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Chapter: 1 -

34:1-1: Definitions

34:1-2: Department continued; organization

34:1-3: Principal office

34:1-4: Commissioner; appointment, term and salary

34:1-5: Duties of commissioner; assignment of duties to bureaus; supervision over deputies and inspectors

34:1-5.1: Annual determination of resort municipalities.

34:1-5.2: Annual mean population of resort municipalities.

34:1-5.3: Estimated seasonal population of resort municipalities.

34:1-5.4: Rules, regulations.

34:1-6: Inspections; enforcement districts

34:1-7: Inspectors graded

34:1-8: Inspectors; duties

34:1-9: Personnel; employment; assignment and transfers; salaries

34:1-10: Additional personnel

34:1-11: Expenses allowed

34:1-12: Badges and certificates of authority

34:1-13: Oaths and affidavits; authority to administer

34:1-14: Inspectors not to engage in other business; hours of labor

34:1-15: Inspections and reports

34:1-16: Obstructing or impersonating officers; penalty

34:1-17: Minors; reports to school officers

34:1-18: Prosecutions for violations

34:1-19: Report to governor

34:1-20: Rules, regulations and orders

34:1-23: Fees for approval of plans, specifications, buildings, or new work; computation; disposition

34:1-24: Fees for blue prints and publications

34:1-25: Moneys paid to state treasurer

34:1-38.1: Mechanical inspection bureau; composition; examining board; appointment; qualifications of members; duties of bureau

34:1-38.2: Powers and duties of examining board

34:1-40: Prescription of duties and adoption of rules and regulations by commissioner; conduct of examinations; issuance of licenses

34:1-41: Expenses of members of mechanical inspection bureau

34:1-44: Inspectors; eligibility and qualifications; certificate

34:1-45: Examinations

34:1-47: Board of boiler, pressure vessel and refrigeration rules; composition; rules and regulations

34:1-48: Chief of bureau of statistics and records; appointment

34:1-49: Duties of bureau in general

34:1-50: Commercial statistics and information

34:1-51: Names of informants not to be divulged

34:1-52: Returns by employers

34:1-53: Penalty for failure to report

34:1-54: Power of chief of bureau to examine witnesses

34:1-55: Bulletins and pamphlets

34:1-56: Industrial directory

34:1-57: Workmen's compensation bureau; director; compensation

34:1-57.2: First director

34:1-58: Deputy commissioner; compensation board

34:1-59: Bureau of employment

34:1-60: Subdivisions of employment bureau

34:1-61: Co-operation; advisory assistants

34:1-62: Federal employment service; planned co-operation; custody and disbursement of funds

34:1-63: Information as to employment

34:1-64: Publication of information

34:1-65: Records of strikes

34:1-66: Migrant laborers

34:1-67: Veterans aided

34:1-68: Lists of sources of employment

34:1-69: No fees permitted

34:1-69.1: Division of the deaf

34:1-69.1a: Advisory Council on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; membership; terms; compensation; vacancies

34:1-69.2: Director of the division of the deaf

34:1-69.3: Duties of director

34:1-69.3a: Annual report

34:1-69.4: Assistants; qualifications; compensation

34:1-69.5: Compensation and expenses of director

34:1-69.6: "Deaf" defined

34:1-69.7: Legislative findings and declarations

34:1-69.8: Definitions

34:1-69.9: Intermediary interpreter to assist qualified interpreter

34:1-69.10: Qualified interpreter for hearing impaired persons' appointment; prohibition of retention in custody pending arrival

34:1-69.11: Positioning of interpreter

34:1-69.12: List of qualified interpreters; request; substitution for appointed interpreter

34:1-69.13: List of qualified interpreters; maintenance

34:1-69.14: Oath

34:1-69.15: Fees and expenses

34:1-69.16: Waiver of right to interpreter

34:1-69.17: Information to remain confidential and privileged

34:1-70: Recovery of penalties, procedure