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Chapter: 10A - Public auction of abandoned motor vehicles; notices required.

39:10A-1: Public auction of abandoned motor vehicles; notices required.

39:10A-2: Reclaiming possession; payment of costs and penalties

39:10A-3: Issuance of junk title certificate; grounds

39:10A-4: Execution and delivery of application for certificate of ownership; issuance of certificate; fee

39:10A-5: Sale as barring claims of interest; remission of proceeds of sale

39:10A-6: Rules and regulations

39:10A-7: Additional remedy

39:10A-8: Motor vehicle abandoned at repair facility

39:10A-9: Removal and storage, sale or obtaining junk title certificate; inapplicability if dispute between repair facility and owner on amount due

39:10A-10: Notice to owner of intent to remove and store

39:10A-11: Notice of intent to and of date, time, place and manner of sale

39:10A-12: Junk title certificate; issuance; notice

39:10A-13: Notices; writing; method of delivery; publication

39:10A-14: Reclamation of possession by owner prior to sale or issuance of junk title certificate

39:10A-15: Sale of motor vehicle; certificate of ownership; application; issuance; fee

39:10A-16: Bar of claims of former owner, other person formerly having legal right and holder of security interest

39:10A-17: Claims allowable against repair facility in compliance with act only for balance of proceeds of sale

39:10A-18: Pattern or practice of knowingly violating act or aids or advises such pattern or practice; penalty

39:10A-19: Rules and regulations

39:10A-20: Act as additional remedy; priority of perfected lien or security interest