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Chapter: 8 - Motor vehicle inspections, exceptions.

39:8-1: Motor vehicle inspections, exceptions.

39:8-2: Inspectors of motor vehicles; rules, regulations.

39:8-2.1: Uniforms for motor vehicle inspectors

39:8-2.2: Inspection stations; hours open; rules and regulations

39:8-2.3: Possession of property in advance of compensation

39:8-3: Certificate of approval, issuance; owner's obligation for safety.

39:8-3.1: Inspection of certain vehicles owned by active duty military.

39:8-4: Reinspection

39:8-4.1: Rules and regulations

39:8-5: Reports to chief administrator; forms.

39:8-6: Display of approval certificate on request

39:8-7: Suspension, revocation, denial of registration, reciprocity privilege for unsafe vehicles

39:8-8: Certificate of approval as prerequisite for registration

39:8-9: Enforcement; violations, penalties

39:8-10: Powers of director

39:8-11: Private inspection centers

39:8-12: Certification; rejection

39:8-13: Charges

39:8-14: Self inspections

39:8-15: Validity of licenses

39:8-16: Application, renewal of license

39:8-17: Approval sticker

39:8-18: Violations, penalties

39:8-19: Denial, suspension, revocation of licenses

39:8-20: Return of records

39:8-21: Disorderly persons offenses

39:8-22: Personnel, expenditures

39:8-23: Rules and regulations

39:8-24: Effective date

39:8-37: Redesignations

39:8-38: Standards for emission test equipment

39:8-39: Training courses

39:8-40: Encouragement of participation

39:8-41: Short title

39:8-42: Findings, declarations

39:8-43: Definitions

39:8-44: Official inspection facilities, options, contracts, specifications, etc.

39:8-45: Licensing of private inspection facility, requirements, application fee.

39:8-46: Inspections, reinspections by private inspection facility, charges

39:8-47: Private inspection facility, supplies, record keeping required; penalty

39:8-48: Fraudulent affixing of certificate of approval, waiver certificate; penalty

39:8-49: Denial, suspension, revocation, refusal of renewal of private inspection facility license

39:8-50: Standards for certification of emission testing equipment

39:8-51: Expiration of outstanding licenses, return of items to director

39:8-52: Licensing of inspectors, fees.

39:8-53: Registration, certification program, course of instruction for repair facilities, technicians

39:8-54: Misrepresentation, transfer of license; penalties.

39:8-56: Required repairs under a recall

39:8-57: Rules, regulations

39:8-58: Nonapplicability of act

39:8-59: Findings, declarations relative to emissions from diesel-powered vehicles

39:8-60: Definitions relative to emissions inspections.

39:8-61: Exhaust emissions standards, test methods.

39:8-62: No operation in violation of standards established

39:8-63: Violations, penalties.

39:8-64: Periodic inspection, roadside enforcement programs.

39:8-65: Pilot roadside enforcement program.

39:8-66: Procedures for conducting test methods.

39:8-67: Provision of State Police Officers.

39:8-68: Additional penalties.

39:8-69: Licensing of private inspection facilities.

39:8-70: Civil penalty.

39:8-71: Issuance of ticket for violations; service.

39:8-72: Action for recovery of civil penalty.

39:8-73: Docketing of judgments; enforcement.

39:8-74: Distribution of fees.

39:8-75: "Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Fund."

39:8-76: Receivable account

39:8-77: Rules, regulations.

39:8-78: Report.

39:8-90: Redesignation of diesel emission inspection centers.

39:8-91: Prohibition of checkpoints limited to specific vehicle types.