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Chapter: 11A -

34:11A-1: Short title

34:11A-2: Definitions

34:11A-3: Applicable fringe benefit funds

34:11A-4: Relief for delinquent payment

34:11A-5: Withholding of fringe benefit funds

34:11A-6: Release from obligation

34:11A-7: Actions commenced by fringe benefit fund

34:11A-8: Entitlement to remedies

34:11A-9: Insolvency

34:11A-10: Responsibility for damages

34:11A-11: Responsibility for costs, fees

34:11A-12: Additional remedies

34:11A-13: Notification to employees on coverage for treatment of breast cancer

34:11A-14: Notification to employees by employers with self-funded health plans

34:11A-15: Notification to employees of coverage for biologically-based mental illness.

34:11A-16: Findings, declarations relative to notification with regard to health benefits plans.

34:11A-17: Notice by employer of termination, change of benefits.

34:11A-18: Violations, penalties.

34:11A-19: Regulations.

34:11A-20: Regulations relative to employer providing health benefits plan and domestic partners.