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Chapter: 2 -

34:2-1: Definitions

34:2-21.1: Definitions

34:2-21.2: Minors under 16 not to be employed; exceptions; nonresidents

34:2-21.3: Limitations on minors' working hours

34:2-21.4: Lunch period for minors under 18

34:2-21.5: Posting of law, list of prohibited occupations and schedule of hours of labor; permitting minors to begin later or stop earlier than time stated in sc

34:2-21.6: Record of employment of minors under 19

34:2-21.7: Employment certificates for minors

34:2-21.8: Issuance of certificates; prerequisites

34:2-21.9: Age certificates to persons between 18 and 21; contents; retention by employer during employment

34:2-21.10: Employment certificate; contents

34:2-21.11: Certificate or permit as conclusive evidence of age

34:2-21.12: Filing of duplicate certificates or permits; cancellation; return of original papers; destruction of certificates and permits when minors become 21

34:2-21.13: Employment of children who are nonresidents of school district; duplicate of certificate

34:2-21.14: Return of certificate after employment terminates; new certificates; certificate valid only for one employer and one occupation; employer to keep cert

34:2-21.15: Street trade; agricultural pursuits; ages when permitted; special permits; newspaper carriers

34:2-21.16: Fees or expenses not to be paid by child, parent or guardian

34:2-21.17: Prohibited employment

34:2-21.17a: Inapplicability of s. 34:2-21.17 to participants in junior achievement program

34:2-21.17b: Provisions for minors as volunteers at recycling centers

34:2-21.17c: Not considered employee.

34:2-21.17d: Employment of minors as volunteers for certain nonprofit organizations

34:2-21.17e: Minor working voluntarily not deemed employee

34:2-21.17f: Inapplicability of C.34:2-21.17 under certain circumstances; "educational program in science" defined.

34:2-21.17g: Rules, regulations.

34:2-21.18: Enforcement of act; inspection of places and certificates

34:2-21.19: Penalty, Child Labor Law Enforcement Trust Fund, Advisory Board; annual report.

34:2-21.20: Partial invalidity

34:2-21.21: Repeals

34:2-21.22: Effective date

34:2-21.22a: Newspaperboys; effect of act upon rights under Workmen's Compensation Act

34:2-21.57: Definitions

34:2-21.58: Theatrical productions; employment of minors under 16

34:2-21.59: Permit; grounds for issuance

34:2-21.60: Refusal to grant permit or certificate; grounds; record

34:2-21.61: Renewal of permits; inspection

34:2-21.62: Delivery of application to department of labor

34:2-21.63a: Employment of minor under 16 to perform indecent or immoral exhibition; high misdemeanor

34:2-21.63b: Violations; penalty

34:2-21.64: Forms and regulations; safeguards governing working conditions, supervision and education

34:2-29: Seats to be provided

34:2-30: Inspections

34:2-30.1: Penalty; notice to offender

34:2-31: Protection of openings in floor

34:2-32: Ventilation

34:2-33: Toilet facilities

34:2-34: Abstract of law; posting

34:2-35: Orders for enforcement of article; penalty