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Chapter: 2A -

39:2A-1: Short title.

39:2A-2: Findings, declarations relative to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

39:2A-3: Definitions relative to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

39:2A-4: "New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission" established; division abolished.

39:2A-5: Transfer of employees; retirement system, health benefits.

39:2A-6: Employee seniority, benefits transferred, continued.

39:2A-7: Probationary period for certain employees.

39:2A-8: Determination of employee salaries.

39:2A-9: Testing of provisional employees.

39:2A-10: Powers of deputy chief administrator.

39:2A-11: Administrator considered "appointing authority."

39:2A-12: Board; membership; appointment; terms, vacancies.

39:2A-13: Powers, duties of board.

39:2A-14: Election of vice-chair.

39:2A-15: Member compensation.

39:2A-16: Meetings of board.

39:2A-17: Minutes delivered to Governor, effect of veto.

39:2A-18: Members subject to Conflicts of Interest Law.

39:2A-19: Removal of member.

39:2A-20: Authorization of payment methods including electronic.

39:2A-21: Rules, regulations.

39:2A-22: Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

39:2A-23: Immunity from liability.

39:2A-24: Absolute, qualified immunities.

39:2A-25: Legal representation.

39:2A-26: Advisory council.

39:2A-27: Study on location, adequacy of agency facilities.

39:2A-28: Powers, duties of administrator.

39:2A-29: Goals of administrator, deputy administrator.

39:2A-30: "Motor Vehicles Affordability and Fairness Task Force."

39:2A-31: Exercise of powers by commission for people; tax exemption.

39:2A-32: Fingerprinting, criminal history checks of employees; use.

39:2A-33: Contracts for ancillary services; use of revenues; rules, regulations.

39:2A-34: Reorganization plans superseded.

39:2A-35: Transfer of Commercial Bus Unit.

39:2A-36: Revenues to be remitted to commission, General Fund.

39:2A-36.1: Increase in fees, surcharges.

39:2A-37: Fees concerning licenses, effective date, revenue of the commission, certain.

39:2A-38: Additional fees as security surcharge; commission revenue.

39:2A-39: Monies considered revenues of commission.

39:2A-40: Prior law superseded.

39:2A-41: Severability; liberal construction.

39:2A-42: Promotional payment incentives.

39:2A-43: "Mainland Memoriam Act."

39:2A-44: Provision of language translation services.