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Chapter: 4A -

34:4A-1: Short title

34:4A-2: Public policy

34:4A-3: Definitions

34:4A-4: Rules, regulations and codes; publication; furnishing to registered operators

34:4A-5: Passenger tramway; registration; application; issuance; inspections; supplemental application; expiration; display

34:4A-6: Construction of new or alteration of passenger tramway; submission of plans and specifications

34:4A-7: Inspection by commissioner or certification of compliance by qualified inspector

34:4A-8: Violation of rules, regulations or code; report; complaint by any person; forwarding to operator; investigation; order; service; emergency order to st

34:4A-9: Operator aggrieved by order; application for review; hearing; decision; appeal

34:4A-10: Illegal operation; penalty

34:4A-11: Failure of operator to comply with order; order for cessation of operation

34:4A-12: Injunctions to compel compliance

34:4A-13: Discharge or discrimination against employee due to actions to help enforce this act; penalties

34:4A-14: Violations; penalty

34:4A-15: Fees