or code as proof of legal enactment

26:3-77: Imprisonment for failure to pay judgment

26:3-78: Additional penalty for second violation of same ordinance

26:3-82: Disposition of penalties

26:3-83: Terms "municipality" and "board of health" defined

26:3-84: Formation of association for furnishing public health services

26:3-85: Composition of commission

26:3-86: Nature and amount of public health services of each board; report of activities, information.

26:3-87: Authority of commission; treasurer; bond; disbursement of funds

26:3-88: Health officer, inspectors, nurses, etc.; terms; salaries

26:3-89: Restrictions in appointment of employees

26:3-90: Appointment of agents

26:3-91: Persons already employed by boards of health; control and direction of work

26:3-92: Powers, duties and jurisdiction of regional health commission

26:3-93: Local board of health ordinances; enforcement

26:3-94: Employees