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Chapter: 15C -

34:15C-1: Definitions.

34:15C-2: State Employment and Training Commission; created

34:15C-3: Members of the commission; appointments; terms

34:15C-4: Appointment of executive director; duties

34:15C-5: Purpose of commission.

34:15C-6: Duties of commission.

34:15C-6.1: Report evaluating, projecting State's workforce needs.

34:15C-7: Preparation of New Jersey Unified Workforce Investment Plan.

34:15C-7.1: Selection of industries with growing, unmet demand for skilled workers.

34:15C-8: Establishment of performance standards for evaluating workforce investment system.

34:15C-10: Commission shall establish requirements for each workforce investment program.

34:15C-10.1: Certificate of approval for, application by qualifying schools.

34:15C-10.2: State Eligible Training Provider List.

34:15C-11: Commission to coordinate initiatives with State departments.

34:15C-12: Preparation of annual budget for commission, funding.

34:15C-13: Rules, regulations

34:15C-15: Workforce Investment Boards; representatives; duties, powers.

34:15C-15.1: Workforce investment board to maintain Internet website, webpage; contents.

34:15C-17: Findings, declarations relative to adult literacy.

34:15C-18: State Council for Adult Literacy Education Services.

34:15C-19: Purpose of council.

34:15C-20: Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

34:15C-21: Council on Gender Parity in Labor and Education.

34:15C-22: Duties of council.

34:15C-23: Authority of council.