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Chapter: 5F - Findings of party jurisdictions

39:5F-1: Findings of party jurisdictions

39:5F-2: Policy of party jurisdictions

39:5F-3: Purpose

39:5F-4: Definitions

39:5F-5: Collateral to secure appearance; personal recognizance

39:5F-6: Personal recognizance

39:5F-7: Report of motorists failure to comply with terms of citation

39:5F-8: Transmission of report to home jurisdiction of motorist

39:5F-9: Suspension of driving privilege by issuing jurisdiction

39:5F-10: Limitation on transmission of report; date of transmission

39:5F-11: Limitation on transmission of report; date of issuance of citation

39:5F-12: Suspension of drivers license by home jurisdiction

39:5F-13: Record of actions; reports to issuing jurisdiction

39:5F-14: Effect on other laws or agreements

39:5F-15: Board of compact administrators

39:5F-16: Voting; action of board

39:5F-17: Chairman and vice-chairman

39:5F-18: Bylaws

39:5F-19: Donations and grants

39:5F-20: Contracts for or acceptance of services or personnel

39:5F-21: Procedures and forms

39:5F-22: Effective upon adoption by at least two jurisdictions

39:5F-23: Entry into compact; resolution of ratification; effective date

39:5F-24: Withdrawal

39:5F-25: Violations not covered by compact

39:5F-26: Amendment

39:5F-27: Endorsement of amendment

39:5F-28: Failure to respond as endorsement

39:5F-29: Construction; severability

39:5F-30: Title of compact