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Chapter: 6A -

34:6A-1: Short title

34:6A-2: Definitions

34:6A-3: Safe and healthful place of employment

34:6A-4: Structural adequacy; fire prevention; ventilation and lighting; elevators

34:6A-5: Protective devices or safeguards; rendering ineffective

34:6A-6: Enforcement of act; entry and inspection

34:6A-7: Written orders as to violations; imminent physical hazards

34:6A-8: Aggrieved persons; hearings

34:6A-9: Rules and regulations

34:6A-10: Submission of plans and specifications

34:6A-11: Certificate of registration; duration; renewal; display; fee

34:6A-12: Report of accidental deaths, fines, etc.

34:6A-13: Service and assistance to employers

34:6A-14: Bureau of Engineering and Safety

34:6A-15: New Jersey State Industrial Safety Committee

34:6A-16: Industrial Safety Board

34:6A-17: Existing rights or remedies unaffected; burden of care

34:6A-18: Appeals

34:6A-19: Penalties; compromise of claims

34:6A-20: Repealer; savings clause

34:6A-21: Severability

34:6A-22: Exemptions

34:6A-23: Exceptions from literal requirements of rules and regulations

34:6A-24: Duties of Health Department not abrogated

34:6A-25: Short title

34:6A-26: Legislative findings

34:6A-27: Definition

34:6A-28: Advisory board

34:6A-29: Plan for health and safety standards

34:6A-30: Adoption of standards

34:6A-31: Promotion of goals of the act

34:6A-32: Promulgation of regulations.

34:6A-33: Responsibilities of employers

34:6A-34: Duty of compliance by public employees

34:6A-35: Inspections; compliance

34:6A-36: Notice of safety violation

34:6A-38: Notice of health standard violation

34:6A-39: Variances

34:6A-40: Employer records; reports

34:6A-41: Compliance orders; violations; penalties

34:6A-42: Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

34:6A-43: Appeals from decision of review commission

34:6A-44: Restraining orders

34:6A-45: Retaliatory discrimination prohibited

34:6A-47: Advisors to commission of capital budgeting and planning on workplace safety and health

34:6A-48: Act inapplicable to right to strike

34:6A-49: Uniform codes not superseded, permits required

34:6A-50: Annual report