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Chapter: 1B -

34:1B-1: Short title

34:1B-2: Legislative findings, determinations.

34:1B-3: Definitions.

34:1B-4: "New Jersey Economic Development Authority."

34:1B-4a: NJEDA building designated in memory of Caren S. Franzini.

34:1B-4b: Funding for signage.

34:1B-4.1: Contracts to secure bonds, other obligations.

34:1B-5: Powers.

34:1B-5.1: Rules and regulations relative to payment of prevailing wage rate; "authority financial assistance" defined.

34:1B-5.2: Administration and enforcement of rules and regulations

34:1B-5.3: Violation of rules and regulations

34:1B-5.4: Rules, regulations relative to establishment of affirmative action program.

34:1B-5.5: Limitation of claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs for school facilities projects.

34:1B-5.9: Bonds deemed fully negotiable.

34:1B-6: Determinations prior to commitment for assistance.

34:1B-7: Economic development fund

34:1B-7.1: Legislative findings and declarations

34:1B-7.2: Fund for community development purposes

34:1B-7.3: Appropriations to economic development fund; use

34:1B-7.4: Financing of projects; economic feasibility and recovery of costs

34:1B-7.5: Projects; factors for consideration for financial assistance

34:1B-7.6: Annual report

34:1B-7.7: Repayment by Economic Development Authority

34:1B-7.8: Funds transferred

34:1B-7.9: Prepayment at discount

34:1B-7.10: Short title

34:1B-7.11: Findings, determinations

34:1B-7.12: "Economic Recovery Fund" established

34:1B-7.13: Use of moneys in fund.

34:1B-7.14: Determination of projects to be financed

34:1B-7.15: Payments to Economic Recovery Fund

34:1B-7.16: Contracts for implementation of payment arrangement

34:1B-7.17: Report to Governor, Legislature

34:1B-7.18: Legislative approval of certain transactions

34:1B-7.19: Definitions; program authorized

34:1B-7.20: Short title

34:1B-7.21: Findings, declarations

34:1B-7.22: Definitions

34:1B-7.23: "Public School Facilities Code Compliance Loan Fund"

34:1B-7.24: "Public School Facilities Loan Assistance Fund"

34:1B-7.25: Issuance of bonds; "Public Schools Small Projects Loan Assistance Fund"

34:1B-7.26: Preliminary approval of loan application

34:1B-7.27: Adoption of rules, taking administrative action

34:1B-7.28: Short title

34:1B-7.29: Findings, declarations

34:1B-7.30: Definitions

34:1B-7.31: "New Jersey Boat Industry Loan Guarantee Program" established

34:1B-7.32: "New Jersey Boat Industry Loan Guarantee Fund"

34:1B-7.33: Establishment of reserves

34:1B-7.34: Agreements

34:1B-7.35: Report to Governor, Legislature

34:1B-7.36: Rules, regulations

34:1B-7.37: Short title

34:1B-7.38: Findings, declarations

34:1B-7.39: Definitions relative to emerging technology, biotechnology.

34:1B-7.40: "New Jersey Emerging Technology and Biotechnology Financial Assistance Program" established

34:1B-7.41: "New Jersey Emerging Technology and Biotechnology Financial Assistance Fund"

34:1B-7.42: Applications for money from fund; criteria; agreements.

34:1B-7.42a: Corporation business tax benefit certificate transfer program.

34:1B-7.42b: Definitions relative to certain corporation tax benefit program.

34:1B-7.42c: Authorization to approve certain transfers of tax benefits.

34:1B-7.43: Report

34:1B-7.44: Rules, regulations

34:1B-7.45: Short title

34:1B-7.46: Findings, declarations relative to issuance of bonds, notes, other obligations to fund accrued pension liability

34:1B-7.47: Definitions relative to issuance of bonds, notes, other obligations to fund accrued pension liability

34:1B-7.48: Powers of authority concerning bonds

34:1B-7.49: Payments of debt service to authority; schedule

34:1B-7.50: State, authority contracts authorized; terms, conditions

34:1B-7.51: Annual report, contents

34:1B-7.52: Supersedure by act

34:1B-7.53: Severability of act

34:1B-8: Public utility facilities; definition; powers

34:1B-9: Power to authorize issuance of bonds.

34:1B-10: Powers of authority by resolution.

34:1B-11: Bonds; negotiability

34:1B-12: Covenants with bondholders

34:1B-13: Pledge of revenues; lien

34:1B-14: Nonliability of members of authority, or of state or political subdivision

34:1B-15: Powers constitute essential governmental function; tax exempt status.

34:1B-15.1: Contiguous municipalities with project; agreements to share revenues; reciprocal ordinances

34:1B-15.2: Agreement; apportionment of costs of services and services to be supplied

34:1B-16: Legal investments

34:1B-17: Sureties or collateral for deposits of authority

34:1B-18: Inapplicability of other laws

34:1B-19: Severability

34:1B-20: Counties; contracts with authority; resolution; powers for financial aid

34:1B-21: Property of authority; exemption from execution or other judicial process

34:1B-21.1: Short title

34:1B-21.2: Findings, declarations

34:1B-21.3: Definitions

34:1B-21.4: Issuance of Market Transition Facility, Motor Vehicle Commission bonds, notes.

34:1B-21.5: Powers of authority.

34:1B-21.5a: Applicability of P.L.2004, c.83 to prior bond proceeds.

34:1B-21.6: Payment of redemption of bonds, notes.

34:1B-21.7: "Market Transition Facility Revenue Fund."

34:1B-21.8: Use of monies, agreements, exemption from taxation.

34:1B-21.9: Bonds, notes as special, limited obligations.

34:1B-21.10: State pledge regarding bonds, notes, other obligations.

34:1B-21.11: Statement from Department of the Treasury, authority

34:1B-21.12: "Division of Motor Vehicles Surcharge Fund."

34:1B-21.13: Agreements between EDA and State; EDA and Motor Vehicle Commission.

34:1B-21.14: Transfer of monies to Facility Revenue Fund

34:1B-21.15: Semi-annual reports

34:1B-21.16: Short title.

34:1B-21.17: Definitions relative to issuance of cigarette tax securitization bonds.

34:1B-21.18: "Cigarette Tax Securitization Proceeds Fund."

34:1B-21.19: Powers of authority.

34:1B-21.20: "Dedicated Cigarette Tax Revenue Fund."

34:1B-21.21: Contracts to implement payment arrangement.

34:1B-21.22: "Cigarette Tax Securitization Fund."

34:1B-21.23: Short title.

34:1B-21.24: Definitions relative to motor vehicle surcharges securitization bonds.

34:1B-21.25: "Motor Vehicle Surcharges Securitization Proceeds Fund."

34:1B-21.25a: Findings, declarations relative to special needs housing; trust fund, established; use.

34:1B-21.26: Powers of authority.

34:1B-21.27: "Unsafe Driving Surcharges Fund."

34:1B-21.28: "Motor Vehicle Surcharges Revenue Fund."

34:1B-21.29: Contracts to implement payment arrangement.

34:1B-21.30: Motor Vehicle Surcharges Securitization Fund.

34:1B-21.31: Definitions relative to financing of certain stem cell, life sciences, and biomedical research facilities.

34:1B-21.32: Findings, declarations relative to certain stem cell, life sciences, and biomedical research.

34:1B-21.33: Powers of authority.

34:1B-21.34: Appropriations for payment of obligations incurred.

34:1B-21.35: Contracts to implement payment arrangement.

34:1B-21.36: Amounts provided by authority; projects, amounts, certain.

34:1B-22: Short title

34:1B-23: Legislative findings and determinations

34:1B-24: Motion Picture and Television Development Commission.

34:1B-25: Organization; vote required; executive director and other employees

34:1B-26: Annual report

34:1B-27: Powers.

34:1B-28: Programs to promote motion picture and television industry

34:1B-29: Severability

34:1B-30: Legislative findings

34:1B-31: Short title

34:1B-32: Study of best means to encourage employee stock ownership plans

34:1B-33: Conduct of study; considerations, consultations and investigations

34:1B-34: Development of plan

34:1B-35: Annual reports to legislature

34:1B-36: Short title

34:1B-37: Legislative findings and declaration

34:1B-38: Definitions

34:1B-39: Establishment of fund; source of deposits; use of funds

34:1B-40: Form, amount and terms of financial assistance; repayment

34:1B-41: Criteria for evaluating and ranking applications for financial assistance

34:1B-42: Schedule of application periods; ranking of applications; finding of feasibility

34:1B-43: Project plan; contents; determinations prior to final approval

34:1B-44: Approval or disapproval of application; notice

34:1B-45: Arrangement for financial assistance; repayment

34:1B-46: Report

34:1B-47: Findings, declarations

34:1B-48: Definitions

34:1B-49: Development Authority for Small Businesses, Minorities and Women's Enterprises

34:1B-50: Powers of authority

34:1B-51: Loans, other extensions of credit

34:1B-52: Waiver of bonding requirements

34:1B-53: Issuance of bonds

34:1B-54: No State liability

34:1B-55: Bonds fully negotiable

34:1B-56: Power to covenant

34:1B-57: Casino authority investments

34:1B-58: Contracts binding

34:1B-59: No personal interest

34:1B-60: Expenses from revenues

34:1B-61: Authorized investment

34:1B-62: Short title

34:1B-63: Findings, determinations

34:1B-64: Definitions

34:1B-65: "New Jersey Global Export Network Program"

34:1B-66: "Global Export Network Assistance Fund"

34:1B-67: Establishment of reserves, liquid reserves

34:1B-68: Agreements with participating banks

34:1B-69: Rules, regulations

34:1B-70: Short title

34:1B-71: Findings, declarations relative to microlending

34:1B-72: Definitions

34:1B-73: New Jersey Micro-Business Assistance Program

34:1B-74: "New Jersey Micro-Business Assistance Fund"

34:1B-75: Development loans to micro-business development corporations

34:1B-76: Certification of micro-business development corporation

34:1B-77: Additional powers of authority

34:1B-78: Additional duties of authority

34:1B-79: Rules, regulations

34:1B-80: Short title

34:1B-81: Findings, declarations relative to strategies promoting businesses

34:1B-82: Definitions

34:1B-83: Assistance to key industries

34:1B-84: Coordination, cooperation with programs, organizations

34:1B-85: Private industry membership fees for sector networks

34:1B-86: Allocation of matching funds

34:1B-87: Rules, regulations

34:1B-88: Short title

34:1B-89: Findings, declarations relative to business relocations

34:1B-90: Establishment of State Relocation Missions, terms defined

34:1B-91: Establishment of Foreign Relocation Missions

34:1B-92: Report to Governor, Legislature

34:1B-93: Short title

34:1B-94: Findings, declarations relative to export financing.

34:1B-95: Definitions.

34:1B-96: Investment of moneys in export financing company.

34:1B-97: Qualification as export financing company.

34:1B-98: Purpose of company

34:1B-99: Export Finance Company Advisory Council.

34:1B-100: Regional and contractual arrangements encouraged

34:1B-101: Short title

34:1B-102: Findings, declarations relative to business directories, public-private cooperation

34:1B-103: New Jersey Purchase First Program

34:1B-104: Development, distribution of directories; "industry sector network" defined

34:1B-105: Report to Governor, Legislature

34:1B-106: Rules, regulations

34:1B-107: Short title

34:1B-108: Findings, declarations relative to small capital businesses; determinations

34:1B-109: Definitions relative to small capital businesses

34:1B-110: New Capital Sources Board established, powers

34:1B-111: New Capital Sources Partnership, purposes

34:1B-112: Short title.

34:1B-113: Definitions relative to business retention and relocation assistance.

34:1B-114: Business Retention and Relocation Assistance Grant Program.

34:1B-115: Grant of tax credits; qualifications.

34:1B-115.1: Bonus awards to certain businesses.

34:1B-115.2: Qualification for grant of tax credits.

34:1B-115.3: Limit on total value of grants of tax credits; approval schedule.

34:1B-116: Grant application.

34:1B-118: Grant limitations.

34:1B-118.1: Award, amount of grant; factors.

34:1B-119: Rules, regulations relative to program.

34:1B-120: Certificate of compliance indicating amount of tax credits.

34:1B-120.1: Rules for recapture of tax credits.

34:1B-120.2: Corporation business tax, insurance premiums tax credits.

34:1B-121: Annual report on program.

34:1B-123: Appropriation capped by retained tax revenue.

34:1B-124: Short title

34:1B-125: Definitions relative to business employment incentives.

34:1B-126: Business Employment Incentive Program established

34:1B-127: Project requirements.

34:1B-128: Grant application.

34:1B-129: Employment incentive grant criteria.

34:1B-130: Incentive agreement

34:1B-131: Submission of NJ tax return, other information; audit.

34:1B-132: Failure of business to comply, circumstances

34:1B-133: Disbursement conditions.

34:1B-134: Grant limitations.

34:1B-135: Implementation, study.

34:1B-136: Fees

34:1B-137: Rules.

34:1B-137.1: Rules, regulations.

34:1B-138: Annual report.

34:1B-139: Appropriation capped by new revenues

34:1B-139.1: Powers of authority relative to bonds.

34:1B-139.2: Contract payments to authority for debt service.

34:1B-139.3: Contracts between State Treasurer and authority authorized.

34:1B-140: Economic Development Site Task Force

34:1B-141: Project application procedure; priority list; appropriations

34:1B-142: Eligibility for economic development site funds

34:1B-143: Appropriation from fund

34:1B-144: Short title

34:1B-145: Findings, declarations relative to unification of ports

34:1B-146: Definitions relative to unification of ports

34:1B-147: Powers of authority

34:1B-148: Payment of, redemption of bonds, notes

34:1B-149: "Port Facility Revenue Fund"

34:1B-150: Use of moneys in Port Facility Revenue Fund

34:1B-151: Bonds, notes considered special, limited obligations

34:1B-152: Pledges, covenants with holders of bonds, notes, obligations

34:1B-153: Immunity for authority, members, employees

34:1B-154: Immunity for South Jersey Port Corporation, members, employees

34:1B-155: Limited immunity for Delaware River Port Authority

34:1B-156: Agreements authorized

34:1B-157: Cooperation of South Jersey Port Corporation with authority to effect transfer

34:1B-158: Authority not to acquire certain port facilities

34:1B-159: Additional powers of authority to form subsidiary

34:1B-160: Joint ventures

34:1B-161: Written summary of developments in Camden

34:1B-162: Authority's activities, tax exempt; in lieu of taxes on commercial activities

34:1B-163: Eligibility of employees for State Health Benefits Program

34:1B-164: Concurrent resolution expressing disapproval of Legislature

34:1B-165: Short title.

34:1B-166: Definitions relative to local-State business incentive promotion.

34:1B-167: "Local-State Business Incentive Promotion Program" created.

34:1B-168: Use of moneys; sources.

34:1B-169: Loan criteria.

34:1B-170: Investment of moneys.

34:1B-171: Coordination of efforts, activities.

34:1B-172: Report, contents.

34:1B-173: Agreement, cancelled, rescinded.

34:1B-174: Rules, regulations.

34:1B-175: Findings, determinations relative to informational sessions for veterans

34:1B-176: Development of informational sessions by EDA

34:1B-177: Preparation of report to Governor, Legislature

34:1B-178: Short title

34:1B-179: Findings, declarations relative to film production assistance

34:1B-180: Definitions relative to film production assistance

34:1B-181: New Jersey Film Production Assistance Program

34:1B-182: Establishment, maintenance of program; funding; use

34:1B-183: Report to Governor, Legislature

34:1B-184: Rules, regulations

34:1B-185: Definitions relative to sales tax exemption program.

34:1B-186: Program to approve issuance of certificates to qualifying businesses.

34:1B-187: Submission of project application; eligibility.

34:1B-188: Rules, regulations.

34:1B-189: Low-interest loans for medical offices in Health Enterprise Zones, definitions.

34:1B-190: Short title.

34:1B-191: Findings, declarations relative to sports and entertainment districts.

34:1B-192: Definitions relative to sports and entertainment districts

34:1B-193: Establishment of a sports and entertainment district.

34:1B-194: Tax revenues dedicated to sports and entertainment district; imposition of taxes.

34:1B-195: Provisions of ordinance imposing tax.

34:1B-196: Collection of tax.

34:1B-197: Forwarding of tax collected to Director of Taxation.

34:1B-198: Submission of ordinance as application to State Treasurer; criteria for approval.

34:1B-199: Treasurer's recommendations; approval; adoption of ordinance.

34:1B-200: Amending ordinance required for changing district boundaries, pledged revenues.

34:1B-201: Preparation of final financial plan by developer.

34:1B-202: Submission of final financial plan to municipality, approval by treasurer.

34:1B-203: Treasurer's recommendations relative to final financial plan.

34:1B-204: Collection, administration of tax.

34:1B-205: Use of revenues; fund, uses.

34:1B-206: Bonds not considered debt, liability of State.

34:1B-207: Short title.

34:1B-208: Definitions relative to the "Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act."

34:1B-209: Credit for qualified business facilities, conditions for eligibility; allowance.

34:1B-209.1: Application for tax credit transfer certificate.

34:1B-209.2: Definitions.

34:1B-209.3: Developer allowed certain tax credits.

34:1B-209.4: Credit to business for wind energy facility; eligibility.

34:1B-210: Findings, declarations relative to abolishing the New Jersey Commerce Commission.

34:1B-211: Definitions relative to C.34:1B-210 et seq.

34:1B-212: New Jersey Commerce Commission abolished.

34:1B-213: Disposition of Executive Director, employees of New Jersey Commerce Commission.

34:1B-214: Regulations continued.

34:1B-215: Division of Business Assistance, Marketing, and International Trade established.

34:1B-216: Transfer of functions, powers, duties of Executive Director.

34:1B-217: Transfer of functions, powers, duties of Office of Marketing and Communications.

34:1B-218: Transfer of functions, powers, duties of Office of Business Advocacy.

34:1B-219: Transfer of certain functions, powers, duties of New Jersey Commerce Commission.

34:1B-220: Transfer of Energy Sales Tax Exemption Program for certain counties.

34:1B-221: Transfer of Brownfields Reimbursement Program.

34:1B-222: Transfer of Municipal Landfill Closure and Remediation Reimbursement Program.

34:1B-223: Transfer of New Jersey Economic Development Site Program.

34:1B-224: Transfer of Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Program.

34:1B-225: Transfer of New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Authority, Office of Urban Enterprise Zone Authority.

34:1B-226: Transfer of Division of International Trade and Protocol.

34:1B-227: Transfer of Division of Development for Small Businesses and Women's and Minority Businesses.

34:1B-228: Transfer of authority to appoint certain executive directors.

34:1B-229: Transfer of tourism-related functions to Department of State.

34:1B-230: Economic Development Site Task Force abolished.

34:1B-231: Dredging Project Facilitation Task Force abolished.

34:1B-232: Export Finance Company Advisory Council abolished.

34:1B-233: Transfer of Motion Picture and Television Development Commission.

34:1B-234: New Jersey Development Authority for Small Businesses, Minorities and Women's Enterprises abolished.

34:1B-235: New Capital Sources Board abolished.

34:1B-236: Authorization, procedure for transfers.

34:1B-237: Short title.

34:1B-238: Definitions relative to the "InvestNJ Business Grant Program Act."

34:1B-239: Invest in New Jersey Business Grant Program.

34:1B-240: Employment grant component for eligible businesses.

34:1B-241: Rules, regulations.

34:1B-241.1: Definitions relative to a small business loan program.

34:1B-241.2: Maintenance, administration of small business loan program.

34:1B-241.3: Rules, regulations.

34:1B-242: Short title.

34:1B-243: Definitions relative to the "Grow New Jersey Assistance Act."

34:1B-244: Grow New Jersey Assistance Program.

34:1B-245: Agreement required prior to issuance of tax credits.

34:1B-246: Value of tax credit for eligible business.

34:1B-247: Limit on value of approved credits.

34:1B-248: Application for tax credit transfer certificate.

34:1B-249: Rules, regulations adopted by chief executive officer, authority.

34:1B-250: Certain sales, conveyances authorized.

34:1B-251: Definitions relative to certain economic development projects.

34:1B-252: Definitions relative to certain small business funding.

34:1B-253: "Small Business Bonding Readiness Assistance Program," "Small Business Bonding Readiness Assistance Fund."

34:1B-254: Definitions relative to financing of certain businesses.

34:1B-255: Certain businesses included.

34:1B-256: Findings, declarations relative to tax credits for certain business headquarters.

34:1B-257: Definitions relative to tax credits for certain business headquarters.

34:1B-258: Transformative Headquarters Economic Assistance Program.

34:1B-259: Incentive agreement prior to issuance of tax credits.

34:1B-260: Total amount of tax credit.

34:1B-261: Application for tax credits.

34:1B-262: Application of tax credit against tax liability.

34:1B-263: Forfeiture, reduction of tax credit.

34:1B-264: Rules, regulations.

34:1B-265: Employee rights to certain inventions.

34:1B-267: Maintainence, administration of loan program and application process

34:1B-268: Rules, regulations