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Chapter: 8 -

26:8-1: Definitions.

26:8-2: Registration district

26:8-3: Consolidation of districts

26:8-4: Duty to furnish information relative to birth, death, marriage, civil union, domestic partnership.

26:8-5: Institutional records

26:8-6: Registration of midwives, funeral directors.

26:8-7: Registration of vital records by state department

26:8-8: Vital record facilities

26:8-9: State registrar

26:8-11: Local registrar, appointment; county clerk, authorized to act as local registrar, certain circumstances.

26:8-12: Approval of appointment by state department

26:8-13: Term of office

26:8-14: Appointment of successors

26:8-15: Vacancy

26:8-16: Persons eligible as local registrars

26:8-17: Local registrar; appointment of deputy, alternate deputy registrar.

26:8-18: Subregistrar; appointment

26:8-19: Removal from office

26:8-20: Nonapplicability

26:8-21: Applicability of chapter

26:8-21.1: Rules, regulations.

26:8-22: Oath of office

26:8-23: Duty of the department; examination of records.

26:8-24: Duties, responsibilities of State registrar.

26:8-24.1: New Jersey Electronic Death Registration System (NJ-EDRS); implementation.

26:8-24.2: "New Jersey Electronic Death Registration Support Fund."

26:8-24.3: Means of accessing NJ-EDRS; requirements.

26:8-25: Duties, responsibilities of local registrar.

26:8-25.1: Suspension of authority to participate in NJ-EDRS.

26:8-26: Duty of subregistrar.

26:8-27: Inquiries to applicants for marriage or civil union license.

26:8-28: Birth certificate required; information furnished.

26:8-28.1: Contents of certificate of parentage.

26:8-29: Contents of birth certificate

26:8-30: Execution, return of certificate of birth; availability of certificate of parentage; challenge to acknowledgment of paternity.

26:8-31: Certificate of birth or parentage when no physician or midwife in attendance

26:8-32: Completion of details by local registrar

26:8-33: Report by father or mother

26:8-34: Supplemental return of name of child

26:8-35: Incomplete certificate of birth

26:8-36: Interrogation of informant

26:8-37: Stillborn child to be registered as fetal death; birth certificate options.

26:8-38: Recording unrecorded births; penalty for false certificate

26:8-39: Birth certificate not to disclose illegitimacy; exceptions

26:8-40: Change of surname of child born out of wedlock; amendment of original birth record

26:8-40.1: Adopted children, birth certificates; procedure.

26:8-40.2: Parentage unknown; presumption of birth within state

26:8-40.4: Application; determination of probable date of birth; presumption

26:8-40.5: Persons not entitled to order

26:8-40.6: Record of birth; effect as evidence

26:8-40.7: "Employer" defined

26:8-40.8: Honorable discharge from armed services; acceptance by employer in lieu of birth certificate

26:8-40.9: Violation as disorderly conduct

26:8-40.10: Foreign births and adoptions

26:8-40.11: Change of surname of child born out of wedlock; amendment of original birth record

26:8-40.12: Sex reassignment surgery; amendment of birth certificate

26:8-40.20: Legislative findings and declarations.

26:8-40.21: Birth defects, severe neonatal jaundice registry.

26:8-40.22: Confidential reports of abortions of fetus with or infant affected by birth defect or severe neonatal jaundice.

26:8-40.23: Confidentiality of reports

26:8-40.24: Nonliability for divulging confidential information

26:8-40.25: Act not to be construed to compel submission to medical examination or to supervision by department of health

26:8-40.26: Rules and regulations

26:8-40.27: Findings, declarations relative to stillbirths.

26:8-40.28: Development of comprehensive policies, procedures.

26:8-40.29: Fetal death evaluation protocol.

26:8-40.30: Establishment, maintenance of data base.

26:8-40.31: Evaluation of data, report to Governor, Legislature.

26:8-40.32: Rules, regulations.

26:8-40.33: Provision of uncertified long-form copy of adopted person's original certificate of birth.

26:8-40.34: Submission of document of contact preference by birth parent.

26:8-40.35: Certain cases exempt.

26:8-40.36: Rules, regulations.

26:8-40.37: Additional regulations.

26:8-41: Transmission of marriage and civil union licenses and certificates, power of attorney.

26:8-42: License issued in another registration district, transmission of information on form provided.

26:8-43: Transmission of marriage and civil union certificates and licenses to State registrar.

26:8-44: Indexing, tabulation and preservation of records by State registrar.

26:8-45: Cancellation of records of marriages and civil unions declared void.

26:8-46: Indorsement of record upon cancellation.

26:8-47: Preparation of forms for marriage and civil union licenses, certificates.

26:8-48: Amendments to certificate, recording, authentication.

26:8-49: Corrections to birth and fetal death certificates.

26:8-50: Correcting marriage or civil union licenses.

26:8-51: Corrections to marriage, civil union, domestic partnership certificates.

26:8-52: Correcting death certificates, procedure.

26:8-53: Acceptance of corrections

26:8-54: Certified copies of corrected certificates

26:8-55: Submitting false certificate; penalty.

26:8-56: Fee for registering birth or death.

26:8-57: Fee for reporting no registration of birth or death

26:8-59: Payment of local registrar for certificates or reports

26:8-59.1: Persons authorized to obtain certification, certified copy of death certificate; accounting for fees.

26:8-60: Fee for transmitting certificate.

26:8-61: Fee for cancellation of marriage or civil union record.

26:8-62: Certification, certified copy of records, search fee; uniform forms for vital records.

26:8-63: Free certified copies.

26:8-64: Search of files, records, fee.

26:8-65: Account of fees received

26:8-66: Investigation of violation.

26:8-67: Duty of county prosecutor.

26:8-68: Duty of attorney general; proceedings by local registrar.

26:8-69: Penalties; recovery.