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Chapter: 13 -

3b:13-1: Short title

3b:13-2: Definitions

3b:13-3: General rules of construction

3b:13-4: Fees and costs

3b:13-5: No charges to be made for copies of certain records

3b:13-6: Determination of incompetency by Superior Court

3b:13-7: Guardians; when and how appointed

3b:13-8: Guardian to have no more than five wards; exceptions

3b:13-9: Filing account with the court

3b:13-10: Filing account with Federal agency

3b:13-11: Times for accounting

3b:13-12: Notice to Federal agency

3b:13-13: Accounting without filing vouchers

3b:13-14: Removal of guardian for failure to account; costs

3b:13-15: Investments

3b:13-16: Support of dependents

3b:13-17: Compensation of guardian

3b:13-18: Authorization for guardian of incompetent ward to receive additional personal property not exceeding $10,000.00

3b:13-19: Direction of court for expenditure required; investment

3b:13-20: Fees

3b:13-21: Appointment of public guardian for veterans

3b:13-22: Guardian's bond

3b:13-23: Salary of public guardian

3b:13-24: Duties of public guardian as adviser of other guardians

3b:13-25: Discharge and removal of public guardian

3b:13-26: Public guardian may be appointed general guardian for veteran

3b:13-27: Powers of public guardian as guardian of veterans' estates

3b:13-28: Settlement of accounts

3b:13-29: Termination of guardianship; settlement of account

3b:13-30: Settlement of accounts upon expiration of public guardian's term

3b:13-31: Counsel to represent public guardian; compensation