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Chapter: 15D -

34:15D-1: Short title

34:15D-2: Findings, declarations

34:15D-3: Definitions relative to workforce development.

34:15D-4: Workforce Development Partnership Program.

34:15D-5: Office of Customized Training established.

34:15D-6: Training grants.

34:15D-6.1: Apprenticeship Start-Up Grant Program.

34:15D-6.2: Apprentice Assistance and Support Services Pilot Program.

34:15D-7: Counseling.

34:15D-8: Employment, training services; criteria.

34:15D-9: Workforce Development Partnership Fund.

34:15D-10: Commissioner's duties

34:15D-11: Rules, regulations

34:15D-12: Definitions

34:15D-13: Employer and worker contributions

34:15D-14: Transfer of funds to Workforce Development Partnership Fund

34:15D-15: Employer responsibilities for workers' contributions

34:15D-16: Failure of employer to make report; deficiencies

34:15D-17: Refund to taxpayer

34:15D-18: Cancellation, refusal to honor checks

34:15D-19: Schedule of fines

34:15D-20: Rules, regulations

34:15D-21: "Supplemental Workforce Fund for Basic Skills."

34:15D-21.1: Short title.

34:15D-21.2: Findings, declarations relative to the basic skills training program.

34:15D-21.3: Findings, declarations relative to certain county college certificate programs.

34:15D-21.4: Development of certificate programs to connect regional employers to county colleges.

34:15D-22: Contributions to fund.

34:15D-23: Refund of excess employee contributions.

34:15D-24: "NJ PLACE" program.

34:15D-25: Findings, declarations relative to workforce development funds.

34:15D-26: New Jersey Innovation and Research Fellowship Program.

34:15D-27: New Jersey Military Skills Council.

34:15D-28: Findings, declarations relative to the Talent Network Program.

34:15D-29: Talent Network Program.

34:15D-30: Definitions relative to an industry-valued credentials pilot program.

34:15D-31: Design of pilot program.

34:15D-32: High-Growth Industry Regional Apprenticeship Development Grant Pilot Program.