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Chapter: 13B - Declaration of policy

34:13B-1: Declaration of policy

34:13B-2: Collective bargaining

34:13B-2.1: Construction contractors, employees, OSHA certification, payment of rate for trade, craft; required on public utility work.

34:13B-3: Additional powers to State Board of Mediation

34:13B-4: Contracts between a utility and its employees

34:13B-5: Written notice of changes desired in existing labor contracts required

34:13B-6: Expired labor contracts; written notice of desired changes required

34:13B-7: Change in terms of employment not the subject of contract; notice of changes desired

34:13B-13: Seizure

34:13B-14: Rules and regulations

34:13B-15: Labor not to be required without employee's consent

34:13B-16: Definitions.

34:13B-17: Severability

34:13B-18: Sixty-day notice of intention to strike

34:13B-19: Strike after seizure

34:13B-20: Board of arbitration; submission to Board

34:13B-21: Hearing; powers of Board; refusal to testify or produce evidence

34:13B-23: Findings and award; duration of order; retroactive effect

34:13B-24: Lockout, strike or work stoppage; penalty

34:13B-25: Violations

34:13B-26: Injunctive relief; declaratory or other relief

34:13B-27: Written findings and decision; factors to be considered

34:13B-28: Repeal