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Chapter: 11 - Weekly payment of wages by railroad, express, car-loading and car-forwarding companies; agreements to contrary; action by employee

34:11-2: Weekly payment of wages by railroad, express, car-loading and car-forwarding companies; agreements to contrary; action by employee

34:11-3: Penalty for violation; suit; limitation of action; disposition of penalties

34:11-4.1: Definitions

34:11-4.2: Time and mode of payment; paydays.

34:11-4.2a: Payment by deposit in financial institution; consent by employee; cancellation; notice

34:11-4.3: Termination or suspension of employment

34:11-4.4: Withholding from wages.

34:11-4.4a: Contributions withheld, diverted; conditions

34:11-4.5: Death of employee

34:11-4.6: Dissemination of information; records

34:11-4.7: Agreements by employer with employee

34:11-4.8: Dispute over amount of wages

34:11-4.9: Duties of commissioner.

34:11-4.10: Penalty

34:11-4.11: Rules and regulations

34:11-4.12: Construction of act

34:11-4.13: Repeal

34:11-4.14: Unlawful diverting of wages

34:11-10: Commitment for failure to pay judgment

34:11-16: Enforcement of act by department of labor

34:11-17: Negotiable orders

34:11-18: Forfeiture on issuing orders in payment for labor; no offset; limitations

34:11-19: Punishment for issuing orders in payment for labor

34:11-21: Attempting to control employees in purchase of store goods unlawful

34:11-22: Penalty for attempting to control employees in purchase of store goods

34:11-24.1: Medical examinations requested by employers; imposition of cost on employees prohibited

34:11-24.2: Penalty for violation

34:11-24.3: Effective date

34:11-31: Payment of wages condition precedent to removal of employer's personal property on levy of execution or other process

34:11-32: Procedure where personal property is removed under process without payment of wages of debtor's employees

34:11-33: Wages for services bestowed on property of manufacturers in hands of receivers

34:11-33.1: Income or wage tax advantages for New Jersey residents with income from other jurisdictions; legislative findings

34:11-33.2: Definitions

34:11-33.3: Authority to enter into agreement with other jurisdiction; declaration of determination

34:11-33.4: Furnishing of required information to other jurisdiction; powers and duties of division of taxation

34:11-33.5: Reimbursement for expenses incurred or paid by New Jersey; termination of agreement

34:11-33.6: Withholding of tax from salary or wages of employees subject to tax of other jurisdiction

34:11-56a: Minimum wage level; establishment

34:11-56a1: Definitions.

34:11-56a2: Bureau for administration of act; director and assistants

34:11-56a3: Employment at unreasonable wage declared contrary to public policy; contract or agreement void

34:11-56a4: Minimum wage rate; exemptions.

34:11-56a4.1: Summer camps, conferences and retreats; exception

34:11-56a4.2: Application of act to wages under wage orders

34:11-56a4.3: Date of application of act

34:11-56a4.4: Date of application of L.1976, c. 88

34:11-56a4.5: Application of L.1979, c. 32

34:11-56a4.6: Application of L.1980, c. 182

34:11-56a4.7: "New Jersey Minimum Wage Advisory Commission."

34:11-56a4.8: Annual evaluation of adequacy of minimum wage.

34:11-56a4.9: "Task Force on Wages and State Benefits"

34:11-56a4.10: Impact reports in 2019-2023 calendar years

34:11-56a5: Administrative regulations; publication; duration

34:11-56a6: Authority of commissioner and director

34:11-56a7: Investigation of occupation

34:11-56a8: Appointment of wage board; report upon establishment of minimum fair wage rates

34:11-56a9: Wage board; membership; quorum; rules and regulations; compensation

34:11-56a10: Powers of wage board

34:11-56a11: Presentation of evidence and information to wage board; witnesses

34:11-56a12: Rules of evidence and procedure

34:11-56a13: Recommendations of wage board

34:11-56a14: Submission of report of wage board

34:11-56a15: Acceptance or rejection of report by commissioner

34:11-56a16: Approval or disapproval of report following public hearing; effective date of wage order

34:11-56a17: Special certificates or licenses for employment at wages less than minimum

34:11-56a18: Modification of wage order

34:11-56a19: Additions or modifications to administrative regulations; hearing; notice

34:11-56a20: Records of wages and hours

34:11-56a21: Summary of act, orders, and regulations; posting

34:11-56a22: Violations; penalties

34:11-56a23: Payment of amounts due employees

34:11-56a24: Penalty for violation

34:11-56a25: Civil action by employee to recover amount of minimum wage less amount paid

34:11-56a25.1: Limitations; commencement of action

34:11-56a25.2: Defense to action

34:11-56a26: Protection of right to collective bargaining

34:11-56a27: Partial invalidity

34:11-56a28: Supplementation of provisions of Minimum Wage Standards Act

34:11-56a29: Short title

34:11-56a30: Application of act to minors

34:11-56a31: Establishment of maximum work week for certain health care facility employees.

34:11-56a32: Definitions relative to work hours for certain health care facility employees.

34:11-56a33: Excessive work shift contrary to public policy.

34:11-56a34: Health care facility employee work shift determined; exceptions voluntary.

34:11-56a35: Violations, sanctions.

34:11-56a36: Construction, applicability of act.

34:11-56a37: Collection of data relative to mandatory overtime prohibition, report.

34:11-56a38: Rules, regulations.

34:11-56a39: Definitions relative to C.34:11-56a39 et al.

34:11-56a40: Tax credit program to employers of employees with impairments

34:11-56a41: Regulations

34:11-56.1: Definitions

34:11-56.2: Discrimination in pay based on sex prohibited

34:11-56.3: Enforcement of act

34:11-56.4: Inspection of records; obtaining of information

34:11-56.5: Regulations, power to make

34:11-56.6: Violations of act

34:11-56.7: Failure to furnish records; interference with commissioner in performance of duties

34:11-56.8: Actions by or on behalf of employees; damages

34:11-56.9: Notice of alleged violation; hearing

34:11-56.10: Partial invalidity

34:11-56.11: Effective date

34:11-56.12: Notification to certain employees.

34:11-56.13: Short title.

34:11-56.14: Report to commissioner; terms defined.

34:11-56.25: Public policy

34:11-56.26: Definitions.

34:11-56.27: Prevailing wage rate required in contract.

34:11-56.28: Specification of prevailing wage rate by craft in contract.

34:11-56.29: Record of wages paid by contractor and subcontractor

34:11-56.30: Establishment of prevailing wage rate by commissioner

34:11-56.31: Powers of commissioner

34:11-56.32: Posting of prevailing wage rates

34:11-56.33: Statement by contractor of amounts due workers; deductions from payments to contractor; payments to workers

34:11-56.34: Notice of failure to pay prevailing wages; protest by worker.

34:11-56.35: Penalties.

34:11-56.36: Alternative sanction for payment of wages due

34:11-56.37: Listing by commissioner of contractors failing to pay prevailing wages

34:11-56.38: Prohibition against award of contract to non-complying contractors; definition; presumption.

34:11-56.39: Penalty for discrimination

34:11-56.40: Action for recovery of full amount of prevailing wage

34:11-56.41: Collective bargaining; effect of act

34:11-56.42: Partial invalidity

34:11-56.43: Rules and regulations

34:11-56.44: Short title

34:11-56.45: Repeal of inconsistent acts

34:11-56.46: Effective date

34:11-56.47: Action for damages permitted by certain persons bidding on public contracts; conditions; definitions

34:11-56.48: Short title.

34:11-56.49: Findings, declarations relative to public works contractors.

34:11-56.50: Definitions relative to public works contractors.

34:11-56.51: Registration required for contractors, subcontractors.

34:11-56.52: Contractor to register in writing; form; requisites.

34:11-56.53: Nonrefundable registration fees.

34:11-56.54: Issuance of certificate of registration.

34:11-56.55: Submission of all subcontractor registration certificates by contractor.

34:11-56.56: Violation; disorderly persons offense; other penalties; suspension; hearing.

34:11-56.57: Regulations.

34:11-56.58: Prevailing wage levels for employees furnishing State building services.

34:11-56.59: Definitions relative to prevailing wage levels for employees furnishing State4 building services.

34:11-56.60: Contract to contain provision for prevailing wage, building services rates.

34:11-56.61: Record of employee wages, benefits.

34:11-56.62: Civil action to recover prevailing wage for building services.

34:11-56.63: Authority of commissioner.

34:11-56.64: Violations; fines, penalties.

34:11-56.65: Alternative, additional sanctions.

34:11-56.66: Retaliation against complaining worker, disorderly persons offense.

34:11-56.67: Collective bargaining rights unaffected.

34:11-56.68: Severability.

34:11-56.69: Rules, regulations.

34:11-56.70: Special license authorizing employment at less than prevailing wage for building services rates.

34:11-56.71: Requirements for registered apprenticeship program.

34:11-57: Definitions

34:11-58: Investigation of wage claims; testimony; award and judgment.

34:11-58.1: Failure of employer to comply.

34:11-58.2: Joint and several liability for client employer and labor contractor; definitions.

34:11-58.3: Provision of written copy of statement to employees.

34:11-58.4: Actions of department supporting enforcement; statement of employee rights.

34:11-58.5: Annual report; posting of information.

34:11-58.6: Crime of pattern of wage nonpayment.

34:11-59: Claim docketed; summons; service

34:11-60: Process to run throughout state; by whom served

34:11-61: Commissioner may administer oaths, take testimony, etc.; process in name of commissioner

34:11-62: Set-off; dismissal where balance due defendant exceeds $1,000.00

34:11-63: Appeals, procedure

34:11-65: Evidence on appeal

34:11-66: Jury trial, procedure

34:11-67: Fees and costs

34:11-67.1: Owners' responsibility for wage claims against subcontractors.

34:11-67.2: Severability.

34:11-68: Records required relative to collection, transportation of solid waste.