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Chapter: 8 -

34:8-43: Definitions

34:8-44: Disclosure statement; hearing after denial of registration, license; notification of change in disclosure statement

34:8-45: Applicability of act; licensure or registration required for court action

34:8-45.1: Consideration as Health Care Service Firm; terms defined.

34:8-45.1a: Memorandum of understanding.

34:8-45.1b: Report to Governor, Legislature.

34:8-45.1c: Rules, regulations.

34:8-45.2: Rules, regulations.

34:8-46: Cases where act not applicable

34:8-47: Application for employment agency license

34:8-48: Application for agent's license; cancellation of license; issuance of new license; conditional license

34:8-49: Posting of bond as surety; suit on bond; revocation of license

34:8-50: Annual fees

34:8-51: Requirements

34:8-52: Violations

34:8-53: Refusal or revocation; suspension; renewal

34:8-54: Powers of director

34:8-55: Investigation

34:8-56: Service of notice or subpoena

34:8-57: Order from Superior Court

34:8-58: Injunction; other court actions

34:8-59: Action authorized after finding of violation

34:8-60: Penalties for violation of cease and desist order

34:8-61: Additional penalties

34:8-62: Director to recover attorneys' fees and costs

34:8-63: Certificate of indebtedness to clerk

34:8-64: Registration of consulting firm; revocation; suspension

34:8-65: Registration of career consulting or outplacement organization; fee; bond; explanation of product or services; cancellation of contract; complaint

34:8-66: Registration of prepaid computer job matching service or job listing service; annual fee; bond; contract; refund conditions; violations

34:8-67: Definitions relative to employee leasing companies.

34:8-68: Provisions of leasing agreements.

34:8-68.1: Responsibilities of client company.

34:8-69: Relationship between leasing company, client company.

34:8-70: Registration of leasing company.

34:8-71: Registration, annual reporting.

34:8-72: Co-employment of covered employees.

34:8-73: Actions upon entry, dissolution of leasing agreement.

34:8-74: Calculation of unemployment benefit experience.

34:8-75: Inapplicability to temporary help service firms, unit operating as cooperative.

34:8-76: Noncompliance, rescinding of registration.

34:8-77: Compliance with C.17:22A-1 et seq.

34:8-78: Rules, regulations.

34:8-79: Information provided to patients receiving home care services regulated by Division of Consumer Affairs