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Chapter: 6A -

39:6A-1: Short title

39:6A-1.1: Short title; findings, declarations.

39:6A-1.2: Rules, regulations.

39:6A-2: Definitions.

39:6A-3: Compulsory automobile insurance coverage; limits.

39:6A-3.1: Election of basic automobile insurance policy; coverage provided.

39:6A-3.2: Issuance, renewal of automobile insurance policies, required coverage.

39:6A-3.3: Establishment of special automobile insurance policy.

39:6A-4: Personal injury protection coverage, regardless of fault.

39:6A-4.1: Additional automobiles; reduced personal injury protection premium

39:6A-4.2: Primacy of coverages

39:6A-4.3: Personal injury protection coverage options.

39:6A-4.4: Application of amendment of s. 39:6A-4.3 by L.1984, c. 40

39:6A-4.5: Loss of right to sue for failure to insure, for DWI, for intentional acts.

39:6A-4.6: Medical fee schedules

39:6A-4.7: Compilation of list of valid diagnostic tests used in treatment of persons sustaining bodily injury.

39:6A-5: Payment of personal injury protection coverage benefits.

39:6A-5.1: Dispute resolution provided regarding recovery of personal injury protection benefits.

39:6A-5.2: Establishment of standards for certification of medical review organizations.

39:6A-5.3: Definitions relative to electronic submission of certain automobile insurance claims.

39:6A-5.4: Electronic bills.

39:6A-5.5: Inapplicability.

39:6A-6: Collateral source.

39:6A-7: Exclusion from certain insurance benefits.

39:6A-8: Tort exemption, limitation on the right to noneconomic loss.

39:6A-8.1: Election of tort option

39:6A-9.1: Recovery from tortfeasor.

39:6A-10: Additional personal injury protection coverage.

39:6A-11: Contribution among insurers.

39:6A-12: Inadmissibility of evidence of losses collectible under personal injury protection coverage.

39:6A-13: Discovery of facts as to personal injury protection coverage.

39:6A-13.1: Two-year limitation on action for payment of benefits.

39:6A-14: Compulsory uninsured motorist protection

39:6A-15: Penalties for false and fraudulent representation.

39:6A-16: Construction and severability

39:6A-17: General repeal of inconsistent statutory provisions

39:6A-18: Mandatory reduction of bodily injury insurance rates

39:6A-19: Rules and regulations

39:6A-20: Powers of commissioner of insurance

39:6A-21: The New Jersey Automobile Insurance Risk Exchange; membership, board of directors.

39:6A-22: Powers of exchange

39:6A-22.1: Preference to New Jersey investments

39:6A-23: Written notice - buyer's guide and coverage selection form

39:6A-23.1: Comparative premium data

39:6A-24: Purpose and intent of act

39:6A-25: Actions to be submitted to arbitration

39:6A-26: Tolling statute of limitations

39:6A-27: Selection of arbitrators

39:6A-28: Compensation and fees; rules governing offers of judgment

39:6A-29: Subpoenas

39:6A-30: Award; decision of arbitrator

39:6A-31: Confirming arbitration decision

39:6A-32: Trial de novo; fee

39:6A-33: Admissibility of evidence at trial de novo

39:6A-34: Assessment of costs for trial de novo

39:6A-35: Rules; report