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Chapter: 2 - Department continued

39:2-1: Department continued

39:2-2: Director of division of motor vehicles; appointment; term; salary; bond; oath

39:2-3: Powers, duties of commission.

39:2-3.2: Cooperation by Division of Motor Vehicles to register voters

39:2-3.3: Definitions relative to privacy of motor vehicle records.

39:2-3.4: Disclosure of personal information connected with motor vehicle record.

39:2-3.4a: Information, documentation required from applicant.

39:2-3.5: Violation, fourth degree crime.

39:2-3.6: Liability for civil action.

39:2-3.7: Construction of act.

39:2-3.8: Electronic, digital processing of motor vehicle transactions.

39:2-4: Deputy director; powers; bonds; oath

39:2-9.1: Abolishment of positions of chief inspector, deputy chief inspector, inspector and special inspector

39:2-9.2: Reemployment rights

39:2-9.3: Appointment to state police

39:2-9.4: Qualifications of appointee

39:2-9.5: Transfer of pension contributions and reserves

39:2-9.6: Construction of act to preserve rights of tenure, civil service, pension or retirements

39:2-9.7: State Agency Transfer Act; application to act

39:2-9.8: Construction of act concerning graduated driver licensing and driving schools.

39:2-10: Records and seal; authentication of documents

39:2-11: Office facilities and supplies

39:2-13: Medical advisory panel

39:2-14: Appointments; term; reimbursement for expenses

39:2-15: Duties; recommendations; adoption by division

39:2-16: Nonliability for civil damages as a result of providing reports, records, etc.