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Chapter: 13A -

34:13A-1: Short title

34:13A-2: Declaration of policy

34:13A-3: Definitions.

34:13A-4: State Board of Mediation; establishment; membership

34:13A-5: Objective

34:13A-5.1: Establishment of division of public employment relations and division of private employment dispute settlement.

34:13A-5.2: Public Employment Relations Commission

34:13A-5.3: Employee organizations; right to form or join; collective negotiations; grievance procedures.

34:13A-5.4: Unfair practices; proceedings for enforcement; determination of questions within scope of collective negotiations; appeal; rules for representation el

34:13A-5.5: Representation fee in lieu of dues

34:13A-5.6: Representation fee in lieu of dues by payroll deduction

34:13A-5.7: Discrimination between nonmembers and members on basis of payment of fee; unfair practice

34:13A-5.8: Payment to majority representative

34:13A-5.9: Rules and regulations

34:13A-5.10: Findings, declarations relative to collective negotiations units for Executive Branch employees.

34:13A-5.11: Short title.

34:13A-5.12: Findings, declarations relative to public employment relations.

34:13A-5.13: Access to members of negotiations units.

34:13A-5.14: Certain actions of public employer relative to negotiations unit members prohibited.

34:13A-5.15: Inclusion in negotiations unit.

34:13A-6: Powers and duties

34:13A-6.1: Priority of reorganization plan of department of labor and industry

34:13A-7: Arbitration

34:13A-8: Strikes

34:13A-8.1: Effect of act upon prior agreements or upon pension statutes

34:13A-8.2: Filed contracts in public employment

34:13A-8.3: Development and maintenance of programs

34:13A-9: Personnel; compensation

34:13A-10: Disqualifications

34:13A-10.1: Board members; participation; membership or employment in other agencies

34:13A-11: Rules

34:13A-12: Construction

34:13A-13: Separability of provisions

34:13A-14: Findings, declarations relative to compulsory arbitration procedure

34:13A-14a: Short title

34:13A-15: Definitions

34:13A-16: Negotiations between public fire, police department and exclusive representative; unfair practice charge; mediation; arbitration.

34:13A-16.1: Annual continuing education program for arbitrators

34:13A-16.2: Guidelines for determining comparability of jurisdictions

34:13A-16.3: Fee schedule; commission's costs

34:13A-16.4: Biennial reports

34:13A-16.5: Rules, regulations

34:13A-16.6: Survey of private sector wage increases

34:13A-16.7: Definitions relative to police and fire arbitration; limitation on awards.

34:13A-16.8: Police and Fire Public Interest Arbitration Impact Task Force.

34:13A-16.9: Effective date.

34:13A-17: Powers of arbitrator

34:13A-18: Limitations on finding, opinion, order of arbitrator

34:13A-19: Decision; enforcement; venue; effective date of award; amendment or modification

34:13A-21: Change in conditions during pendency of proceedings; prohibition without consent

34:13A-22: Definitions

34:13A-23: Assignment to extracurricular activities; subject to collective negotiations

34:13A-24: Imposition of minor discipline

34:13A-25: Transfer of employees

34:13A-26: Withholding increment for disciplinary reasons

34:13A-27: Resolution of disputes

34:13A-28: Additional rights

34:13A-29: Grievance procedures; binding arbitration

34:13A-30: Employment with public employee labor organizations, certain; prohibited.

34:13A-31: Short title.

34:13A-32: Definitions relative to school employee collective negotiations.

34:13A-33: Terms, conditions of employment under expired agreements.

34:13A-34: Participation in mandatory fact finding; report; appointment of super conciliator.

34:13A-35: Investigatory proceedings.

34:13A-36: Final report.

34:13A-37: Confidentiality; exceptions.

34:13A-38: Report to Governor, Legislature.

34:13A-39: Rules, regulations.

34:13A-40: Definitions relative to employee assistance programs for certain public employees.

34:13A-41: Employee assistance programs; licensure, establishment.

34:13A-42: Prohibited actions by public employer.

34:13A-43: Confidentiality; waivers.