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Chapter: 16 -

34:16-20: Definitions

34:16-21: Rehabilitation commission; membership

34:16-22: Chairman

34:16-23: Terms of office; vacancies

34:16-24: Compensation; expenses

34:16-25: Removal of members

34:16-26: Report to Governor; recommendations

34:16-27: Powers of commission.

34:16-28: Director; employees and special assistants

34:16-29: Cooperation with other agencies; administration; services and facilities

34:16-29.1: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services administrators, duties

34:16-30: State treasurer as custodian of funds

34:16-31: Hearings

34:16-32: Prohibited activities

34:16-33: Confidential character of records

34:16-34: Amendment or repeal of act

34:16-35: Severability

34:16-36: Liberal construction

34:16-37: Repeals

34:16-38: Short title

34:16-39: Short title

34:16-40: Definitions

34:16-41: Programs of vocational rehabilitation or extended employment

34:16-42: Contracts with approved sheltered workshops; amount payable

34:16-43: Authority of division and commission.

34:16-44: Inapplicability of requirement for employer's permit relating to ratio of employees in home work to those in factory for extended employment program o

34:16-45: Handicapped workers labor; policy of authentication of source of goods

34:16-46: Definitions

34:16-47: Manufacturer or distributor of goods made by handicapped persons; registration; identification labels; fees; duration

34:16-48: Sale of goods made by handicapped persons; label; necessity; requirements

34:16-49: Labels or stamps; contents

34:16-50: Violations

34:16-51: Findings, declarations

34:16-52: Definitions

34:16-53: Transportation expense program

34:16-54: Annual survey

34:16-55: Rules, regulations