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Chapter: 10 - Grant of letters of administration

3b:10-1: Grant of letters of administration

3b:10-2: To whom letters of administration granted.

3b:10-3: When spouse or domestic partner entitled to assets without administration.

3b:10-4: When heirs entitled to assets without administration.

3b:10-5: Discharge of corporations or persons making payments or delivering assets under N.J.S. 3B:10-3 or N.J.S. 3B:10-4

3b:10-6: Acts of administrator before notice of will

3b:10-7: Ancillary administration on estate of nonresident intestate

3b:10-8: Administration by creditor of nonresident decedent

3b:10-9: Record of appointment of personal representative; evidentiary effect

3b:10-10: Executor de son tort

3b:10-11: Administration ad prosequendum on death by wrongful act

3b:10-12: Temporary administration

3b:10-13: Duty to apply in this State for original letters of administration

3b:10-14: Appointment of debtor as executor; debt not discharged

3b:10-15: Appointment of substituted administrators

3b:10-16: Decedent's will to be observed

3b:10-17: Manner in which appointment shall be made

3b:10-18: When appointment unnecessary

3b:10-19: Commencement of duties and powers of a personal representative

3b:10-20: Ratification of prior acts

3b:10-21.1: Appointment of person to control funeral, disposition of remains.

3b:10-22: Priority among letters

3b:10-23: Duty of personal representative to settle and distribute estate

3b:10-24: Liability for acts of administration or distribution

3b:10-25: Standing to sue and be sued

3b:10-26: Standards of care to be observed

3b:10-27: Right to possession of property transferred in fraud of creditors

3b:10-28: Expeditious settlement and distribution

3b:10-29: Possession and control of estate

3b:10-30: Power over title to property

3b:10-30.1: Voluntary discharge of personal representative for an estate.

3b:10-31: Powers and duties of successor representative

3b:10-32: Powers of surviving copersonal representative