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Chapter: 3B - Electric identification and warning lamps.

39:3B-1: Electric identification and warning lamps.

39:3B-1.1: School buses to be equipped with crossing control arm.

39:3B-1.2: Reimbursement for retrofitting school buses with crossing control arm.

39:3B-1.3: Submission of list of vehicles, application for reimbursement.

39:3B-2: Signs or legends displayed on bus

39:3B-2.1: Regulations.

39:3B-3: Information on back of certificates of approval

39:3B-4: Convex mirror or other device for observing road condition in front of bus

39:3B-5: Rules and regulations

39:3B-5.1: Duration of use of school buses.

39:3B-5.2: Duration of use of school buses with gross vehicle weight over 25,000 pounds

39:3B-5.3: Inspection of school buses

39:3B-5.4: Bus safety standards

39:3B-6: Violations

39:3B-7: Repeal

39:3B-8: Van type II school vehicle

39:3B-9: Identification lettering, color and warning lights

39:3B-10: School bus seats, seat belts, child restraint systems, regulations

39:3B-10.1: Securement systems for wheelchairs in school buses.

39:3B-11: Seat belts, child restraint systems, use required, liability

39:3B-12: School bus emergency exits

39:3B-13: Definitions relative to school buses fueled by liquified petroleum gas

39:3B-14: Use of liquified petroleum gas

39:3B-15: Equipping, conversion of school bus for operation using liquified petroleum gas

39:3B-16: Immunity from liability

39:3B-17: Rules, regulations

39:3B-18: Short title.

39:3B-19: Findings, declarations relative to school bus safety.

39:3B-20: Definitions relative to school bus safety.

39:3B-21: Establishment of school bus enhanced safety inspection program.

39:3B-22: Violations, penalties.

39:3B-23: Removal from service upon failure of inspection.

39:3B-24: Rules, regulations.

39:3B-25: Use of cell phone prohibited while driving school bus, exception; fines

39:3B-26: School buses equipped with certain sensors.

39:3B-27: Compliance with certain federal regulations required for school bus operations.

39:3B-28: Use of electric school buses.