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Chapter: 9A -

34:9A-1: Short title

34:9A-2: Definitions

34:9A-3: Bureau of migrant labor; establishment

34:9A-4.1: Migrant labor board; abolition; transfer of functions, powers and duties

34:9A-7: Deputy commissioner of labor; appointment

34:9A-7.1: Seasonal worker defined

34:9A-7.2: Certified Spanish language interpreters; permanent and temporary staff

34:9A-7.3: Permanent staff employment under civil service; employment and compensation of temporary staff

34:9A-7.4: Rules and regulations

34:9A-9: Duties and powers of bureau

34:9A-10: Inspectional services

34:9A-11: Preventive and curative public health services

34:9A-12: Communicable diseases

34:9A-13: Notice of communicable diseases; quarantine; food poisoning

34:9A-14: Construction and operation of camps; field surveys and censuses

34:9A-15: Personnel; appointments

34:9A-16: Rules and regulations

34:9A-17: Civil penalties

34:9A-18: Entry and inspection

34:9A-19: Prohibition of violations

34:9A-20: Certified labor camps; application; inspections; erection, construction or alteration

34:9A-21: Use of certificate; revocation

34:9A-22: Shelter; sleeping places, requirements

34:9A-23: Beds or bunks

34:9A-24: Air and privacy

34:9A-25: Food preparation

34:9A-26: Water

34:9A-27: Bathing facilities

34:9A-28: Toilets and privies

34:9A-29: Garbage and wastes

34:9A-30: Milk, food and meals; sales by concessionaires

34:9A-31: Responsibility

34:9A-32: Public nuisance

34:9A-33: Peace officers

34:9A-34: Penalties

34:9A-35: Appropriations

34:9A-36: Effective dates

34:9A-37: Definitions

34:9A-38: Furnishing drinking water and toilet facilities in fields

34:9A-39: Commissioner of department of labor and industry; enforcement of act; promulgation of rules and regulations

34:9A-40: Violations; penalties; collection; defenses

34:9A-41: Violations of act; injunction; parties