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Chapter: 6B - Revised State Medical Examiner Act

26:6B-1: Short title.

26:6B-2: Findings, declarations relative to the "Revised State Medical Examiner Act."

26:6B-3: Definitions relative to the "Revised State Medical Examiner Act."

26:6B-4: Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner.

26:6B-5: Certain office abolished; functions, powers duties transferred to the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner.

26:6B-6: Supervision by Chief State Medical Examiner over State medical examiner system; qualifications, appointment.

26:6B-7: Duties, functions, powers, responsibilities.

26:6B-8: Deputy Chief State Medical Examiner.

26:6B-9: Office of the county medical examiner, intercounty medical examiner.

26:6B-10: Criteria for conduct of a medicolegal investigation of a death.

26:6B-11: Determination of necessity for autopsy.

26:6B-12: Examination, autopsy in manner, timeliness for donation of organs.

26:6B-13: Sudden Child Death Autopsy Protocol Committee.

26:6B-14: Findings, declarations relative to causes of deaths, sudden deaths.

26:6B-15: Cooperation with Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

26:6B-16: Procedure regarding disinterment; powers of Chief State Medical Examiner.

26:6B-17: Maintenance of records.

26:6B-18: Medical Examiner Review Team.

26:6B-19: Annual report.

26:6B-20: Causes for removal of medical examiner.

26:6B-21: New Jersey State Medical Examiner Toxicology Laboratory.

26:6B-22: Request to correct findings and conclusions.

26:6B-23: Immunity from liability.