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Chapter: 15F - Findings, declarations relative to mentoring programs.

34:15F-1: Findings, declarations relative to mentoring programs.

34:15F-2: Definitions relative to mentoring programs.

34:15F-3: At-Risk Youth Mentoring Program.

34:15F-4: "At-Risk Youth Mentoring Grant Fund."

34:15F-5: Application for grant.

34:15F-6: Participation of mentor; student schedules.

34:15F-7: Criminal history record check for mentor.

34:15F-8: Joint Committee on Mentoring.

34:15F-9: Annual report on progress of mentoring program; report to Governor, Legislature after three years.

34:15F-11: Rules, regulations.

34:15F-12: Youth Employment and After School Incentive Pilot Program.

34:15F-13: Development, administration of program.

34:15F-14: Maximum hours of employment for youths.

34:15F-15: Plan to collect data on effectiveness of program.

34:15F-16: Eligibility for tax credit allotments.

34:15F-17: Study, report on providing students with information and employment in high-demand industries.