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Chapter: 1A - Department of Labor and Industry established; "department" defined

34:1A-1: Department of Labor and Industry established; "department" defined

34:1A-1.1: Change of name of department of labor and industry to department of labor

34:1A-1.2: Department of Labor and Workforce Development; reference.

34:1A-1.3: Transfer of workforce development programs from DHS.

34:1A-1.4: New Jersey Youth Corps transferred.

34:1A-1.5: Certain powers, functions, duties of DOE transferred.

34:1A-1.6: Construction of act relative to Civil Service tenure, rights, protection.

34:1A-1.7: Short title.

34:1A-1.8: Requirements for job training counselors for victims of domestic violence.

34:1A-1.9: Rules, regulations.

34:1A-1.10: Credentials Review Board established.

34:1A-1.11: Definitions relative to suspension, revocation of certain employer licenses.

34:1A-1.12: Commissioner's actions relative to employer violations.

34:1A-1.13: Presumption of successor firm.

34:1A-1.14: Notification of employer responsibility relative to record maintenance.

34:1A-1.15: Provision of information relative to certain employee leave and benefit rights.

34:1A-1.16: Definitions, publishing of violators of State wage, benefit, and tax laws.

34:1A-1.17: Entrance into place of business, employment; stop-work order.

34:1A-1.18: Violations concerning misclassification of employees; penalties.

34:1A-1.19: Post notices about misclassification.

34:1A-1.20: Information regarding worker misclassification.

34:1A-2: Commissioner of Labor and Industry; head of department; appointment; term; salary

34:1A-3: Duties of Commissioner

34:1A-3.1: Job training programs.

34:1A-4: Delegation of powers by commissioner

34:1A-5: Divisions in Department

34:1A-5.1: Reference to division of workmen's compensation to mean and refer to division of workers' compensation

34:1A-6: Powers and duties of existing Department of Labor, of Commissioner of Labor and of Unemployment Compensation Commission transferred

34:1A-7: Division of Labor to perform duties transferred exclusive of those administered through workmen's compensation bureau and those performed under chapte

34:1A-7.1: Orientation program to educate employers about wage and hour laws, etc.

34:1A-8: Director of Division of Labor

34:1A-9: Bureau of migrant labor; transfer of functions, powers and duties to

34:1A-10: Organization of existing Department of Labor continued; divisions constituted bureaus; deputy directors

34:1A-11: Division of Workmen's Compensation; powers and duties

34:1A-12: Division of Workmen's Compensation; officials and employees in Division; director; powers and duties

34:1A-12.1: Director and each judge of compensation to be attorneys

34:1A-12.2: Referee, qualifications of

34:1A-12.3: Continuation of deputy directors as judges of compensation

34:1A-12.4: Director of Division of Worker's Compensation; duties

34:1A-13: Organization of existing workmen's compensation bureau continued

34:1A-14: Powers and duties of the Unemployment Compensation Commission assigned to Division of Employment Security

34:1A-15: Director of division of Employment Security

34:1A-15.1: Director of Division of Employment Services; duties

34:1A-15.2: Director of the Division of Unemployment and Temporary Disability Insurance; duties

34:1A-17: Powers and duties of Employment Security Council

34:1A-18: Advisory Council on Disability Benefits in Division of Employment Security; powers

34:1A-19: Board of Review in Division of Employment Security

34:1A-20: Appeal tribunals; membership; compensation; disqualification for interest; alternates; disputed benefit claims

34:1A-21: Organization of existing Unemployment Compensation Commission continued; divisions constituted bureaus

34:1A-23: New Jersey State Board of Mediation transferred to Department of Labor and Industry; removal of members

34:1A-24: Directors of divisions; unclassified service of civil service; removal; vacancies

34:1A-25: Appropriations transferred

34:1A-26: Employees; transfer

34:1A-27: Civil service, pension and retirement rights not affected

34:1A-28: Files, books, records and property transferred

34:1A-29: Orders, rules and regulations continued

34:1A-30: Pending actions or proceedings; orders or recommendations not affected

34:1A-31: Commissions and offices abolished

34:1A-32: Definition of terms referred to in laws, contracts or documents

34:1A-33: Repeal

34:1A-34: Short title

34:1A-35: Effective date

34:1A-36: State Apprenticeship Council

34:1A-37: Personnel

34:1A-38: Related and supplemental instruction

34:1A-39: Local, regional and State joint apprenticeship committees

34:1A-40: Standards for apprenticeship agreements

34:1A-41: Apprenticeship agreements

34:1A-42: Limitation

34:1A-43: Separability

34:1A-44: Effective date

34:1A-45: Short title

34:1A-46: Legislative findings and declarations.

34:1A-47: Definitions.

34:1A-48: Division of Travel and Tourism; establishment; director; appointment.

34:1A-48.1: Division of Travel and Tourism transferred to the Department of State.

34:1A-49: Transfer of functions, power and duties of office of tourism and promotion to division of travel and tourism

34:1A-50: Transfer made in accordance with State Agency Transfer Act

34:1A-51: New Jersey Tourism Policy Council.

34:1A-52: Master plan; contents

34:1A-52.1: New Jersey Governor's Cup Hydrofest Series; designated.

34:1A-52.2: Designation of trophy, commendation.

34:1A-52.3: Annual award.

34:1A-53: Powers and duties of division.

34:1A-53.1: Reports required from division.

34:1A-53.2: Statewide 9/11 Memorial Registry.

34:1A-53.3: Publication of information on farm-to-table restaurants on Division of Travel and Tourism website.

34:1A-54: Duties of council.

34:1A-55: Severability

34:1A-56: Repealer

34:1A-69.1: Immunity from liability for injury caused by product or invention fostered or advanced by L.1977, c. 429

34:1A-69.2: Nonliability for debts, claims, obligations or judgments incurred by or asserted against party to agreements under L.1977, c. 429

34:1A-69.3: Short title

34:1A-70: Legislative findings and declarations

34:1A-71: Short title

34:1A-72: Demonstration projects to transport persons to job sites, interviews and training; funding

34:1A-73: Standards for allocation of funds

34:1A-74: Authorized intra-state services

34:1A-75: Rules and regulations

34:1A-81: Council on Undocumented Aliens established

34:1A-82: Responsibilities of council

34:1A-83: Powers of council

34:1A-84: Report to commissioner, Legislature

34:1A-85: Definitions relative to State's workforce investment system.

34:1A-86: Center for Occupational Employment Information.

34:1A-87: Steering committee to manage center.

34:1A-88: Authority to access files, records.