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Chapter: 6 -

26:6-1: Definitions.

26:6-2: Power of local board

26:6-3: Prohibition of public funerals; penalty

26:6-4: Computation of death rate.

26:6-4.1: Certificate of death

26:6-4.2: Undertaker to make inquiry, report, penalty for failure to report

26:6-5: Cemeteries dangerous to public health; action for relief; costs

26:6-5.1: Necessity of death certificate and burial or removal permit

26:6-5.2: Recording of deaths

26:6-5.3: Certifying deaths

26:6-5.4: Fees

26:6-6: Execution of death certificate.

26:6-7: Contents of death certificate.

26:6-8: Duty to furnish particulars; verification.

26:6-8.1: Determination, pronouncement of death by registered professional nurse.

26:6-8.2: Notification

26:6-8.3: List of contagious, infectious, communicable diseases

26:6-8.4: Penalty for violation

26:6-8.5: Alzheimer's disease, related disorders, listing as secondary cause of death.

26:6-8.6: Professionals certifying death to provide testing, related actions necessary for survivors to claim certain benefits.

26:6-9: Death occurring without medical attendance.

26:6-10: Unavailability of attending physician.

26:6-11: Fetal death; certificate; burial or removal permit

26:6-13: Incomplete certificate of death

26:6-14: Issuance of burial, removal permit; correction of death certificate; completion.

26:6-16: Contents of burial, removal permit.

26:6-17: Fee for burial, removal or transit permit.

26:6-20: Burial in district other than place of death

26:6-21: Emergency burial or removal permit

26:6-22: Form of emergency permit

26:6-23: Transportation of certain bodies in sealed casket; license

26:6-24: Rules for transportation of body

26:6-25: Necessity of transit permit

26:6-26: Contents of transit permit

26:6-27: Disposition of transit permit

26:6-28: Burial or removal permit for imported bodies

26:6-29: Acceptance for shipment

26:6-31: Delivery of burial or removal papers

26:6-32: Require compliance with laws

26:6-33: Indorsement and return of burial or removal papers

26:6-34: Record of burial

26:6-35: Procedure when no person in charge of cemetery

26:6-36: Depth of burials; bodies in private vaults

26:6-37: Disinterments; when allowed; permits

26:6-38: Disinterment of bodies of persons dying of communicable disease

26:6-39: Bodies in receiving vaults

26:6-40: Powers of municipal authorities and local board

26:6-41: Violations; punishment

26:6-49: Amount; recovery

26:6-50: Persons who may consent to examination.

26:6-58.4: Findings, declarations

26:6-58.5: Transplant recovery technician's recovery of human body part.

26:6-58.6: Medical record reviews by procurement organization

26:6-60.2: Maintenance of records by hospital relative to anatomical gifts.

26:6-66: Short title.

26:6-67: Findings, declarations relative to organ and tissue donation initiatives.

26:6-68: Short title.

26:6-69: Standards for anatomical research recovery organization.

26:6-70: Definitions relative to anatomical gifts for educational and research use.

26:6-71: Registration as anatomical research recovery organization.

26:6-72: Requirements for operating as an anatomical research recovery organization.

26:6-73: Violation.

26:6-74: Powers of commissioner relative to violations.

26:6-75: Violations, penalties.

26:6-76: Rules, regulations.

26:6-77: Short title.

26:6-78: Definitions relative to anatomical gifts.

26:6-79: Applicability of act.

26:6-80: Anatomical gift by living donor.

26:6-81: Procedure for donor to make anatomical gift.

26:6-82: Amendment, revocation of anatomical gift by donor.

26:6-83: Refusal to make anatomical gift.

26:6-84: Person other than donor prohibited from making anatomical gift, exceptions.

26:6-85: Person authorized to make anatomical gift of a decedent's body.

26:6-86: Recipients of anatomical gift.

26:6-86.1: Findings, declarations relative to anatomical gifts.

26:6-86.2: Eligibility to receive anatomical gift.

26:6-87: Search for potential donor, document of refusal; permitted entities.

26:6-88: Delivery of document of gift or a refusal.

26:6-89: Notification by hospital relative to donor status.

26:6-90: Notification of death to procurement organization.

26:6-91: Immunity from liability.

26:6-92: Valid document of gift.

26:6-93: Requirements relative to donations from individuals having an advance directive.

26:6-94: Cooperation of medical examiner with procurement organization.

26:6-95: Application, construction.

26:6-96: Acts modified, limited, superseded.