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Chapter: 4 - "Communicable disease" defined

26:4-1: "Communicable disease" defined

26:4-2: Powers of State department and local board.

26:4-3: Evaluation of destroyed goods; reimbursement of owner

26:4-4: Notice to local board to control disease; proceeding to compel action

26:4-5: Closing public or private schools by reason of epidemic

26:4-6: Prohibiting attendance of teachers or pupils

26:4-8.1: Immunization at public expense

26:4-9: Epidemic in state institution

26:4-10: Public drinking cup; violation a misdemeanor

26:4-11: Transportation by carriers of infected persons or articles

26:4-12: Prohibiting sale of dairy product contaminated by communicable disease

26:4-13: Removal of order prohibiting sale

26:4-14: Penalty for violation of prohibition

26:4-15: Reporting of communicable diseases by physicians

26:4-16: Reporting of communicable diseases by house owner or householder

26:4-17: Physicians to report persons affected with disease on dairy premises

26:4-18: Report when member of family of sick person is employed on dairy premises

26:4-19: Report of persons affected with communicable diseases in institutions

26:4-20: Transmission of duplicate of report from institutions in certain cases

26:4-21: Certificate of cases reported to local board

26:4-22: Fee for cases reported to local board

26:4-23: Register of reported cases; inspection

26:4-24: Reports of local boards to state department

26:4-26: Fee for cases reported to state department

26:4-27: Definitions

26:4-28: Venereal diseases declared infectious and communicable

26:4-29: Determination of infectiousness; review

26:4-30: Examination of suspected person on report from director

26:4-31: Duty of suspected person to be examined; sex of examining physician

26:4-32: Prostitute; examination; certificate prohibited

26:4-33: Discovery of sources of infection

26:4-34: Duty of attending physician

26:4-35: Examination and isolation of infected person failing to report to attending physician

26:4-36: Quarantine; persons who may be quarantined; duration; penalty

26:4-37: Quarantine, restrictions, proceedings, report

26:4-38: Report of private cases to state department

26:4-39: Report of institutional cases to state department

26:4-40: Contents of report

26:4-41: Contents of reports secret; exceptions

26:4-42: Occupations forbidden infected persons

26:4-43: Permit to remove from district

26:4-44: Information required for permit

26:4-45: Report of issuance of permit

26:4-46: Free treatment by local board

26:4-47: Free diagnosis and treatment by state department of health

26:4-48: Rules and regulations; authority of State Director of Health as to quarantine or examination

26:4-48.1: Optional treatment of persons opposed to medical treatment on religious grounds

26:4-48.2: Expedited partner therapy.

26:4-48.3: Informational materials.

26:4-48.4: Immunity from liability.

26:4-49: Additional penalty for second offense

26:4-49.1: Blood sample, syphilis testing for pregnant women.

26:4-49.2: Standard serological test; duty of State Department of Health

26:4-49.3: Statement of blood test in birth or stillbirth report.

26:4-49.4: Effective date

26:4-49.5: Migrant laborers; definition

26:4-49.6: Examination of migrant laborers; notice to State Department of Health

26:4-49.7: Examination and treatment by order of court

26:4-49.8: Examination and treatment for venereal disease of inmates of institutions

26:4-50: Examination of disease carriers

26:4-51: Application to court for compulsory examination

26:4-52: Proceedings instituted

26:4-53: Warrant, trial and commitment

26:4-57: Penalty

26:4-57.1: Application for financial aid

26:4-57.2: Inquiry by director of health

26:4-57.3: Determination of kind and amount of aid; maximum annual amount

26:4-60: Register of reported cases and examinations; inspection

26:4-69: Expenditure of appropriations

26:4-70: Rules and regulations by state department; distribution of copies; enforcement

26:4-71: Investigation of reported cases

26:4-71.3: Leaving hospital against medical advice; report to local board of health

26:4-73: Duty to report to local board

26:4-74: Compulsory treatment

26:4-75: Distribution of copies of law

26:4-76: Free remedies

26:4-77: Violations; penalty; recovery

26:4-78: Report of suspected cases of rabies

26:4-79: Report by physician attending person bitten by animal

26:4-80: Report by parent or guardian when child is bitten and no physician attends

26:4-81: Report when adult is bitten and no physician attends

26:4-82: Confining animal which has attacked or bitten person

26:4-83: Killing or confining animal bitten by another

26:4-84: Confining animals to prevent spread of rabies

26:4-85: Permit to release animals

26:4-86: Examination of animals by local board

26:4-86.1: Findings, declarations.

26:4-86.2: Rabies testing requirements; notifying owner, acknowledgement from owner.

26:4-87: Local board to report prevalence of rabies

26:4-88: Circular on rabies; distribution

26:4-89: Free Pasteur treatment

26:4-90: Killing of unmuzzled dog running at large

26:4-91: Appointment of dog killer; restrictions on killing dogs

26:4-92: Compensation of dog killer

26:4-94: Penalties; recovery

26:4-95: Powers of municipalities not affected

26:4-95.1: Establishment and conduct of virology program; objectives

26:4-95.2: Financing virology program

26:4-95.3: Findings, declarations relative to HPV.

26:4-95.4: Public awareness campaign about HPV.

26:4-96: Laboratory supplies

26:4-97: Disposition of receipts from sale of supplies

26:4-98: Impure biological products; prohibiting sale or use of

26:4-99: Free distribution of toxoid and vaccine; appropriation

26:4-100: Sale of surplus antitoxin manufactured by local board

26:4-100.1: Anti-pneumococcic serum; purchase and distribution free by State Department of Health

26:4-100.2: Anti-pneumococcic serum; supplying free to licensed physicians

26:4-100.3: Rules and regulations by State Department of Health

26:4-100.4: Typhoid vaccine and other biologicals and antibiotics; free distribution

26:4-100.5: Expenditures authorized

26:4-100.6: Poliomyelitis vaccine; regulation of purchase, sale, distribution and use

26:4-100.7: Purchase of vaccine to supplement federal grants; distribution

26:4-100.8: Federal grants

26:4-100.9: Participation and cooperation of other State departments

26:4-100.10: Powers of Commissioner; violation

26:4-100.11: Appropriation for purchase of vaccine

26:4-100.12: General appropriation

26:4-100.13: "Hepatitis Inoculation Fund," created; eligibility

26:4-101: Permit to land infected vessel

26:4-102: Examination and quarantine

26:4-103: Removal to quarantine station

26:4-104: Assistance in removal

26:4-105: Landing after removal to quarantine station

26:4-106: Deposit of landing permit from other quarantine station

26:4-107: Issuance of permit without examination or quarantine

26:4-108: Refusal of permit

26:4-109: Anchorage of vessels at Perth Amboy

26:4-110: Anchorage place

26:4-112: Duties of Perth Amboy port health officer

26:4-113: Powers of Perth Amboy port health officer

26:4-116: Temporary port health officer; term; compensation

26:4-117: Powers and duties of temporary port health officer

26:4-118: Fees

26:4-119: Record of fees

26:4-120: Fees to be paid to state treasurer

26:4-121: Payment of expenses and fees

26:4-122: Expenses, fees, and costs; lien on vessel

26:4-123: Enforcement of lien

26:4-124: Jurisdiction of state department

26:4-125: Duty of commander to obey orders

26:4-126: Reports to state department

26:4-127: Regulations of state department

26:4-128: Violations of article; misdemeanor

26:4-129: Liability to penalties in general

26:4-130: Proceedings for recovery of penalties; disposition

26:4-131: Short title.

26:4-132: Findings, declarations relative to Statewide automated and electronic immunization registry.

26:4-133: Definitions relative to Statewide automated and electronic immunization registry.

26:4-134: Statewide automated and electronic immunization registry.

26:4-135: Immunity from liability.

26:4-136: Construction of act relative to obligations, rights of persons.

26:4-137: Confidentiality of registry information.

26:4-138: Certain transmissions of information permitted.