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Chapter: 5A -

34:5A-1: Short title

34:5A-2: Legislative findings and declarations

34:5A-3: Definitions

34:5A-4: Development of environmental hazardous substance list

34:5A-5: Workplace hazardous substance list; special health hazard substance list; workplace survey; hazardous substance fact sheet; Spanish translation

34:5A-6: Distribution of workplace and environmental surveys to employer

34:5A-7: Completion, transmittal of workplace survey

34:5A-8: Hazardous substance fact sheets

34:5A-9: Environmental surveys; file; clarifying information; update; request for copy

34:5A-10: Retention of workplace surveys

34:5A-10.1: Definitions relative to use, storage of hazardous substances in schools, child care centers.

34:5A-10.2: Use of hazardous substance prohibited when children are expected to be present; exceptions.

34:5A-10.3: Posting of notice of construction, activity involving hazardous substance

34:5A-10.4: Responsibility for enforcement; violations, penalties

34:5A-10.5: Regulations.

34:5A-11: Request for Spanish translation

34:5A-12: Employer's central file; posting of notice; distribution of literature on employee rights; employee access to information

34:5A-13: Employee education, training program; certification of instructors

34:5A-14: Labeling of containers.

34:5A-15: Trade secret claim

34:5A-16: Employee requests for information; refusal to work; complaint; civil actions; penalty

34:5A-17: Discharge or penalizing of employee for exercising rights; complaint; adjudication

34:5A-21: Joint procedures concerning revision of workplace or environmental hazardous substance list.

34:5A-22: County health department file of surveys; public access

34:5A-23: Civil actions for violations; jurisdiction; award

34:5A-24: Substances not included on hazardous substance lists; reporting; liability

34:5A-25: Local police or fire departments; availability of surveys to public; request for additional information; communications program with research and deve

34:5A-26: "Worker and Community Right to Know Fund."

34:5A-26.1: Fee refund

34:5A-27: Legislative intent

34:5A-28: Joint report

34:5A-29: Right to enter facility to determine compliance

34:5A-30: Rules and regulations

34:5A-31: Remedies

34:5A-32: Findings

34:5A-33: Policy declaration

34:5A-34: Definitions

34:5A-35: Specifications required

34:5A-36: License for asbestos work; exception

34:5A-37: Performance permit, exception

34:5A-38: Issuance of license, permits; certification of training courses; fees

34:5A-39: Standards, regulations; hearings

34:5A-40: Enforcement

34:5A-41: Violations; penalties.

34:5A-42: Discrimination against complaining employee; penalties

34:5A-43: Adoption of standards; exemptions; fees

34:5A-44: Petition for enforcement action