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Chapter: 3A2 -

26:3a2-1: Short title

26:3a2-2: Policy

26:3a2-3: Definitions

26:3a2-4: County board of health; establishment; procedure; counties with health agencies

26:3a2-5: Members; qualifications; term of office; meetings; powers

26:3a2-6: County health department; establishment; report by county board in counties without department; public hearing; submission to commissioners

26:3a2-7: County health advisory commission

26:3a2-8: Health ordinances; adoption; enforcement

26:3a2-9: Health ordinances; laws applicable to enactment and enforcement

26:3a2-10: Standards of performance; compliance by municipality; evaluation; certification; review by commissioner

26:3a2-11: Failure of municipality to comply; provision of adequate program by state; reinstatement of authority of municipality

26:3a2-12: Municipality participating in local or contracting health agency; withdrawal

26:3a2-13: Standards of performance; review and revision by public health council

26:3a2-14: Appointment of health officer, other personnel

26:3a2-14.1: Public health nurse in provisional status for more than 2 years; eligibility to compete for position

26:3a2-15: Necessity of license by employee with certain type and class of work

26:3a2-16: Transfer of civil service employees of terminated local health agency to superseding agency

26:3a2-17: Transfer of non-civil service employees of terminated local health agency to superseding agency

26:3a2-18: Terminated part-time employee; placement on preferential reemployment list

26:3a2-19: Annual budget; certification by board of chosen freeholders; apportionment to municipalities; assessment, levy and collection of tax

26:3a2-20: Review by legislature; progress reports by commissioner

26:3a2-20.1: Sale of tobacco to persons under age 19, prohibition, enforcement; reports.

26:3a2-20.2: Authority of Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

26:3a2-20.3: Definitions.

26:3a2-20.4: Local overdose fatality review team established, county health department; membership requirements.

26:3a2-20.5: Duties of local overdose fatality review team.

26:3a2-20.6: Disclosure of relevant information.

26:3a2-20.7: Unspecified information kept confidential.

26:3a2-20.8: Pursuit of available funds for implementation.

26:3a2-20.9: Report to Governor, Legislature.

26:3a2-20.10: Compliance deadline.

26:3a2-21: Short title

26:3a2-22: Findings, declarations relative to hazardous materials emergency response.

26:3a2-23: Definitions

26:3a2-24: Provision of environmental health services by department

26:3a2-25: Powers and duties of certified local health agency

26:3a2-25.1: Enforcement by certified local health agency.

26:3a2-26: Technical resource center

26:3a2-27: Environmental health ordinances; formulation, adoption and enforcement

26:3a2-28: Promulgation of environmental health performance standards and standards of administrative procedure; delegation of powers; comprehensive model ordina

26:3a2-29: Authorization to make grants to county departments; State's contribution amount

26:3a2-30: Employees of local health agency; transfer to county department

26:3a2-31: Annual budget; submission by county health officer; tax levy; determination by board of chosen freeholders

26:3a2-32: Severability

26:3a2-33: Work program to meet standards; certification of municipal or regional health agency as authorized local government for performance of environmental h

26:3a2-34: Certified local health agency may charge fee

26:3a2-35: County, municipality to establish Environmental Quality and Enforcement Fund

26:3a2-36: Plan for standardization, coordination of hazardous materials emergency response programs.

26:3a2-37: Grants to local health agencies for hazardous materials emergency response programs.

26:3a2-38: Rules, regulations relative to grant awards, performance standards, interlocal agreements.