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Chapter: 3C -

39:3C-1: Definitions.

39:3C-2: Jurisdiction divided.

39:3C-3: Registration required; fees.

39:3C-3.1: "Off-Road Vehicle Recreational Fund."

39:3C-4: Permanent registration number.

39:3C-5: Registration required; transfer of ownership.

39:3C-6: Farm, government exemptions.

39:3C-7: Reciprocity.

39:3C-8: Display of registration number.

39:3C-9: Production of certificate.

39:3C-10: Change of address, public awareness campaign.

39:3C-11: Transfer of ownership.

39:3C-12: Notification of destruction, theft, permanent removal.

39:3C-13: Permit for park use.

39:3C-14: Environmental regulations.

39:3C-15: Commissioner's rules, regulations.

39:3C-16: Age requirements.

39:3C-17: Operational limitations.

39:3C-18: Operation on property of others; limitations of liability.

39:3C-19: Unlawful activities.

39:3C-20: Mandatory insurance.

39:3C-21: Post-accident procedures.

39:3C-22: Special events.

39:3C-23: Limited exemptions.

39:3C-24: Mandatory equipment.

39:3C-25: Inspection and testing.

39:3C-26: Restrictions on sales.

39:3C-27: Law enforcement officers; duties.

39:3C-28: Violations, penalties.

39:3C-29: Deposit of moneys.

39:3C-30: Chapter 4 provisions applicable.

39:3C-30.1: Golf course, form, exemptions

39:3C-31: Severability

39:3C-32: Definitions.

39:3C-33: Violations, penalties.

39:3C-34: Additional fines, impoundment.

39:3C-35: Impoundment of certain vehicles, disposition.

39:3C-36: Violations, penalties.