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Chapter: 7 - License necessary; emergencies; exceptions; administration; examinations

34:7-1: License necessary; emergencies; exceptions; administration; examinations

34:7-2: Application

34:7-2.1: Declaration of becoming a citizen

34:7-3: Fees; revocation or suspension of license.

34:7-4: Form of license

34:7-5: Production of license and equipment inspection certificates on demand

34:7-6: Penalties.

34:7-7: Jurisdiction

34:7-8: Complaint; process

34:7-9: Service of process

34:7-12: Execution; commitment

34:7-14: Inspection of boilers.

34:7-15: Fee for inspecting and testing; inspection of new vessels or vessels under construction.

34:7-16: Additional external inspection; fee.

34:7-17: Commissioner may order additional inspections

34:7-18: Rules and regulations

34:7-19: Report by insurance company making inspection.

34:7-20: Report by owner; fees

34:7-21: Unfit vessel not to be used

34:7-22: Reinspection

34:7-23: Conformance to standards

34:7-24: Evidence of approval

34:7-25: Refrigeration systems; inspection; fees; certificate.

34:7-26: Penalties; recovery.