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Chapter: 5C -

26:5C-1: Short title

26:5C-2: Legislative findings

26:5C-3: Programs to educate public, health care professionals and people in contact with AIDS victims, and of departmental and local support

26:5C-4: Resource center.

26:5C-5: Definitions

26:5C-6: AIDS, HIV infection reported to Department of Health

26:5C-7: Confidentiality of AIDS, HIV infection records, information

26:5C-8: Disclosure of AIDS, HIV records, information

26:5C-9: Order of court to disclose record of AIDS, HIV infection

26:5C-10: Limits on disclosure to continue

26:5C-11: Disclosed record to be held confidential by recipient

26:5C-12: Consent to disclose record of deceased, incompetent person.

26:5C-13: Consent for disclosure of minor's record

26:5C-14: Civil actions permitted against violators

26:5C-15: Definitions.

26:5C-16: Policy statement; information on HIV testing; guidelines for notification; confidentiality.

26:5C-17: Fees

26:5C-18: Action due to unauthorized disclosure

26:5C-19: Agreements authorized

26:5C-20: Rules, regulations.

26:5C-21: Definitions relative to HIV testing by semen banks.

26:5C-22: HIV test on potential semen donor; consent; payment; notification.

26:5C-23: Violations, penalty.

26:5C-24: Rules, regulations.

26:5C-25: Short title.

26:5C-26: Findings, declarations relative to sterile syringe access programs.

26:5C-26.1: Definitions.

26:5C-27: Demonstration program for operation of sterile syringe access programs.

26:5C-28: Establishment, authorization by municipality of certain programs.

26:5C-29: Reports to Governor, Legislature.

26:5C-30: Plan for establishment, funding of regional substance abuse treatment facilities.

26:5C-31: Rules, regulations.